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Mathematics Live Classes for CBSE 11th, 12th and IIT JEE


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Basics Math

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If IIT is your aim then register for my classes designed exclusively to get you into it. 

Students in my class will not be trained for just attaining an amazing score in the CBSE Boards Maths exam but also crack the IIT JEE and get the desired rank. Each topic will be taken up and discussed extensively and minutely, covering all the aspects. The nitty gritty of each concept will be thoroughly explained and tested, repeatedly to enable mastery over it. My focus is to assist the learners in picking up all the tricks and techniques needed to work on the problems swiftly and score better with each test. 

With the help from various assessment tools and innovative tech resources, my pupils will absorb the concepts and not feel lost and intimidated. They will learn to cope with the stress involving Maths. Learners will be enabled to critically analyze the questions and answer them in the correct manner. I intend to make every student in my class understand the facets of the subject and be confident with them. The unique feature of my classes is individualized instruction and assistance for better results.

Detailed notes, sample question papers will be provided with comprehensive worksheets covering all the topics and sub topics of each chapter. Extensive preparation will be focused upon with intense remedial measures being undertaken. Weak areas will be worked upon. 

Over the years, I have attained the capability of devising methods to teach the complexities of the subject in unique ways. Student development is my focus. And I intend to work hard with them till they absorb the principle being taught, only then I will move on to the next concept. I will be in regular contact with the students, to mentor them through their difficulties. I am comfortable using English and Hindi as the medium of instruction.

What to learn?

The various principles of Maths with in depth discussions about the basics. Students will be made fully equipped with methods to handle questions in exams efficiently. There will be training with extensive practice, doubt clarification and extra assistance will be given priority before exams. Become capable in handling tricky Maths problems and effectively solving them.

Class Schedule: Six days class of 2 hours each for 18 weeks.


Three days in a week (2 hours each day) for 40 weeks

Fee can be paid either monthly or in lumpsum. Extra discounts are available for lumpsum payments.

Students can Register for my class and we can work out suitable schedules. 


Get in touch with an Edulyte Counsellor for any additional questions.

Call on +91 779 568 7953

Email support@edulyte.com

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What to learn?

Subject (daily 15 new ques practice). Capable in handling tricky Math's problems and effectively solving them. Clear concept and can score awesome in board exam and school exam.


  • Must have knowledge about basics Math.
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A computer / laptop
  • Zeal to learn

Target Audience

  • Students in Class 11th,12th and are also preparing for IIT(Mains+Advance)


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Material Includes

  • Live session
  • One to one interaction with students
  • Clear concept in each class
  • Assignment and test paper for practice
  • Daily 15 new practice questions