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Live Maths Crash Course : 9th-10th for CBSE and ICSE


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Maths Live Classes

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The basics of the number line

Rational and Irrational numbers

Exponents and their properties


Live Maths Crash Course : 9th-10th for CBSE and ICSE

Get your fundamentals cleared about numbers, rational irrational numbers, operations on numbers and exponents’ laws. Become an expert in handling tricky Maths problems and effectively solving them.

How to draw √2  or √2.3 geometrically on a number line? How to identify rational/irrational numbers?

Students in my class will get over the stress that they face regarding these important basics in Mathematics. They will become capable of handling complex numericals regarding these concepts and enjoy dealing with them as well. I concentrate on each topic thoroughly so that my students score well in their exams for years! The nitty gritty of each principle will be thoroughly explained and tested repeatedly. My focus is to assist the learners in picking up all the tricks and techniques needed to work on the problems swiftly and score better with each test. 

Crash Courses are my forte. I prepare my students rigorously to retain the different themes regarding numbers.

Different assessment tools and innovative tech resources are utilised to enable quick learning. Students will be mentored to critically analyse the questions and answer them in the correct manner. Equipped with many years of teaching experience, I can swiftly understand the requirements of each learner and change my instructions accordingly.

The teaching methodology will involve a theoretical as well as a mathematical approach with real-life examples.

Detailed notes, sample question papers will be provided with comprehensive worksheets covering all the topics and sub topics. Helpful tips will be provided for remedial measures and to work on weak areas for each student. I intend to put in my 100 % with them.

The 3 Hour Crash Course includes the topics in Mathematics regarding  rational and irrational numbers, their representation on number lines and exponents.

Students can Register for my class and I am willing to work out suitable schedules with them.

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What to learn?

The student will understand mathematically and graphically, the basics of the number line, rational and irrational numbers. The student will understand exponents and their properties. The student will be able to carry out several operations on the numbers.


  • Knowledge of numbers and sincerity.
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A computer / laptop
  • NCERT Mathematics text books
  • Zeal to learn

Target Audience

  • 9th and 10th CBSE/ICSE class students.


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Material Includes

  • Notes after each class in pdf format
  • Worksheets for every topic
  • Solved Question Papers
  • Post class revision tasks