Famous Mathematicians: The Legends and Their Contributions


Famous Mathematicians


Only a few individuals have mastered mathematics and have turned out to be among the great mathematicians. Maths is the increasingly focal part of the world and an accurately interesting kingdom of thought.

Famous mathematicians have always intrigued me. Being a mathematician is no easy feat, but can you imagine the times even before the marvels of quantum physics, GPS satellites, and computers? Think about it. There were brilliant minds, centuries ago, laying down the very mathematical tools and concepts we now consider foundational. These pioneers not only shaped our understanding of math but also intricately wove it into our understanding of the world. Among them, a select few stand out as legends in the annals of mathematical history.

Famous Mathematicians along with their contributions

Famous Mathematicians Hypatia


A famous mathematician from ancient Alexandria, was known not just for her mathematical prowess but also her philosophical insights.

Women are always under-represented in this subject, still the history of Mathematics is not male-exclusive. Hypatia was a scholar at a library in Alexandria in the 4th Century CE. Her most useful scientific legacy was the edited version of Euclid’s “The Elements”, the most relevant Greek mathematical text, and among the basic versions for centuries.

great mathematicians George Boole

George Boole

George Boole was undoubtedly one of the great mathematicians of the 19th century, pioneering Boolean algebra which paved the way for the digital age.

When it comes to great mathematicians, there is no way George can be missed. He was the English Mathematician (1815-1864) well-known for the work on logic that became Boolean algebra i.e., the math behind all computers. George’s early career was exceptional as he didn’t study for the degree and became the assistant school teacher. Besides a few mathematics lessons from his father, George was self-taught in maths. Although he didn’t have any degree, he got appointed as the mathematics professor at Queen’s college in The County Cork, Ireland. Eventually, he received honorary degrees from University College Dublin and Oxford University. The most significant work by George Boole is regarded by a lot of people to be “the examination into laws of thought”. 

mathematicians in history Euclid


Often referred to as the ‘father of geometry,’ Euclid stands tall among the mathematicians in history, leaving a legacy that’s foundational to modern mathematics.

His well-known contribution in Geometry is called the Euclidean Geometry that is there in Class 9th’s Geometry Chapter. Euclid spent all his life working on this subject and set the revolutionary contribution to Geometry. 

famous mathematician Girolamo Cardano

Girolamo Cardano

Girolamo Cardano was renowned for his work in algebra and probability, and while he may not always be labeled as the best mathematician in the world, his contributions have been significant.

The Italian polymath for whom the invention of the Renaissance term could have taken place. A professional doctor, Girolamo wrote 131 books. Also, he was the compulsive gambler. This was Girolamo’s last habit which resulted in him doing the 1st scientific probability analysis. He realised that he could win more on a dicing table in case he expressed the likelihood of the chance events utilizing numbers. This was the revolutionary idea, and it resulted in probability theory that, in turn, led to the birth of marketing, statistics, weather forecast, and insurance industry. 

the best mathematician in the world Issac Newton

Issac Newton

The mighty Issac Newton, one of the most influential great mathematicians ever, changed the course of scientific thought with his laws of motion and gravitational theory.

Perhaps, Issac Newton is most famous for the legend on evolving the universal gravity laws. Let’s take a look at what makes him on this list of the Famous mathematicians. It is known that the young Issac was sitting under the apple tree while he got struck on his head by the fruit. This resulted in his crucible instant, for developing a few of the most relevant modern physics principles. Besides, he is well-known for his binomial theorem and calculus discovery. It, in large, has been utilized for working out the probability of things with the help of statistics. 

famous mathematician Pythagoras


Remember the Pythagorean theorem from school? That’s thanks to Pythagoras, a figure so pivotal that he’s often in conversations about the best mathematician in the world.

The “Pythagoras Theorem” is quite famous and a relevant mathematical formula for solving mathematical issues. Since childhood, each one of us has struggled in solving mathematical issues using this theorem. Pythagoras discovered it and he became the father of “Pythagoras Theorem”. He was from Greece, however, he fled off to India later on in his life. 

great mathematicians Leonhard Euler

Leonhard Euler

Leonhard Euler, with his profound contributions to topology and number theory, remains one of the most illustrious mathematicians in history.

