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The IELTS test can be hard to prepare for, even for fluent English speakers, as you do not have to just speak but speak on specific IELTS topics for speaking. In our blog, we bring you the topics that will help your IELTS test prep and guide you regarding your speaking skills.

What to know about the IELTS Speaking Test?

The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS as we know it, holds a powerful position among international English language tests. It tests you for the 4 requisite skills in a language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Unfortunately, many test takers falter in the Speaking Test even after availing of IELTS speaking test coaching classes or going through testing books for IELTS a zillion times! The reason usually is that they were not well prepared to take the Speaking Test. 

The only way you can be ready to take the test is to practice the topics for IELTS Speaking Test. Though the topics vary in each test, specific topics come up in one form or another. 

Edulyte’s blog will familiarise you with such topics and assist in your preparation.

IELTS Speaking Tips

IELTS Speaking Tips

Now the question is how to develop IELTS test speaking skills; how can you be ready for it AND score a 7+ band? First, there are some practical tips that you should employ regularly.

Work on Vocab

Whenever you hear or read a new word, write it down and look up its meaning. You can also use your smartphone and maintain a list of words. Then, write the synonyms for the new terms. It is a method that English language aficionados swear by!

Listen to words

Keep watching English language videos, English news, podcasts and movies. In this manner, you build your pronunciation and realise how to work on intonation. Speaking test evaluates you for your speech and intonations.

Don't stop reading

And what better way to master a language than to read it? Constant reading of magazines, blogs, newspapers and books can lead to a better understanding of the language. Also, you get information that will probably help you with topics you get for IELTS Speaking Test.

Practice and Practice

Don't shy away from conversing in English with anyone and everyone around you. Do not let go of any speaking opportunity in your IELTS training course. Also, record yourself on your smartphone when you speak to help you improve your speaking skills.

IELTS Speaking topics Part 1

General questions in IELTS Speaking Test are asked in Part 1 of the test. These can be questions about yourself and cover various familiar topics, such as home, family, work, studies and interests. 

Some of the IELTS topics for Speaking are given below:


Where is your hometown? / Where are you from?

What do you like/dislike about it?

Why would you want to go back/not go back to live there?

What are the issues that your hometown faces?


Which place would you like to visit?

Why would you like to visit a particular place?

Why do you want to travel?

Have you ever travelled in an aeroplane?

What do you like/dislike about travelling in an aeroplane?


Do you watch TV regularly?

What kind of programmes do you prefer to watch on TV?

What are the popular shows in your country?

How has OTT affected your TV viewing?


Do you read books?

What type of books do you read?

How have books helped you?

Do you like buying books or burrowing them?


Do you have a job right now?

What do you like/dislike about your job?

What skills and qualifications are required for your job?

Do you intend to stick to doing this job for another five years?


How many people are there in your family?

Do you help out your family with the household chores?

Why is family important to you?

Whom are you attached to the most in your family?


Which technology do you use the most?

Which electronic devices have you brought lately?

Do you think these devices are necessary for your life?


How is the weather today?

What kind of weather do you like/dislike?

Tell me about the weather conditions prevalent in your hometown/country.

Which weather did you enjoy the most as a chi

ielts test

IELTS Speaking Topics Part 2

After easing into the test, you will be given a card related to topics for speaking in IELTS. These cards will ask you to convey your thoughts about a particular topic. You will get one minute to prepare. Then you have to speak for up to two minutes. After you finish speaking, the examiner will ask one or two questions on the same issue.

Talk about an advertisement that impressed you and made you buy a product.

What was the advertisement

Where did you view/ hear it?

What is good about it?

Explain why you allowed yourself to be influenced by it and whether you are happy that you bought the product or service , based on the advertisement or not.

Talk about a book you are reading or have just finished recently.

What kind of books is it?

Why do you want to/did you read it?

Do/ did you like it?

Explain if you would like to read a similar book or not.

Talk about a tourist attraction that you visited

When did you visit it?

Why did you visit it?

Did anyone accompany you?

Speak about if there was anything you liked or disliked about the place.

Describe a significant change in your life

What was it about?

When did it occur?

Give details about it.

Explain how it affected your life

Describe an environmental issue that is close to your heart.

What is it?

Where is it occurring?

What are its causes /effects?

Talk about why you feel strongly about it.

Describe your closest friend

What is their personality?

What do you like about the person?

Where is that person now?

Mention any other friends that you are close to as well.

Talk about an electronic gadget that you own.

What is this gadget?

Why did you buy it?

How often do you use it?

And explain why you intend to continue using it.

Talk about the sports that you play.

Which sport do you play?

Why do you play that sport?

How has playing that sport affected you?

Topic for Speaking

IELTS Speaking Topics Part 3

In this segment, you will get further questions about the speaking topic in Part 2 of the IELTS test. You can discuss more abstract ideas and issues through these questions. This part of the test can last between four to five minutes.


