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The Vedic mathematics consists of 16 formulas (sutras) along with 13 sub-sutras. It is the gift which is given to the world by India’s ancient scholars and includes several effective math tricks for fast calculation. This is a modern mathematics form that was re-discovered by Shri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji somewhere between 1911-1918 years from the Vedas. Its name is derived from “Veda”, the Sanskrit word, which refers to “knowledge”. It is an assortment of techniques for solving math problems in a faster and easy way. Through Vedic approaches, long sums or “tough” problems can be immediately solved.


Learning Vedic Math gives you plenty of benefits such as – 

  • With minimal effort involved, you can retrace the formulas and steps without any issue which assists improve your concentration and memory power. 
  • As Vedic Mathematics utilizes an easy calculation method, those individuals who loved this subject were immensely proud of performing the quickest calculations. For those individuals who disliked the calculations, Vedic mathematics tricks made it convenient for them to tackle the toughest calculations with sheer ease. 
  • The most critical advantage in learning Vedic Mathematics is that you can utilize both, right and left sides of your brain for intuition and innovation, developing your problem-solving performance in the most incredible manners. 
  • While basics are straightforward, you can solve any number of problems utilizing your intuition, the most complicated issues involving the cube roots, cubes, squares, and square roots can be solved too with ease while your Vedic Mathematics knowledge is clear. 
  • Those students who learn this have said to do better in competitive examinations like CAT. It is because the application of 16 sutras is ideally rational and logical as well as supports save plenty of time. 
  • Vedic Mathematics produces interest in the difficult subject of Maths among students. 
  • Vedic maths rules will prove to be beneficial throughout your lifetime. 
  • It assists in Intelligent Guessing (knowing about the answer without actually solving a problem)
  • It is a magical tool for reducing finger counting and scratching work as well as for improving mental calculation. 
  • It improves your confidence. 
  • Vedic Maths decreases burden (You only have to learn tables up to 9). 
  • Creativity’s development at a young age is useful in comprehending advanced concepts. 
  • It can be applied for numbers even beyond 10-digits. 
  • Vedic Mathematics saves time during the exam. 
  • It is convenient to check every textbook problem. 
  • While cross-checking the answers, it can be utilized as an optional method to travel & rectify the error. 
  • It boosts the logical thinking procedure. 
  • It expands much improved and better academic performance in school and quicker result. 
  • Vedic Mathematics is complementary to basic math which is taught in schools. 


Learning Vedic maths formulas appropriately will always save your time, energy, and efforts. Edulyte’s online maths classes can help you with learning vedic maths formulas easily.

Now, let’s see a few tricks-

Multiplying the number by 5 – Take a number, divide it by 2 (or half that number). In case the result is a whole number, add a 0 at its end. If not, ignore the remainder & add 5 at the end. 

Ex 1– 2462 x 5=?

2462/2 = 1231

As it is the whole number, add a 0. 

So, 2462 x 5= 12310

Ex 2 – 3773 x 5=?

3773/2 = 1886.5 

Since it is a fractional number, ignore the remainder and add 5. 

So, 3773 x 5= 18865

Square the 2-digit number whose last digit is 5 – Firstly, multiply the 1st digit on your left-hand side with1 & then, write 25 at its end. 

Ex – (75)2 =?

75 x 75= ….25 (at the end)

7 x (7+1) = 7 x 8=56

So, (75)2 = 5625 

Multiplication of the 2-digit numbers, ranging from 11-19 – This is, indeed, one of the best speed maths tricks. Add the smaller number’s unit digit to the larger number. Then, multiply the result by 10. Multiply both numbers’ unit digits and then add both of them (the ones involved in steps 1 & 2). 

Ex – Take 2 numbers such as 13 & 16. 

16+3 = 19

19 x 10= 190

3 x 6=18

Add these 2 numbers, 190+18

So, 13 x 16= 208

Subtract the number from 100, 10000, 100000, and so on – Subtract every digit from 9 & last digit from 10. 

Ex – 1000-876=?

Just subtract every figure in this number from 9 & the last figure from 10. 




So, 1000-473= 124

Multiplication of the 2-digit number by 11 – 

Ex – 25 x 11=?

Just imagine there is some space between 25: 25 x 11=2_5

So, 25 x 11= 275

This Vedic maths multiplication procedure helps you ace the logical skills so that heavy calculations won’t take much time. 

