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Ace the IELTS with our top-rated online preparation program. Our expert-designed course covers all four skills tested on the IELTS: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Our interactive lessons, practice tests, and personalised feedback ensure you’re fully prepared for test day. Maximise your score with the best online IELTS preparation classes.

Why Edulyte's IELTS classes?

If you are overwhelmed thinking about how to prepare for IELTS, then we offer a suitable answer to your question. Whether you’re aiming for a higher IELTS band to study, work abroad, or demonstrate your English proficiency, our online IELTS preparation classes are designed to help you achieve your goals. With Edulyte’s expert guidance, interactive lessons, and personalised feedback, you can do IELTS preparation online from the comfort of your home. 

IELTS: How to Prepare?

A good command of the English language need not mean that you will do well in IELTS. The prep for the IELTS exam requires thorough planning and commitment. 

Study Whenever, Wherever

Be aware of the test.

Study the test format and check out the sample papers before you attempt the IELTS. Studying the marking scheme and the time allotted will help you be IELTS-ready.

Practice Till Perfection

Practice Sample Papers

Many sources provide you with IELTS sample papers. However, this question bothers every IELTS aspirant, as different sources claim various strategies that can help you out to prep for the IELTS exam.

Enhance Your Word Power

Immerse yourself in English

It is the most effective method to improve your language proficiency. First, read anything you can in English, from blogs to instructions for preparing pasta. Then, listen to native English speakers and follow the 'shadowing' method, where you repeat what they say with the same stress and intonation.

Weekly Interactive Sessions

Join an IELTS prep class

Good guidance can go a long way in securing the IELTS band to get you into the university of your choice abroad. Each task in the test requires a set of strategies, and an IELTS preparation class like the ones conducted by Edulyte is what you need. In addition, you get your hands on exclusive materials for IELTS preparation. and IELTS preparation material in pdf format.

Proven IELTS Preparation Strategies

While IELTS preparation strategies vary for each skill being tested, few methods are guaranteed to get you desirable results. Tried and tested by our IELTS experts for IELTS exam prep, we share them with you below: 

Learn the SS method

It’s blasphemy to spend much time reading the questions/ passages/ paragraphs given in the test. Your test is timed, and you must read, understand, organise your thoughts and answer quickly. That’s why the SS: Skim and Scan method comes in handy. Quick reading and checking for details develop with reading practice. You will pick up the habit of picking up the required information without having to read and understand each word of the text. IELTS reading coaching can come in handy for better training. 

Focus on listening, not hearing.

While listening, one can determine the answers in the audio clip itself if attention is paid to what the audio is trying to convey. The conversations played can be lengthy, so it is easy to lose track. Attention must be paid to the discussion, what information it is trying to give, and what details were mentioned. Watch news, documentaries, and informative programs and listen to podcasts. Online IELTS listening coaching can also be of immense assistance.

Read texts from different sources

The reading test will expect you to be familiar with various reading strategies: reading for creating summaries, highlighting important points, completing sentences, understanding opinions, matching headings, etc. Sounds tough? Well, rest assured it isn’t if you start early. Get into the habit of reading different types of texts: Books, newspapers, magazines, journals, and articles, summarising them, jotting down their main points, and asking yourself questions based on them. 

Write, write, then write some more

The IELTS Writing test has 2 tasks for you, each demanding its writing style. And there is no better way to become a pro than reading and writing. Task 1 expects you to understand what information it has provided and write accordingly. Task 2 involves writing an essay with an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The evaluation will be based on organising your views/ideas/arguments/ opinions and presenting them. Online training for the IELTS writing test is available for practical guidance.

Develop Coherence in communication

Lexical strength, pronunciation and fluency are what your examiner will be measuring you up for during your IELTS Speaking test. With 3 tasks to be completed in 15 minutes, it does seem like scaling Everest! But since you are aware of the criteria, you can start building vocabulary by creating lists of synonyms for commonly used words. Also helpful is keeping in mind expressions and phrases used in certain situations. Practice speaking with your peer group.

Meet our IELTS Experts

Our IELTS trainers are verified and vetted from around the world. They understand the regional difficulties in polishing English skills and devise personalised procedures to help you overcome your learning difficulties.

Hassam A.A passionate Language Teacher
Adam J.Expert Teacher. Highly motivated passion for your success.
Nandu G.An aspiring tutor who wants to make a change
Mohammad E.An online tutor who is eager to help.

What to Expect on the Test Day?

On D-Day, the first thing you must do is not panic. You have worked hard to be IELTS -ready, and being confident will ensure that you sail through the test and get your desired band.


