Top Teaching Techniques for the classroom

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Teaching Techniques for the classroom

“More important than the curriculum is the question of the methods of teaching and the spirit in which the teaching is given.”

Bertrand Russell, cunningly has put forth the ever stressful question that every teacher faces through his lines above i.e., ‘ which method would be most appropriate for my class?’ And any teacher worth his/her salt would know that there is no sure shot answer to that question! A teaching technique which worked with the previous class might not work with the current one. A success story of today will not lead to similar victories in the future. 

Students are individuals with their own personalities and to bring them together as a unit to make them learn….. Well, it’s easier to scale Mt. Everest.

A mentor needs to be familiar and adept at using different teaching techniques and switching between them when required. 

Below are the top teaching methods list that have been curated. These have been successful in achieving the desired results.

Flipped Classroom: 

The term indicates that the traditional classroom teaching does not find a place in this method. The students are encouraged to prepare and study a topic themselves and come back with doubts and questions related to it. 

This enables the learners to change their roles from passive to being active in the classroom. It promotes analytical and critical thinking in them and boosts their willingness to learn.

Inquiry Based Approach:

Here the teacher gives up his/her role of a sole tutor and instead guides the students through their projects and assignments. The students take up vigorous participation. They conduct projects based on their learning abilities, raise questions, venture to find their answers and develop their own understanding of the concept. The teacher corrects them and supports them in the process.

Cooperative Learning:

The focus here is to encourage students with different learning abilities to get together in groups and learn. By communicating with each other and putting across their views and conclusions , the learners will become confident and realise the value of making an effort to think on their own. Their empirical knowledge also increases. Critical thinking comes to the forefront and this promotes a good growth of the mindset.

Technology in Classroom:

No one can deny the fact that tech tools and resources are a great way to get hold of attention in a classroom and retain it. Teachers’ feedback has revealed that it helps them with their research and preparation as well. With more information, innovations and apps online, it is mandatory to engage students effectively through technology.

Interactive whiteboards, educational programmes, videos and audio, images, gamification of topics and presentation…there is no dearth of materials and assets that can be utilised to instill a principle effectively in the classroom.

Differentiated Instruction:

Propounded by many educators as a necessary method in teaching pedagogy, it requires the instructors to tweek and change their instructions as per the learning abilities of the students. The educators have to devise the reading materials. Learning aids, assessments and reports based on the fact that each student is different have to be organised in various manners. It prompts the teachers to push their creativity and make optimum utilisation of resources at hand. 

The learners also feel motivated to learn as they understand the attempts being made to ease them into studying a concept.

Peer Teaching:

A practice utilised by teachers everywhere is peer teaching. To make it successful, a mentor has to assess the capabilities of the students and figure out who can assist whom, in the classroom environment. Along with helping  students to strengthen their comprehension of the subject, it also aids in building critical thinking. Learners overcome their hesitancy, by being in the company of fellow students. Interpersonal skills get refined, leadership skills get enhanced and versatility and creativity are enjoyed by those who teach and those who learn.

Behaviour Management:

Any teaching technique is ineffective if the classroom or learning environment isn’t conducive to learning. Mishandling a class can have severe consequences for the teachers as well as students. Noise and chaos inside the four walls is a challenge faced by all educators. Such a situation has to be firmly handled. Bringing the students out of the classrooms, creating a reward chart, having original ways to deal with defiance and showing compassion can go a long way in building a healthy space for training and education.

The techniques and methods are many, which a teacher must identify and inculcate in the day to day instruction. Nothing pulls down the learning zeal among the students like boring classroom sessions and nothing hinders a teacher’s work like monotony. A constant change of methodology can bring amazing  results and are a motivating factor for all those involved. It isn’t untrue that if a student can’t learn the way a teacher teaches, maybe the teacher should teach the way  the student learns.

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