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Noun for kids

Comprehensive Definition, Description, Examples & Rules 

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Definition of Noun for Kids

Noun is one of the basic parts of English Grammar that students need to learn. To start with the definition of noun, nouns are naming words which is the first part of speech that you will learn.

In simple words, a noun is a part of speech in English Grammar that is used to name something such as a place, person, thing, etc. 

For instance, 

  • Place- Australia, India, America, Canada, Barrier Reef, etc. 
  • Person- David Warner, Steve Smith, Naruto, etc.

Tips to identify the noun in a sentence 

To identify the noun in a sentence or what are nouns, you can follow these simple tips: 

  • If a word in a sentence depicts the name of a person, thing, place, or group, it is termed a noun. For instance, Jack, Andrew, Melbourne, etc. 
  • You can locate a verb in a sentence and identify the connecting noun. 
  • If a word is written in capital, it is most likely a proper noun or noun. 
  • Words followed by articles such as “A, The, An” are most likely to be a noun. 

Types of Nouns

The nouns can be further classified into different types. After understanding what is a noun, you need to know these types: 

Common Nouns:

Common noun refers to a type of noun that is the name of a person, thing, place, animal, or group. All the nouns are further categorized into common or proper nouns. 

For Instance, 

  • “Annie is my friend” 
  • “Australia is my country” 
  • “I’m going to meet Jack” 
  • “I will eat Strawberry” 
  • ” Oats are my favorite breakfast” 

Here, Annie, Australia, Jack, Strawberry, and Oats are names of persons, places, fruit, and food which are depicted as common nouns. 

Proper Nouns:

Proper nouns are referred to as types of nouns that are used to name a specific individual, place, group, language, historic event, book, or thing. It is similar to common now, so kids get confused with the definition of noun types. The only way to distinguish between proper nouns and common now is capitalization. Proper nouns are always capitalized in the English language. In simple words, when a name is given specifically it is termed as a proper noun. 

For instance, 

  • “I’m reading Game of Thrones.”
  • ” You should travel to Australia.” 
  • ” Let’s eat at Taco Bell.” 

Here, Game of Thrones, Australia, and Taco Bell are proper nouns. 

Concrete Nouns:

Concrete noun is a type of noun that is a name for a specific place, individual, or thing that you can experience through the five senses. Anything you can touch, feel, or experience through your five senses is a concrete noun. It is identified as anything material or non-abstract. 

For instance, a chair, table, book, Television, Pen, Plate, water, teacher, wings, etc. 

Abstract Nouns:

Abstract nouns are anything that is non-physical and conceptual. The type of noun includes ideas, feelings, traits, tastes, etc. 

For instance, Happy, Sad, Brave/Bravery, crazy, and creative. 

  • “She is very creative.”
  • “He is so brave.” 

Collective Nouns:

As the name suggests, a collective noun is the type of noun that is used to name a group of things, animals, individuals, places, and more. 

For instance, array, herd, collection, assortment, family, etc. 

  • “A group of travelers” 
  • “Collection of books” 

Here a group of and collection is collective nouns. 

Examples of Nouns

To know more about nouns for kindergarten, let us understand through noun examples: 

Simple Nouns: e.g., dog, book, car, Chicago, Australia, etc. Anything you can think of including people, places, and more. 

People Nouns: Plural for a place, person, animal, group, thing, etc. that can be treated as singular as well as used for a group. For instance, a teacher, friend, doctor, car, etc.

  • “A host of agents.”
  • “A group of ladies.” 

Place Nouns: As the name says, nouns that describe a place. For instance, a park, school, city, town, building, America, India, Australia, etc. 

Thing Nouns: Noun refers to a thing or any material object that you can touch, see, or feel. For instance, a table, chair, toy, book, laptop, etc. 

Animal Nouns: A noun that depicts animals, it can be in singular and plural form. For instance, cats, elephants, birds, etc. 

  • “A herd of Sheep.” 
  • “A group of birds.” 
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Key Takeaways

  1. The noun is a word in English that describes a place, individual, animal, thing, and more in singular and plural forms. 

  2. There are more than 3 types of nouns including collective nouns, Concrete nouns, abstract nouns, simple nouns, proper nouns, and animal nouns. 

  3. The noun can describe a single place as well as a group of people, things, or individuals. 

  4. There are a few tips to identify the noun for kids that you can follow.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me a noun chart or list for kids?

Yes! One infographic noun chart is already provided above, for more you can follow Edulyte and check out the website. 

Are there any fun activities or games to help kids learn about nouns?

Yes, use flashcards with words like place, animal, thing, food, people, collection, etc. Tell the kids to give a name with the same word. Similarly, you can use pictures to describe basic things to make noun learning a fun activity. 

What are some common mistakes kids make when using nouns in sentences?

One of the common mistakes is confusion between singular and plural nouns. Words like news, furniture, luggage, etc., are used in singular form, but kids might use them in plural form. Such as “These furniture in the shop”, “these news”, etc. 

Are there any online resources or apps that can help kids practice nouns?

Yes! Edulyte is the best place for kids to practice nouns and other English grammar topics. 

To start with, Edulyte provides a worksheet that you can check out below. You can also check Edulyte for more worksheets and information. 

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