Why are advertisements important?

Do you think advertising influence people in the right way?

What factors should be essential to create an advertisement?

Can advertisements be harmful to children?

Do advertisements hold any relevance in today's world?


What are the popular choices of reading these days?

Do you think reading as a habit is slowly dying?

Will e-books completely replace paper books?

What is the traditional literature of your country?

How far has the traditional literature of your country influenced you?

Changes in Life

Is change important in life?

What changes usually affect people in their lifetimes?

Do you feel your country is changing?

What are the good changes happening in your country?

Environment and Climate Change

What are some of the environmental problems faced by the place where you live?

Are there any steps being taken to protect the environment in your country?

What can people do to save the environment?

How are you contributing to protecting the environment?


Are friends important in your life?

What challenges do people face in maintaining friendships?

What have you done to have good relations with your friends?

Are more and more people preferring social exclusion today?


How vital is technology today?

Are there more ill effects of technology than beneficial effects on human life today?

Is technology addiction a real thing?

How dependent on technology do you feel?


What types of sports are popularly followed in your country?

In your opinion, what are the benefits of playing a sport?

How are sportspersons trained for Olympics in your country?

Why would somebody like/dislike watching the Olympic Games?

IELTS Speaking topics with answers pdf

Our English mentors have created a few sample answers for the IELTS topics for Speaking Test. Do not try and learn them, as these are only samples that can guide you through creating your answers.

How to find IELTS IDP results?

You can quickly get your IELTS result online. All you have to do is click on this link: IELTS result online and fill in the details asked for in the given boxes, and click on the Get results tab.

Note: The results available in such a manner is considered professional result. Your actual result would be the one you receive as your official Test Report Form (TRF).

Steps to book an IELTS exam

There are over 1600 test centres in 140 countries.

You can find your test location here.

After finding a suitable location, you can register for your IELTS test and make the payment online.

You will be asked to submit a copy of your valid identification document. Remember to take the document to the test centre on the test day.

You will get an email confirming the date and time of your test. Your Speaking test will be scheduled for a different date. If you have taken the IELTS Online test, you will have the Speaking test scheduled before the other one.

For further information, contact your local IELTS test centre


IELTS Speaking test might appear to be a great challenge, but with consistent practice and proper guidance, you can easily ace it. Get in touch with Edulyte’s English mentors, who have been training students and professionals for IELTS and have assisted them in achieving a 7+ band.

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What is the best topic for the Speaking test?

If you are preparing for IELTS, you should be ready to speak about any topic. But specific topics are focused upon in one way or another during the test. They are family, interests and hobbies, work, and education.

How can I start an IELTS Speaking topic?

Always start with a deep breath, be it Part 1, 2 or 3. Remain calm and start speaking on the given topic without giving too much information. Stick to giving the details that have been asked for in the task. Avoid fillers..ummm…aaaaa… etc.

How can I improve my IELTS Speaking score?

Now that indeed is a million dollars question. To improve your score, keep the following pointers in mind: 

  • improve your vocabulary
  • practice and practice some more
  • speak in English with people around you
  • listen attentively to English podcasts on various topics
  • read as much as you can, whenever you can
Are IELTS Speaking topics repeated?

Several topics are covered frequently in the IELTS Speaking test in one form or another. These usually are; family, friends, relationships, environment and climate change, hobbies and interests, and technology and its use/effects.

How can I get a 9 in IELTS speaking?

Remember, not to think you lack the knowledge to speak on a particular topic. IELTS Speaking Test is all about your ability to express your thoughts in fluent and grammatically correct English. So yes, you will score a 9+ if you follow our English language tips in the blog above and don’t hesitate to speak. Talk passionately and express yourself well during the speaking test.

Is IELTS speaking difficult?

Is scaling Everest difficult? Sure is, but not very difficult once you set your mind and train for it. The same applies to the IELTS Speaking Test. When you start working hard to achieve a high band and take assistance from IELTS experts, you can easily scale the IELTS.

How can I get 7 in IELTS speaking?

Try the following strategies to get a 7+ band in IELTS speaking.

  • Speak English every day
  • Ask the examiner to repeat the question if you couldn’t understand it
  • Avoid “yes” or “no” answers. Always add a few details to our response.
  • Correct your mistakes while speaking, apologising and then speaking the correct response.
Can I crack IELTS in 15 days?
  • Yes, you can, but only if you give 100% of yourself to preparation. You have to be methodical and plan out your preparation schedule in a detailed manner. Since you will be short of time, every minute counts.
How can I talk about a topic?

It doesn’t matter if you are speaking to your examiner in IELTS or addressing a large gathering; your speaking skills should be such that you convey your thoughts clearly to your audience.

What is the best topic for a 2-minute speech?

There is an unending list of the best topics for a 2-minute speech, especially if you are preparing for IELTS. Some topics you can work on are; family, environment, technology, interest and hobbies, and relationships.

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