Regarded as among the most prolific and great mathematicians of all time, Leonhard has published nearly 900 books. While he went blind later on in his late 50s, his productivity in plenty of areas was enhanced. His famous formula was eiπ + 1 = 0, where i is minus one’s square root, e is a mathematical constant which, at times, is called Euler’s number. It is hugely regarded as the most appealing one in Maths. Later, Leonhard took an interest in the Latin Squares i.e., grids where every row and column consists of every member of the set of numbers/objects once. Without this piece of work, you may not have had Sudoku.

mathematicians in history Brahmagupta


From ancient India, Brahmagupta is celebrated as a famous mathematician who was a pioneer in arithmetic and algebra, shedding light on the properties of zero.

His work comprised the rules for computing with zero. Traditionally, it was utilized as the placeholder. Also, he wrote a few relevant works upon astronomy besides maths. This 7th-century Indian Mathematician displayed instances like how to look for the cube-root of any integer and gave rules about square roots and squares.

great mathematicians Archimedes


Archimedes, one of the ancient great mathematicians, gave us the principle of buoyancy and several geometric theorems, impacting everything from shipbuilding to modern calculus.

Talking about Famous mathematicians, Archimedes was the Greek scientist, the physician, and the great mathematician. Also, he worked his whole life in the search of discovering the mathematical formulas which are associated with Physics. His best contribution in Maths is called the invention of compound pulleys, screw pump, and antiquity. Students of Class 10th have to study the compound pulleys and antiquity chapters.

famous mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss

Carl Friedrich Gauss 

Lastly, known as the “Prince of Mathematicians,” Carl Friedrich Gauss made sweeping contributions across number theory, statistics, and more, forever securing his place as one of the famous mathematicians whose work continues to influence today’s mathematical landscape.

Being the obsessive perfectionist, he did not publish a lot of his work and preferred rework along with improving theorems firstly. Carl’s revolutionary discovery of the non-Euclidean space (that it is mathematically continuous that the parallel lines might diverge) was found in the notes after his demise. When it comes to great mathematicians, Carl Friedrich Gauss is a name to remember. During his astronomical data analysis, Carl realized that the measurement error generated the bell curve, and that shape is now called the Gaussian distribution. 

great mathematicians Aryabhata


Aryabhata, often regarded as the pioneer among great mathematicians from ancient India, laid the groundwork for algebra, trigonometry, and astronomy.

Aryabhata’s contribution incorporates his work on offering the approximate value. He asserted that the Earth is rotating on the axis around the sun and the moon rotated around it. Also, Aryabhata spoke about the 9 planets’ position and mentioned that they revolved around the sun. 


Each one of the above-mentioned famous mathematicians contributed in some way or other, be it the major effect on society or the minor influence. They gained popularity along the way in the struggle for developing the latest mathematical ideas and creating something valuable for the Globe to utilize.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s this blog about, again?

We’re diving deep into the world of legendary number-crunchers – the mathematicians who’ve shaped our understanding of the universe!

Why should I care about old mathematicians?

Ever wondered why your GPS works or why bridges don’t collapse? Thank the maths legends from history. Their brainpower is behind many modern wonders!

Is Pythagoras the dude with the triangle thingy?

Bingo! Pythagoras gave us the theorem we all love (or maybe just remember) from school. It’s all about the sides of a right-angled triangle.

Who’s the most influential mathematician, in your opinion?

Tough one! There are so many, from Euclid to Euler. Each brought something unique to the math table. Dive in and pick your favorite!

Are there any amazing women mathematicians I should know about?

Absolutely! Ever heard of Ada Lovelace or Maryam Mirzakhani? They’re just a couple of the brilliant women who’ve made waves in mathematics.

What’s the deal with Fibonacci and rabbits?

Ah, the famous Fibonacci sequence! Legend has it, he was pondering how rabbits multiply. His sequence pops up in nature, art, and even finance.

I’m more into modern stuff. Any recent math legends?

For sure! Folks like Andrew Wiles and Terence Tao are making groundbreaking contributions even today. Math’s story is ever-evolving!

Did any mathematician have a wild personal life?

Oh, the tales we could tell! From Galois’ tragic duel to Turing’s intense personal struggles, these math minds led lives as complex as their theorems.

Which mathematician should I absolutely not miss?

Every mathematician we mention has their unique flair. But if you’re looking for a game-changer, Einstein, with his blend of physics and maths, is a must-read!

Got any fun math facts to impress my friends?

Totally! Did you know zero is the only integer that can’t be represented by a Roman numeral? Or that seven is the most popular favorite number? Dive into our blog for more intriguing tidbits!


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