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Fascinating history websites and resources list

Top History Websites For The Historian In You

World's best history websites

A complete guide for history lovers, teachers and students.

If you are searching for reliable and verified sources to study history, your search ends with Edulyte’s blog. We recommend sites that can be helpful for your research as well as for your students. Many of these websites are interactive and have online quizzes, tools, appealing visuals and articles.

Yawn history! That’s the reaction you get when you mention the discipline to anyone. “Gosh, why do we study it? It is irrelevant in the current time,” is the other reaction. So would you believe it if we tell you that history is an excellent cure for boredom?! Sounds oxymoronic?! The notion that ‘history is boring’ is put into our heads due to the archaic way of teaching the subject. But if you look beyond that, you find a subject that is a great storyteller. That there is more to history than dates and names. Like other domains, it also demands rational thinking and analytical skills to comprehend it.

Ancient history websites

Three reasons why you should study history

In case you are not convinced about the significance of history, we have three reasons why you should study it:

Helps you get your dream job

You have great career options to choose from if you take up History as a major in college. Foreign affairs, Immigration, and other bureaucratic

departments welcome people with extensive knowledge of history. Also, NGOs, journalism, teaching, media, tourism, and project management are other fields where you can find great work opportunities. Many global leaders and personalities have degrees in history.

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Allows you to influence your surroundings

Studying different events, customs, and cultures broadens your understanding of the world.

You become more receptive to the diversity around you. History ignites a change in perception, enabling you to impact your surroundings and knowing what happened and why gives you the skills to handle what will happen later. History is a great teacher, and Machiavelli rightly said: Whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past, for human events resemble those of preceding times.

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History is spellbinding

History explores the why and how; why did an event occur? What led to it? How did it influence society and the economy?

The interpretation of history is more important than the dates. A consensus is usually reached among historians regarding any incident in history, but history is always open-ended; like discovering new evidence can change the way we look at the incident. For example, we thought planned city development started in modern times. Still, the discovery of the Harappan civilisation shows that during the Bronze Age, people in Harappan cities had proper drainage systems and roads intersecting at 90 degrees!

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Our picks: 20 popular history websites

Discovering Ancient Egypt

A gripping site with illustrations and graphics, it updates you about ancient Egypt in interactive ways. Fun facts, ancient hieroglyphics, hieroglyphics typewriter, 3-D Egyptian temple visits, and the Egyptian way of number counting are some of the things offered by the website, which makes history enjoyable for children and adults.


You can relive the timeline starting from the Big Bang with sounds and visuals. The information is sourced from Wikipedia and gets updated automatically. You get to move the cursor and go to the period of your choice.

Biography Online

The website also boasts a blog section with valuable UK history resources. Additionally, you will find a resource bank about the actual global’ influencers’.

National Geographic Education

A titan in the field, it humanises history and happens to be a vast reservoir of information from across the planet. Bookmark this site for your classroom learning. Tools, resources and support are available that satiates your curiosity about history.

History of India

It is a great site to start with if you wish to know the basics of Indian history. There are timelines, information about courses on Indian history, and segments with a particular focus on fields like History of Science and Technology and maps. In addition, many essential visuals depicting the defining moments of the Indian history are on the site.

Medieval Histories

You get to be a time traveller and think about solutions to issues like sustainability, climate change, migration, wars, etc. You get to witness the crucial historical changes. You are also encouraged to consider other possible outcomes for the events mentioned.

History Extra

A website that presents history through something that binds us all: food. Food items and recipes are presented with interesting anecdotes and snippets of information. But, of course, you get a visual feast too, and you will want to whip up the delicacies mentioned.

World History Encyclopedia

Information is presented in an easy to read manner on the app and the website. Moreover, experts look into the educational use of the history articles and their authenticity, offered on the website.

World Turn’d Upside Down

Obscure true stories from history, science, and psychology get published on this site. It is an exhaustive source of history trivia and tales. As the site’s name suggests, it does make history ‘damn interesting.

Historic UK

Interactive maps allow you to become an explorer and venture into the castles of England. In addition, events and days of historical significance are discussed and posted regularly on their social media page.

History’s Mysteries

A site for historical inquiry for elementary classrooms raises questions and explains the answers to the most fundamental questions: What is it like to be a citizen? What makes a good leader? How does water affect people’s choices regarding where to live and work? 

Also, it holds summer workshops to encourage students to write their mysteries.


