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Application of Mathematics in Daily Life!

Mathematics is not just about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms; it is about understanding,”  said William Paul Thurston, an eminent mathematician.

We simply can’t ignore maths and escape from the application of mathematics in our daily lives! Do you think maths is boring? Has someone told you that Mathematics is about complicated formulas and calculations, which have no every usage? Truth is, maths is a universal subject influencing us in a far reaching manner.

We just can’t underestimate the importance of Mathematics in everyday life. Here are more than 10 ways we use math everyday;

  • Managing Money
  • Preparing food
  • Balancing checkbook
  • Shopping for best deals
  • Calculation of distance, time and cost of travel 
  • Estimating loans for car, home, or other purposes
  • Appreciation of sports 
  • Playing music
  • Decorating and renovating home 
  • Sewing 
  • Gardening and landscaping

Amazed, aren’t you with what all maths does! Let’s read further to cover all the bullet points mentioned above.

Preparing a budget

What is my monthly expenditure? How much do I need to save to buy the car I desire?  Which bank’s home loan interest rate suits me?  How will I be able to pay EMIs? 

These questions are all related to maths. Keeping the mathematics principles and formulas in mind, we decide our budgets. We calculate the interest rates and EMIs payments using the principles of the subject.

So, the attitude of “I’m disowning maths!” has to be dropped. We are affected by maths in ways we don’t even realise. 

math in daily life

Exercises and Training 

How should I reduce some body fat ?! What is my ideal BMI?  Answers to all these are provided by maths. Yes, based on simple mathematics estimations, we can find answers to many such questions which we may deal with regularly.


The most  obvious place where the mathematical basics are applied, is at your  grocery store or supermarket. We use it to calculate our bills. The schemes like upto 50% off or buy one get one free, etc lure us to the  stores.  We go through the deals and start figuring out how much money would we save? What is the correct quantity to buy? Our shopping entirely depends on maths. In this way we are using the mathematical approach in shopping.

Cooking and Baking 

When cooking and baking our favourite dishes,  we follow the measurements regarding use of ingredients to be used for cooking, the heat variations ideal for baking, the time needed for the delicacy to set well. Mathematics guides us here as well. Infact, children can be involved in the kitchen so that they can appreciate the importance of the subject in a creative manner. 

use of maths in daily life


Maths helps in honing the information processing and pattern recognition skills of a person. Such skills are very essential for a sports person because by this he/she can make a quick decision for the team and self. It is used to make estimates, calculate scores and make projections. Inability to refine cognition skills can lead to ill informed decisions during the event.  So, sports without doubt is guided by mathematics.

Time Management

Don’t we all wish to have better skills at managing our time? Juggling  tasks, duties and responsibilities in a limited period of time is a challenge. Mathematics can be applied to develop better schedules and timetables for time management. And while we are dealing with time, many of us can finally learn how to read time from an analog clock as well, using the fundamentals of the subject involved. Noone can become efficient in managing time without using mathematics principles.


What do we evaluate while travelling?  How much should be the speed of the vehicle,to cover a particular distance? And how much time would be taken?When to increase or decrease the speed? What distance would be covered in a specific period of time? Answers to all these issues while travelling or even commuting are found with the guidance of maths.

Computer Applications

Computer applications are just impossible without maths. The concepts like algorithm, computation, and many other computer applications like word, excel, or virtual assistant  Alexa are impossible to use/run without maths. It is ideal for programming languages and coding, due to its abstract nature. Anyone contemplating a career even remotely related to IT will find the knowledge of mathematics helpful and advantageous.

maths importance in daily life

Planning trips

We all get bored of the monotonous life and wish to go for a long vacation. We need to prepare for the trip: estimate the number of days, travel,check hotel bookings deals and accordingly prepare a budget for the same. Hence, maths come into the picture even here too. Fundamental Maths operations govern our trips and travels.

We are more involved with mathematics today in our daily life than we ever were. It is not just a tool for scientists but also an instrument to make our daily lives easier and better.

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