How Do I Speak Fluent English?

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How Do I Speak Fluent English

Fact: India is the second largest English speaking nation in the world. It is the link language of the country. 

Truth: The obsession with the language is evident as most parents want to send their children to a school where the medium of instruction is English.

Reality: Many of us get tongue tied when trying to communicate verbally in the language even after scoring well in an English test.

This reality is what makes us frustratingly mess up our job interviews and group discussions. Haven’t you ever wished that there was a solution to this problem? Many techniques can be used to overcome this inability.  Read on to figure out which ones are effective for you, as learning varies from person to person.

You have to Listen

To learn correct pronunciation and diction, you have to listen well. Turn up the volume of the English news channel. Watch English movies. Don’t forget to watch it once with subtitles and the next time without it. Pay attention to the lyrics of a catchy English song. Replay and rewind to figure out how to speak the language. Many expressions, idioms and their correct usage can be grasped  through this.

Better Speak up: 

So you have listened to enough English but still can’t speak it fluently. That is because you haven’t practiced speaking it well. Do not be shy of speaking and thinking you will make mistakes. Making mistakes is the only way to learn. Try and speak English whenever you get a chance. If you cannot find a partner to converse with, then just pick up a random topic and start speaking. Speak loudly, speak softly. It helps you build your confidence. No one minds a grammar error as long as you can convey your thoughts to them clearly. 

Record yourself: 

Whenever you come across a word, an expression or are practicing spoken English, record yourself on your phone. Then you can easily listen to yourself and figure out your mistakes. Work on correcting them and keep recording. The best part is you don’t have to feel embarrassed and nervous and can self pace your learning.

Stop thinking in your mother tongue: 

It is here that most of us falter. We transliterate, i.e. we think in our mother tongue and then translate word by word into English before speaking. This leads to incorrect sentence structures resulting in the exact meaning being lost in translation. A language has to be learnt like the way mother tongue was; without looking for support in another language.

Write your words: 

Whenever you come across any new word, synonym, idiom or phrase, write it down or store it on your phone. Practice making sentences with it. This is the best way to pick up and retain new words. Better still, write short paragraphs or stories about any random topic: your favourite dessert, a bird, your morning commute to work / college…. The list is as endless as you want it to be. 

Explore online: 

With a smartphone being a constant companion, check out the numerous videos and podcasts about speaking and pronunciation online. There are many language learning apps available. Download them and start your practice. Also many forums and groups are active which encourage you to log in and sharpen your language skills by writing and speaking. 

Better still, try our English speaking courses:

Our proficient and well qualified faculty has created a course keeping all the above mantras in mind and understanding that everyone’s learning curve is distinct. You can give our English speaking courses online a try by enrolling for it and utilising the various resource materials carefully curated for your needs. The self paced course with innovative tech tools enables quick learning and retention. 

 So what’s holding you back from becoming fluent in English now?

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