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Global Tutor Network

A credible teacher job network that brings together like-minded professionals is the foundation of the Global Tutor Network. A professional learning community for teachers that gives an impetus to students' performance by motivating teachers to push their learning curves.

The Age of Teachers’ Online Professional Learning Communities is here

As educators, we constantly turn to Google to help us discover the latest educational resources, ed-tech news, pedagogical research and anything that spells education. But then, it gets tedious, going through pages and links. Instead, joining online educators and teachers’ group communities is a great idea. These professional learning communities of teachers assist in collaboration. You share, learn, connect, and engage with like-minded people. Such niche teachers’ groups bring a sense of community to online learning. Online teacher communities create and sustain mutual support networks and growth pathways. In addition, a peer-led online platform creates seamless communication channels.

Global Tutor Network

Why do we need a community for online teachers?

Twitter and Facebook have given the teachers’ group a secure place to voice their experiences and share their observations. The peer-to-peer learning that happens in such online tutor groups is unsurpassable. The number of such online learning communities for teachers has risen exponentially since the pandemic, and the reasons for that are obvious.

Increase in awareness

Increase in awareness

As you interact with more teachers in the teachers' group, you realise different pedagogies, methods of instruction, transformational teaching strategies, educational resources, etc. You get instant access to valuable information without spending endless hours on research. Carefully designed and curated resources become easily accessible.

Emotional support

Emotional support

Online teachers learning communities are a boon as they allow you to discuss the issues you face while dealing with students and administration. Your fellow community members can also provide essential tips for dealing with specific situations inside and outside your classrooms.

Achieve fantastic results

Achieve fantastic results

An online teaching community comprises teaching community helpers. They can assist every member teacher in attaining better classroom student performance levels. By sharing learning models and teaching strategies, each teacher can gain immensely and get great results in the class.

Professional growth

Professional growth

As a teacher, you also encounter lucrative global opportunities that require your subject expertise. You can share your knowledge, connect with like-minded people and build supportive relationships with fellow teachers globally. Your profile gains more visibility among potential employers. It is the best way to market your skills at zero cost!

Effective time management

Effective time management

With time constraints being synonymous with the teaching profession, it is fantastic that you can log in to the Global Tutor Network teachers group anytime from anywhere and be connected 24/7. At any point, you have many educators who can answer your queries and assist you in your endeavours.

Skill and Personality Development

Skill and Personality Development

Interacting at a global forum allows you to leverage skills and expertise and build personality and leadership qualities. Being part of such a teachers' group bolsters your efficiency and self-efficacy. You hone your skills and pick up many more.

Who can join Global Tutor Network (GTN)?

We believe in “Training the Trainer” and facilitating growth for anyone passionate about teaching. The importance of being part of a futuristic and innovative online teaching community is immense, and we offer you that advantage. Age, gender or nationality are not a constraint. You can be an aspiring online tutor, a teacher with 15 years of experience or a Pythoneer. We welcome everyone on board. Global Tutor Network is looking for committed enthusiasts and academic wizards, including teachers(working/retired), college graduates, and professionals. Again, we welcome all on board.

Ideal features of a Professional Community

Certain features must be imbibed to get the most out of the professional learning community. The purpose is to create a continuous research and action process to achieve excellent results in the teacher’s group.

Avoid creating random sub-groups

A PLC provides a collaborative platform to its members so that they can have a commendable career trajectory. However, certain members sometimes insist on creating sub-groups within the community. Such an act dilutes the aim of the community and does not help the members progress.

Supportive and Shared leadership

An admin or the leader of such a community has to practice autonomy, where the entire teamwork is facilitated and not governed by the leader. The leadership should be rotated to ensure transparency and inventive methods to prosper.

Stay Focussed

It is imperative to set goals and then work on them. As many members are a part of this initiative, such planning keeps things on track and prevents mismanagement of time in frivolous communication and activities. Before taking up any topic for discussion, it should be studied and analysed thoroughly.

Grant Enough Space

The teacher group cannot be rigid as that stifles innovation and creativity. The whole purpose of such a community is to drive excellence in education. And it negates its purpose if everyone is not heard and allowed to participate.

Vision of Global Tutor Network

A collaborating and all-inclusive environment is a centre of growth and peer development. Our vision is to empower teachers and develop successful professional habits among them. GTN endeavours to provide a vibrant ecosystem that works on shared decisions, accelerated growth and development of revolutionary learning models, which will facilitate breakthroughs in education. 

Providing academic services and resources fosters the development of skills and attitudes necessary to increase teachers’ knowledge and professional advancement. The Global Tutor Network is all for ‘training the teacher.” The teacher group helps contributes to teachers’ success and growth through multiple services. 

Rules and practices in GTN, the online community of teachers

A secure haven for professional development requires rules and strict practices.

Respect Diversity

We are an ethnically rich, diverse and multi-cultural platform. Avoid language that is racist, sexist, and heterosexist. Derogatory and/or sarcastic comments directed at religious beliefs, disabilities, and age are strictly prohibited.

Be Kind, Not Personal

Please don’t ask questions/advise on issues related to your personal life. Also, respect is essential for a nurturing environment. Healthy debates are necessary, and kindness is essential.

Respect Everyone's Privacy

The group is based on mutual trust. Being a professional group, we consider sending unsolicited DMs disrespectful. Be kind to Admin and be sensitive towards the action taken by the admin to maintain the sanctity of the teachers’ group.

No Spam or Self-Promotion

Avoid promoting Multi Level Marketing, posting your Facebook pages, YouTube links or any unrelated links. Our platform is not for commercial promotion.


Online learning communities are the perfect place to find your latent abilities and create milestones as a tutor or a teacher. Such a teachers’ group empowers you to be a successful educator beyond your school and locality. You push each other to excel and learn from each other. Could you think of a better way to grow?

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Frequently Asked Questions

An online teacher community is a platform where educators and trained professionals meet regularly to discuss topics of common interest and issues faced while teaching and learn how to improve the teaching-learning experience.

Our Global Tutor Network has been set up to facilitate teachers' professional growth and success. There are numerous ways in which you can benefit from our community:

  • stay ahead in terms of educational innovation and news
  • Increase in visibility and access to global opportunities
  • Higher growth for your tutoring profile
  • Find the right students for your subject
  • Gain from inputs from experts around the world
  • Participate in further revolutionising education

Edulyte Marketplace Pvt. Ltd. is the promoter of the Global Tutor Network. We envision a secure and healthy place for collaboration for those who have a zeal for teaching and wish to learn and progress.

The world is our home. We are a dedicated online platform for teachers. Location and physical barriers no longer hold significance as the world has embraced online education.

A teacher newsletter contains all the items which hold significance for the teaching profession. Latest developments in education, innovative resources that teachers can utilise for different subjects, a guest column, and a write-up on a topic that affects teachers can all be a part of a teacher's newsletter.

Of course! One of our aims in creating this tutor community has been to bring teachers with different expertise and those who require the expertise together. So you can get potential employers from anywhere in the world.

We encourage our members to share credible links to resources and even the teaching aids they have created on our platform. These can be availed and used strictly for teaching purposes.

We have a team of experienced educators who keep a strict vigil on the discussions that happen on the platform. They uphold the ethos and principles of the community and moderate the group.

If you wish to make a difference with your knowledge and skills, Edulyte is your place. Follow the easy steps to tap into the online tutoring job market:


Step 1: Submit your resume and an introductory video and fill out the application form on our website


Step 2: You will be interviewed after meeting our criteria.


Step 3: You will be notified about the result of the interview.


Step 4: We will offer you to come on board Edulyte, depending on the interview's outcome.