  • Check the details: including the test date and time, so that you can plan your travel time to the test venue.
  • Carry your ID: the one you have registered for the IELTS test, as any other ID would not be accepted. 
  • Breathe: stay calm, as it will allow you to focus. Take deep breaths before you begin your test. In case of any queries, as the test centre staff for clarifications.
  • Follow the instructions: read and understand them. Pay attention to any instructions given by test centre staff. 
  • Eat before writing the test: there are no breaks, and an empty stomach might not help you during the test.
  • Keep a tab on time: the test lasts 2 hours and 40 minutes. Allocate time for each task accordingly. Some tasks may have time limits. You will not be allowed to wear a watch in the test centre, so refer to the test centre clock. 

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Overview of IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training

IELTS is available as:

  • Academic: for those who intend to apply for higher education and professional registration.
  • General Training: for those wishing to migrate to Canada, Australia and the UK. It is also meant for those who want to apply for secondary education, training programs and work experience in English-speaking countries.

Some professional bodies accept IELTS General while others ask for IELTS Academic score. The IELTS General Test is usually preferred to assess a candidate’s interaction in the workplace and social environments.

If you are considering the UK for your future, IELTS for UKVI tests must be attempted. It includes IELTS for UKVI Academic, IELTS for UKVI General Training, and IELTS for UKVI Life Skills.

Legislation about immigration, working or studying abroad can change. Therefore, you are advised to check the details before deciding which IELTS test to attempt.


Our Online IELTS Prep Course offers a comprehensive and convenient solution to help you achieve your goals. With the support of our expert instructors, interactive lessons, and personalised feedback, you'll master the skills and strategies needed to excel on the IELTS exam. So don't let the IELTS exam stand in the way of your dreams. Enrol in our course today and take the first step towards IELTS success!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Only some candidates indeed achieve 8.5 in IELTS. However, it is possible to get such a commendable band. In the listening and reading section, you should score at least 36 questions out of 40; in the speaking and writing section, there should be no errors. 

Many candidates prefer to prepare for IELTS from the comfort of their homes. And Edulyte has created its personalised online classes to help them. We have also mentioned above the other significant strategies that you must follow in case you intend to prepare for IELTS from home. 

IELTS dates can be offered up to 4 times a month. Check the country you are in for the test dates and the dates allocated for IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.

IELTS experts at Edulyte recommend that you dedicate 6-8 weeks exclusively for IELTS prep., focusing on strengthening your grammar, reading speed, listening capability and confidence in communicating. 

While preparing for IELTS, allocate 3-4 hours daily. Divide your time well between the prep and your other commitments so that you can commit to excelling in IELTS without any distractions. 

The test will assess your English from beginner to advanced level. Your English level has to be in the brackets of intermediate or above to score well in IELTS.

IELTS can be a challenge even for native English speakers. However, the training platforms like Edulyte enable you to score well. We cover everything from familiarising you with the test format to equipping you with strategies for a 7+ band!

No. Do not try picking up or copying any accent. You are required to speak the way you are comfortable talking and conversing. Anything fake will work against you.

For taking the IELTS Exam, your minimum age should be at least 16 years & you must have a valid passport.

You can join our coaching whether you take paper-based or computer-based tests. This course will prepare you for all four sections of the test – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

In our classrooms, you succeed in language learning because the teachers 

  • Inform you of the purpose and aims of the learning activities
  • Set realistic aims for and with the learners
  • Generate an inclusive and positive learning environment. We strive to assist you in feeling confident utilising English in the classroom.


  • Analysing while reading to get precise answers
  • Development of vocabulary
  • Intense reading techniques and time management 
  • ​​Differentiating between ‘yes’, ‘no,’ and ‘not given’ answers
  • ​Understand the IELTS reading test and the types of questions.




  • The practice of speaking on various topics
  • Understanding the types of tasks given
  • Polishing of coherency 
  • Increase in fluency and word knowledge
  • Acquiring techniques to articulate thoughts 



  • Understanding different accents
  • Figuring out important details
  • Handle listening, reading and writing at the same time
  • Develop listening techniques
  • Know about the basics of the IELTS listening test



  • Learn to organise thoughts and express them
  • Know the IELTS writing tasks
  • Develop a text from the information provided
  • Analyse tables, pictures, illustrations
  • Expand vocabulary and knowledge of language expressions

It is excellent that you are confident regarding certain aspects of the IELTS. At Edulyte, we understand that each individual has different requirements. Hence, we have various modules based on your needs and skill level. Go through our packages and select the one that suits you. 

We advise you to stay committed to your schedule to avoid any disruption in learning. Please inform your instructor beforehand if you cannot attend a scheduled class. You both can then decide when to have the cancelled class. 

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