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numbers in words in english

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It is as essential to learning to write numbers in words in English as it is to learn numbers. Knowing the correct way of doing this helps students beyond the school walls.

List of Numbers in Words from 1 to 100

The number words are the numbers written with alphabets. They are unique for each number. In English, we write them in the following way:

1 is written as one
22 is written as twenty-two
45 is written as forty-five

Numbers in words from 1 to 100 have been given to you below. You can write numbers in words for all natural numbers based on the place value of digits.

Number names from 1 to 50

  • 1-10
  • 11-20
  • 21-30
  • 31-40
  • 41-50
1 = One2 = Two
3 = Three4 = Four
5 = Five6 = Six
7 = Seven8 = Eight
9 = Nine10 = Ten
11 = Eleven12 = Twelve
13 = Thirteen14 = Fourteen
15 = Fifteen16 = Sixteen
17 = Seventeen18 = Eighteen
19 = Nineteen20 = Twenty
21 = Twenty-one22 = Twenty-two
23 = Twenty-three24 = Twenty-four
25 = Twenty-five26 = Twenty-six
27 = Twenty-seven28 = Twenty-eight
29 = Twenty-nine30 = Thirty
31 = Thirty-one32 = Thirty-two
33 = Thirty-three34 = Thirty-four
35 = Thirty-five36 = Thirty-six
37 = Thirty-seven38 = Thirty-eight
39 = Thirty-nine40 = Forty
41 = Forty-one42 = Forty-two
43 = Forty-three44 = Forty-four
45 = Forty-five46 = Forty-six
47 = Forty-seven48 = Forty-eight
49 = Forty-nine50 = Fifty

Number names from 51 to 100

  • 51-60
  • 61-70
  • 71-80
  • 81-90
  • 91-100
51 = Fifty-one52 = Fifty-two
53 = Fifty-three54 = Fifty-four
55 = Fifty-five56 = Fifty-six
57 = Fifty-seven58 = Fifty-eight
59 = Fifty-nine60 = Sixty
61 = Sixty-one62 = Sixty-two
63 = Sixty-three64 = Sixty-four
65 = Sixty-five66 = Sixty-six
67 = Sixty-seven68 = Sixty-eight
69 = Sixty-nine70 = Seventy
71 = Seventy-one72 = Seventy-two
73 = Seventy-three74 = Seventy-four
75 = Seventy-five76 = Seventy-six
77 = Seventy-seven78 = Seventy-eight
79 = Seventy-nine80 = Eighty
81 = Eighty-one82 = Eighty-two
83 = Eighty-three84 = Eighty-four
85 = Eighty-five86 = Eighty-six
87 = Eighty-seven88 = Eighty-eight
89 = Eighty-nine90 = Ninety
91 = Ninety-one92 = Ninety-two
93 = Ninety-three94 = Ninety-four
95 = Ninety-five96 = Ninety-six
97 = Ninety-seven98 = Ninety-eight
99 = Ninety-nine100 = One hundred
counting in words in english

How to Write Numbers in Words? Steps.

Learning counting in words in English is necessary, especially if you are learning English as a second language. Writing numbers in words in English can be handled well if you keep the following steps in mind:

Learn to write the numbers 1 to 9

  • 1 = one
  • 2 = two
  • 3 = three
  • 4 = four
  • 5 = five
  • 6 = six
  • 7 = seven
  • 8 = eight
  • 9 = nine

Once you memorise them, writing the more significant numbers gets simple.

Pick up numbers from 10-19

  • 10 = ten
  • 11 = eleven
  • 12 = twelve
  • 13 = thirteen
  • 14 = fourteen
  • 15 = fifteen
  • 16 = sixteen
  • 17 = seventeen
  • 18 = eighteen
  • 19 = nineteen

Other than 11 and 12, the other numbers have “teen” attached.
16= six+teen
17= seven+teen

Remember the multiples of 10
The multiples of ten, other than ten, end in “ty”:

  • 20 = twenty
  • 30 = thirty
  • 40 = forty
  • 50 = fifty
  • 60 = sixty
  • 70 = seventy
  • 80 = eighty
  • 90 = ninety

Figure out the place value:
You can communicate the digit value based on its position in a number. You may check the following example to understand it better. The place value of 1 is shown in different numbers.


  • 1 = ones/units place
  • 10 = tens place
  • 100 = hundreds of place

Writing 2 and 3 digit numbers:
To write the number names for 2 and 3 digits numbers, take the digits in the ones/units and tens and place them as a single unit. For the digit at the hundreds place, add a hundred next to the digit’s name. Spell all the addends and combine their names with writing the number.


226= 200+26 =Two hundred twenty-six. 
Similarly, the expanded form of 567= 500+60+7 = Five hundred sixty-seven

To write the number names of multiples of 100, between 100 and 100, write the digit name followed by hundred”. 

400= four hundred
600 = six hundred

numbers in words from 1 to 100

Writing Long Numbers

Writing long numbers can seem intimidating, considering the numerals are more. To write long numbers, you should consider the following steps:

Look at the place value of the digits.

  • 1 → the ones place.
  • 10 → the tens place.
  • 100 → the hundreds place.
  • 1,000 → the thousands place.
  • 10,000 → the ten thousands place.
  • 100,000 → the hundred thousands place.
  • 1000,000 → the millions place.
  • 10,000,000 → the ten millions place.
  • 100,000,000 → the hundred millions place.

Once the place value is clear, writing the numbers in words in English becomes less daunting. 

Use separators: place commas or points as separators after every three digits starting from the right side.

Example: 1567340 is to be written as 1,567,340

Spot the last two digits: Write it down as you would write a two-digit number in words.

Example: 1,567,340

The last two digits are 40: forty

The hundreds place: Next, write down the digit in the hundred’s position with the name of the digit followed by ‘hundred’.

Example: In number 1,567,340, 3 is at the hundreds place. So we write it as three hundred.

The last three digits read as three hundred and forty.

The thousands place: The next set of numbers is in the thousands place value, i.e. hundred thousands, ten thousands and one thousand.

Example: Write 5 in 567 as five hundred and 67 as sixty-seven followed by thousands

The number now reads as five hundred sixty-seven thousand three hundred and forty.

The millions place:The next set of digits is in the millions place, where it is hundred millions, tens millions and a million. Since there is just 1 digit, we write it as one million.

Example: Now our number will read as One million five hundred sixty-seven thousand three hundred and forty.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to write the numbers in words?

We have explained through practical steps how to write numbers in words in our blog. So refer to them and write numbers in words without any difficulty.

How do you write 1000000 in words?

1000000 in words is written as one million.

Where can I convert numbers from the word converter?

There are many online number to word converters that you may employ to convert numerals into words in English. We recommend that you follow the steps we have mentioned in the blog so that you learn the way of writing numbers in words without requiring any help.

What is the international place value system?

The place value names in the international system are as follows:

Ones/ Units
Ten Thousands
Hundred Thousands
Ten Millions
Hundred Millions
Ten Billions
Hundred Billions
Trillions, and so on

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