Should I care for my Grammar?

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Should I care for my Grammar

“Ill-fitting grammar are like ill-fitting shoes….” is what the British novelist, Jaser Fforde declared. Most of the students admit that English grammar is a bane. For some grammar nazis, detecting a missing verb or comma can shoot their blood pressure to stratospheric levels. But the rest of us ordinary souls are prone to fumble, always living in fear of being criticised.

Let’s take an example. In school, most of the time when your teacher asked you a question, you knew the answer and replied with the confidence that Usain Bolt exhibits, surpassing other athletes on the track. But what if you committed the crime of being grammatically incorrect? Your teacher disapproved in front of the class and your embarrassment knew no bounds.

Communication and grammar go hand in hand. If you think that you cannot sign up for improving your grammar now, due to your age or schedule, then you are giving yourself an excuse. In learning English grammar, age and location don’t play any role. All you require is commitment and determination.

 Practice makes a man perfect. And this applies for perfecting grammar as well. The following mantras you have to make as part of your routine to be able to achieve your perfect grammar score.

Reading regularly:

Why read? Well, more reading will make your grammar better. Reading makes you aware about sentence structure, use of tenses , subject- verb agreement among others. The English grammar concepts are well absorbed through reading. Not only grammar, reading helps in building vocabulary too.

Writing constantly:

You can learn the grammar rules by studying, but until or unless you don’t apply them, they would not be of that much value. Writing makes your grammar strong as it allows you to apply the knowledge you learned . Without practice, the rules will not be meaningful and you will soon forget them.

Revising loudly:

All writers should not forget to revise whatever they write. In addition to sight, reading out loud also includes the sense of sound. Reading out loud will help you to make your grammar better as your friends and family can monitor your mistakes and tell you about your errors which you cannot detect while writing and reading silently. 

Listening carefully:

Listening is the best way with which you can learn grammar easily. Once you listen to the words and phrases consistently, they become cemented  in your subconscious mind. Your mind gets attuned to picking up the rules being followed in the text and applying them when required.

Speaking religiously:

Other than these steps, you can also learn English by making English conversations with your family and friends. Use phrases and sentences to communicate with as many people as you can in English. You will be able to improve upon your mistakes as well as get others to help you do so.

Joining Language Course :

There are many modules being offered, more so online, these days, which will help you build and strengthen your grammar skills and assist you with other aspects of English language learning as well. Platforms offering such in-demand courses like Edulyte are constantly redesigning their curriculum, assisted with technology, to keep learning in tandem with the times.

Buying  Grammar Books:

If for some reason you are unable to attend any classes, you can buy good grammar books available online and in bookstores. But make sure you do proper research about the book before buying it. Keep going through them and applying their concepts in your daily life. 

Practicing  sentence combination:

For the development of your writing and better learning of the grammar, sentence combining is the most effective strategy. In sentence combining, you combine two or more sentences in several ways. Doing this, you get numerous variations of sentence structures which are also more concise and smooth. Subsequently, you get to learn various rules of grammar and can improve your writing style by applying them.

Taking Online Tests:

There are numerous English online tests and assessments for various levels of grammar. Many of them are free and do not require you to invest much time. Attempting these tests make you confident about your learning and accelerate your comprehension of the grammar concepts.

Just learning English grammar and looking for English speaking courses near you, would not assist you in becoming proficient in the language. There are different requirements for different situations. That is where Edulyte steps in. We offer you several English speaking courses online and prepare you for various English language examinations at affordable rates.. General Purpose English Program, IELTS Preparation, Business English, Conversation Classes are conducted with the students getting the choice of deciding their learning environment. Tech tools are constantly upgraded to make learning effective and fun!

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