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Congratulations and welcome aboard, Edulyte family. Now that your tutoring journey has begun with us, it is time to create your class intro video. This video is significant as the visual content is more convincing and compelling. It conveys the information better and creates a lasting impression. Your class intro video also helps Edulyte market your class to learners across the globe.
The class’s introductory video can go up to 2 minutes. You will only need a few quick videos and an introduction for live classes.

How to record and edit my intro video?

You can record your class’s introduction video in two ways:

  •   A talking head video or talking to a camera
  •   A voice-over, and a slide presentation video.

You may use free tools and apps available online. We offer a few suggestions used by tutors of Edulyte.



  • Simple to use, no need to download
  • Annotation tools
  • Keeps track of viewers
  • All videos get automatically saved to Google Drive


  • You can get a hang of it in no time
  • You control access to your videos


  • Audio effects are not possible
  • Free version allows you to record and edit video up to 5 mins. in length



  • Screen recording and cam bubble
  • Instant editing
  • Viewer insights


  • Free version allows up to 25 videos/ person
  • Easy to learn and handle
  • Intuitive UI for accessing correct video and audio devices


  • Limited editing options
  • 5 minutes limit on videos in the free version
  • Requires a highly stable and fast internet connection

Blueberry Flashback Express


  • It’s free (you read that right!)
  • You can record your webcam, as well as external audio at the same time


  • Free and easy to use
  • Precise frame-based editing
  • No limit on video duration


  • PC only
  • Very basic annotation tools

We suggest you add slides to your video as it makes your video engaging and prospective students can grasp the concept by reading and listening rather than just listening. Also, it will give the potential students a sense of comfort and familiarity regarding you and your class.

What do you need to say in the class intro video?

Give the basic info about yourself

Give the basic info about yourself

  • Start by introducing yourself, your title and your field of expertise. Mention your qualifications. 
  • Think over the crucial points you will touch upon in the video.
Mention your work experience 

Mention your work experience 

  • Already have teaching experience? Great! Highlight your work experience, learner’s age group, the institution where you have been teaching, and why you are passionate about teaching.
  • If you do not have teaching experience, we suggest you mention your connection to the subject you will tutor and the factors that led you to choose it. 
Describe your tutoring strategy

Describe your tutoring strategy

  • Next, move on to class details and discuss how the class fits into the learner’s curriculum. 
  • Motivate prospective students by giving them reasons to take up your class. Relate the learning objectives to the learner’s goals. 
  • Convey how the class is designed and organised and will be delivered to the students.
  • Discuss the methodology you will employ to achieve the class goals and learning objectives.
  • Indicate the resources you will use while teaching the class.
  • Specify special instructions for assessments or assignments.
  • Clearly state your class’s duration and your availability on Edulyte’s platform

Required equipment and ambience

  • Personal computer/ laptop
  • USB webcam with a built-in microphone or a high-quality microphone attached to the computer
  • Source of light behind the camera
  • Quiet space to record
  • Clutter-free background, preferably with a black/whiteboard

Craft your content carefully, write a script and plan a storyboard. The aim is to create an excellent first impression.
Equally imperative is that you come across as warm, approachable and genuine.

Sample of a class intro video

Hello, I am Edward. I live in London and am excited to share my knowledge of the English language with you. With over 5 years of training people for IELTS and PTE, I have designed the English language proficiency class based on my experience. I will quickly give you an overview of what you can expect from this class. You will fully comprehend the technicalities of the English language proficiency tests and develop the ability to attempt all of their sections with ease. You will become thorough in your preparation through worksheets, presentations, online learning tools, weekly tests and discussions. Training for each skill has been divided into modules.

 I have created strategies for tackling each language skill task, which I will be delighted to share with you. My class is for 6 weeks, and I am available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 4 pm to 7 pm GMT. 

Looking forward to seeing you in my class!

For any queries, you can email or chat with us on WhatsApp, Telegram or other instant messaging channels. Also, please visit the contact-us page for all available contact channels. We also have a faq page that you can refer to.

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