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Maths in each grade demands that students hone their skills, and the onus on developing those skills lies with the teachers.

Each grade requires specific resources to meet learning requirements. Check out these recommended free math resources for teachers.

Primary Maths

Explore the World of Maths: Free Notes, Worksheets, and Quizzes at Your Fingertips. You can search hundreds of topics, download pdf worksheets, test your knowledge. 

It is an interactive website that offers features like challenging games and activities aligned with primary Math concepts. 

As a teacher, you can explore a vast collection of worksheets, puzzles, and online manipulatives designed to make Math learning enjoyable for young minds in your classroom.

What better resource platform than one for the Department of Education itself?You will find a range of resources provided by government agencies and non-government organisations here. These focus on developing the numeracy knowledge of young minds.

Middle Grade

Middle schools see a shift in Maths learning as topics become more complex. Teachers need resources that will effectively ingrain the concepts.

An Australian initiative, it offers amazingly creative video lessons and teacher resources. To make your math classes fun and exciting, you can use the interactive games from the platform to make Math engaging for middle schoolers.

Australia is renowned for its education system, so it is always a great idea to check the resources offered by its educational platforms. Math teachers from across the globe can access the Victorian Curriculum for senior Maths, along with assessment tasks, examples, and other resources tailored to the Australian curriculum.

Senior Grade Maths

Who does not know about Khan Academy? You get a structured learning pathway for senior Maths students. The list of topics covered is comprehensive, and you will also get helpful tips to explain the topic in class.

A free online graphing calculator that allows your students to visualise and explore mathematical concepts dynamically! What could be better than that? It is a perfect resource for studying maths in senior school.

Teaching Maths with Technology

Never has the use of technology been as exciting as it is today. Maths as a subject benefits immensely from technology. Students and teachers both gain when technology is brought into the classrooms. Here are some Maths resources for teachers recommendations:

However, though teaching geometry is excruciatingly difficult, one does not know about this platform. It is a powerful and user-friendly tool for geometry, algebra, calculus, and statistics; GeoGebra allows students to construct interactive models and explore mathematical relationships visually.

A boon for Maths teachers, Nearpod enables you to create interactive presentations with quizzes, polls, open-ended questions, and more, engaging Maths lessons in the classroom or online.

Resources for Lesson Plans

Lesson planning isn’t for the faint-hearted, and every Maths teacher will agree to this. But what if there are templates that can assist you in the task?

The official Australian Curriculum for Maths has an array of downloadable lesson plans and resources. You can browse it and find professional development materials to help you gain more insights into teaching Maths.

A well-established platform for teachers, this vast marketplace allows educators to share and purchase original lesson plans, many of which are designed explicitly for Maths.

Teaching Resources for Maths Worksheets and Activities

Worksheets and activities can transform bored students into active participants in the class. A Maths teacher can never have enough worksheets and activity ideas! Free maths resources can be availed at the given platforms:

Explore a treasure trove of free downloadable Maths worksheets for various topics and skill levels. The website is easy to navigate and allows you to select worksheets based on topic and difficulty level.

Keeping in mind that educational resources must be customisable, the platform offers such Maths worksheets. You can choose from a variety of difficulty levels and topics.

Maths Resources for Tutors

Maths tutors are in demand worldwide. As a tutor, one must always have access to resources that can supplement school learning and provide much-needed assistance to students.

BrainPop boasts a huge collection of animated videos, quizzes, and interactive activities covering geometry, algebra, fractions, and decimals. It also has easy-to-follow videos and lesson plans.

Name the topics pre-algebra, geometry, and statistics; you can find them all here on one platform. The site is easy to navigate and is for anyone and everyone.

They account for themselves as Australia’s leading supplier of teaching resources. There is a comprehensive, high range of quality maths resources that can align with the curriculum you teach.

Maths and Gamification

Gamification is trending in education, and as a Maths teacher, your classroom gets a new vibe when you incorporate online games.

With interactive practice, students can improve their maths skills in an adventure mode. You get over 1000 free skill-testing apps and games.

 Grade-wise games are available, spanning Pre-K to Grade 7. The easy-to-navigate site also allows you to search topic-wise, from addition and algebra to Decimals and Percentages

Your students can practice math skills. The activities include mathematical operations, geometry, fractions, and even word problems!

Maths Resources for University

Resources are imperative for university Maths professors. Many renowned institutions offer their research resources online.

The site has amalgamated research from leading educational thinkers and mathematics teachers. A flexible suite of resources is designed to meet a wide range of needs in the classroom. There are unique resources for Cambridge IGCSE™ and Cambridge O Level Mathematics!

The site has resources categorised for seamless navigation and search. You get everything from facts and formulae to engineers’ resources. In addition to these specialised resources, you also get Maths Resources for All, which are useful for anyone wishing to brush up their math skills.

Teaching Resources for Professional Development

Resources are essential for students’ engagement and learning and for teachers’ professional development.

The platform is dedicated to the continuous professional development of mathematics teachers. It offers periodic workshops with well-known educators, mathematicians, and policy experts and published  journals.

Along with video lessons and free resources, this site offers a massive archive of math activities and resources for students.

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