A significant repository of verified and well-researched information, Britannica has long been a favourite of history buffs. In addition, there is a kids’ online encyclopedia resource section with articles, biographies, visuals and videos.

Museo Galileo

A virtual museum, it showcases over 1000 objects with an in-depth description, glossary index, and biographies of artists and inventors. An exciting display is Galileo’s telescope, compass, and Leonardo da Vinci’s works.

History of Vaccines

It is necessary to be well informed about vaccines and their role in protecting a substantial part of the human population in the post-pandemic world. Therefore, the site also has articles related to the Coronavirus and Coronavirus timeline.

National Museum Australia

With articles, blogs and visuals, you can quickly familiarise yourself with the history of Oz. It also offers videos, collection interactives, a Google virtual tour and special online projects from the National Museum of Australia.

Smithsonian Learning Lab

Resources, training, and support assist caregivers, teachers, and students as they face new learning challenges regarding history. The Lab is a free, interactive platform for discovering millions of authentic digital resources and creating content with online tools.

Alpha History

Alpha History is a free online textbook for history teachers and students. Alpha History currently spans 12 different historical periods or themes, with more additions expected soon. Also, the site has topic summaries, documents, images, maps, timelines, biographical profiles and historiographical information, and a range of online activities.

Thousands of articles covering different aspects of history across the globe are just a click away on this site. There isn’t a historical topic with well research information that you will not find here.

A History of Second World War in 100 objects

It is a Dutch site based on the fascinating concept of objects telling us about the history of World War II. The objects on display are from museums across the Netherlands, and you can click on the thumbnails to check out the information regarding their role in the War.

Wonders of the African World

Set up by a Harvard professor, this site compels you to realise the magnificence of African history. Visuals of architectural grandeur welcome you, and you get unbiased interpretations of events in the history of the African continent. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are reliable history websites?

The internet is a boon for history buffs! And even if you aren’t one but wish to know about a historical topic, all you have to do is type the topic, and the internet will throw up informative sites regarding it.

Some of the ‘go to’ history websites are:

  • National Geographic Education
  • Britannica
  • History’s Mysteries
  • Historic UK
What are good history research sites?

History websites on the internet can be broadly classified into websites for general historical information and websites for research. If you wish to carry out extensive research on a historical theme or event, you can refer to the sites given below: 

JSTOR: The Scholarly Journals Archive


Byzantine & Medieval Studies Sites

Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts Web

Internet Modern History Sourcebook

EuroDocs: Online Sources for European History

World War II Today

The Art History Archive

Where can I search about history?

We have you covered when it comes to searching for history. Sites like the ones mentioned below are a great place to start your search:

National Museum of African American History and Culture

Smithsonian’s History Explorer

Asian Art Museum


Google Arts & Culture

World History Encyclopedia

Also, visit the libraries in your city and the museums for more information connected to the historical figure or event you are interested in.

Why should I study history?
  • History can help you get your dream job in Foreign affairs, Immigration, and other bureaucratic departments. NGOs, journalism, teaching, media, tourism, and project management are other fields where you can find great work opportunities. 


  • Studying different events, customs, and cultures broadens your understanding of the world. You become more receptive to the diversity around you.


  • History is spellbinding as it explores the why and how; why did an event occur? What led to it? How did it influence society? The interpretation of history is more important than the dates.
I require additional support in studying history/humanities in school. Can Edulyte help me?

Of course! Our verified tutors can help you. They create classes and sessions that cater to the specific needs of learners across different grades. 

Our trained tutors are subject matter experts and rely on innovative methods in the class to make the subject fun and engaging for you.

How can I study history in Australia?

The study of history analyses world events. History students learn about the political and socio-economical causes that led to important past significant events. Studying in Australia will give advantage of a great student environment inside and outside classrooms. Some of the best history courses in Australia are:


What career options do I have with a History degree in Australia?

It is a prehistoric belief (pun intended) that a History degree makes you redundant in the job market. However, you have many avenues to explore if you plan to pursue a degree in history. 

You can become a historian. To know more about this field and the latest news regarding it, check:


Becoming a teacher or a professor is always a great career choice if you have a degree in History. Other options include: 

  • Museum curator
  • Economic historian
  • Government/bureaucracy jobs
  • Archaeologist
  • Art historian
  • Cultural heritage officer
  • Geographical historian
  • Research officer