Vedic Math Tricks

Dividing the large number by 5 – Firstly, multiply the number by 2 and then move the decimal point. 

Ex – 235/5 =?

235 x 2= 470

Move the decimal: 47.0 or only 47

Multiplying a large number by 12 – You only need to double the last digit & then, thereafter double every digit & add it to its neighbour. 

Ex – 13243 x 12=?

Now, break it into easy steps – 

13243 x 12 = __6 (Double of last digit 3= 6)

13243 x 12 = __16 (Double of 4= 8, 8+3=11, 1 will get carry over)

13243 x 12 = __916 (Double of 2= 4, 4+4+1 =9)

13243 x 12 = __8916 (Double of 3= 6, 6+2 =8)

13243 x 12 = __58916 (Double of 1=2, 2+3= 5)

13243 x 12 = __158916 (Double of 0= 0, 0+1 =1) 

So, 13243 x 12 = 158916


Vedic maths formulas only showcase a procedure of doing things quicker. It doesn’t teach the kid its underlying philosophy or the problem set given’s background. Calculating instantly is of no use in case you fail to comprehend the learning or the meaning behind the specific problem set. These tricks may do wonders only in case used appropriately after imbibing an appropriate learning experience. Practice makes a person perfect, however, learning is what makes you capable. Hence, make Vedic Mathematics your habit only after comprehending its variations. Once you understand the mental maths system, you will become more innovative and begin thinking logically. 

Moreover, you can also take the help of the experienced tutors at Edulyte to be a pro in Mathematics. They suggest you the right tips and tricks to solve even the toughest of questions with sheer ease. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who found Vedic Mathematics?

The tactic of Vedic Mathematics is found through the ancient sages as well as is re-discovered by monk Bharati Krishna Tirtha who wrote the book called “Vedic Mathematics” & was first published in 1965. It contains the list of several mathematical technologies, which the author claimed were retrieved from Vedas as well as supposedly contained all the mathematical knowledge. 

What are a few applications of Vedic Mathematics?

Beginning from the arithmetic operations, trigonometry, geometry, calculus, and integral are countless possibilities in Vedic Maths’ applications. 

Is Vedic Mathematics useful for the higher classes?

Vedic Maths is helpful for every class. Class 6 to Class 12 can utilize the maths tricks for fast calculation for instant computation. 

Does Vedic Mathematics interfere with academic studies?

No, it doesn’t. Vedic Maths makes you mentally agile as well as offers them newer techniques for solving the problems. However, it is suggested that you write every step down while solving the maths problems at school & not adopt Vedic Maths’ shortcuts. Moreover, it is recommended that you utilize Vedic Mathematics for verifying your solution’s correctness.

I keep hearing about Vedic Maths’ 16 sutras. What are these?

1. By 1 more than the 1 before
2. All from 9 & the last from 10
3. Cross-wise and vertically
4. Transpose & Apply
5. The summation, in case equal to 0
6. If 1 is in ratio the other is 0
7. By addition & by subtraction
8. By the completion/non-completion
9. Sequential Motion
10. The Deficiency
11. Whole as one & one as whole
12. The remainders by the last digit
13. The ultimate & twice the penultimate
14. By one less than the previous one
15. The whole product is the same
16. Collectivity of the multipliers
For learning how to effectively perform Vedic mathematics tricks, you should be well-aware of these sutras. 

How is Vedic Math & Abacus different?

A majority of parents get confused between Vedic Maths and Abacus as well as tend to think that these 2 technologies are similar. Vedic Mathematics and Abacus are different. There are a lot of distinctions. The major one is that Vedic Mathematics is all-inclusive as well as gets applied to several branches of Mathematics, while Abacus is the simpler arithmetic technique. Unlike Abacus, Vedic Maths can be utilized for advanced mathematics such as algebra, simultaneous equations, and calculus etc.

Another distinction is that Abacus can be begun early, while kids are 4 years old, while Vedic maths rules are often helpful for early children who are in 5th standard or higher. Vedic Mathematics can be learnt as well as utilized by people throughout every age group, while Abacus is less possibly to be helpful for the ones older than 12 years. Besides, for Abacus, kids begin by utilizing a tool, However Vedic Mathematics is completely done mentally. Kids could begin at an early age through learning Abacus & move onto learning Vedic Mathematics. 


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