Online IELTS Preparation Coaching Classes

Prepare for your test more effectively with the help of our IELTS online coaching classes!

Make the most of our detailed videos and well-formulated IELTS preparation course at Edulyte by skilled academicians. What’s more? Our nicely-categorized content makes for an effective, yet quick preparation so that you get impressive results. Also, we conduct actual IELTS Mock tests with important strategies and explanations to make you “exam-ready”. 

Edulyte’s Online IELTS Classes

At Edulyte, you will get tips on how to prepare for the examination. Once you follow these tips for IELTS online training, you will confident and calm on the test day. Our course will not only prepare the students for the exam but will also develop their fluency skills. Moreover, you will learn useful vocabulary and grammar through IELTS online classes for improving the English range & accuracy.

  • Instant access to tutorials
  • Free or paid self paced courses
  • Practice questions and clarify your doubts

Edulyte IELTS Coaching Sessions

Interact actively in Edulyte’s engaging sessions for IELTS preparation online!

Understand the test format, improve the exam awareness, and develop approaches for the same along with getting quick feedback on the progress at Edulyte. In exchange for affordable IELTS coaching fees, you get the structured practice of the test’s question types and a perfect chance to better the vocabulary. We are dedicated to offering you the most experienced and well-qualified tutors. Those who are worried about How to prepare for IELTS at home can take the help of our teachers who have well-recognized qualifications to teach English to adults.

  • Interactive learning experience
  • Structured lessons for effective retention
  • Classroom environment with a click

Benefits of our Online IELTS Preparation Classes

Connect with the Best

Avail best IELTS online classes from specialists in the field through the app at all times. Get your doubts cleared in a jiffy. 

Self Paced Learning

Attend classes, complete your assignments when possible. No deadlines or pressure.

Courses Formulated for Students

The curriculum is designed and modified to fulfill the requirements of the learners. Each gets one on one attention and individualised instructions.

Live One on One or Group Sessions

By offering this choice, we promote independent and critical thinking among students, as well as confidence building.

Affordable and Flexible Timings

Learning without feeling the financial pinch is the USP of our course. Understanding the time crunch, we allow the learners to choose their time slots.

Live Classes and Offline Course Material

Modify and switch between your online and offline studies. Cannot attend Live classes? No problem, you can choose offline learning. It is your convenience, which guides our program.

Our IELTS Preparation Courses

What You’ll Get after Course Completion

Clarity about Basics: Along with learning the concepts, there will be clarity about their use, benefits and implementation. You will be fully equipped to handle the challenges in the subject.

Informative Resource Materials: Innovative and self explanatory, they will help navigate and clarify doubts during and post lessons. They support fast and efficient lesson comprehension.

Confidence To Face The Difficult English Exam: You will have the much needed confidence to get the best results in Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing sections.

Get Started Now

Trusted IELTS Tutors

Qualified and Screened Teachers

The tutors are put through a rigorous selection and verification process before being hired. Edulyte ensures tutor credibility.

Timely Response and Assessment

Faculty responds swiftly being connected with you all the time. The assessment process is precise and time bound, reducing the waiting period.

Free Demo and Reasonable Charges

Many teachers offer free demo IELTS classes. The rest of the classes are minimally charged.

Edulyte Benefits

Satisfaction Ensured

We endeavour to meet your expectations. If not satisfied, we are ready to work with you. 

Easy to Connect

Edulyte platform makes it easier to connect with your favorite teachers online, save travel time and money.

Choice of Delivery

Choose between group sessions or one-on-one training. You can also choose to start a self paced e-learning course to complement your studies.

How to Enroll

Register Free as a student on our website or mobile app.

Register Free as a student on our website or mobile app.

Step 1
Find a group course or a live lesson. Option available to start a self-paced program immediately

Find a group course or a live lesson. Option available to start a self-paced program immediately

Step 2
Start mastering concepts to get better grades

Start mastering concepts to get better grades

Step 3


How will I get assisted by the IELTS coaching near me?

Stop fussing about, “how can I get full support from the IELTS coaching near me?” and choose Edulyte as your learning partner. Our course will polish your test awareness, develop strategies to take the test, and comprehend the examination format. Also, you will know about the assessment criteria and test format during the live sessions.

Can I get the course’s demo session?

Yes, you can. At Edulyte, we run free course demos for the students so that they can get an idea of whether or not our teaching style matches their level of understanding. When and if they feel satisfied, they can pay for the other lessons and move further.

Will the IELTS classes near me help with particular skills such as personality development & public speaking etc?

Still wondering “how can I get benefitted from the IELTS classes near me?” Well, through this course, you will improve the overall communication skills as well as will build your fluency and accuracy for interacting in English. This way, you will be capable of applying this to a range of situations & present the ideas more clearly and confidently.

What is Edulyte’s statement of approach?

In our classrooms, you succeed in language learning because the teachers –
· Inform you of the purpose and aims of the learning activities
· Set realistic aims for and with the learners
· Generate an inclusive and positive learning environment. We strive to assist you to feel confident utilizing English in the classroom.

What kind of qualifications and experience do the teachers for IELTS training near me should have?

If you are finding the “best teachers for IELTS training near me”, then make sure that the chosen ones have a varied and diverse experience in English teaching. They must have the skills, experience, and knowledge for developing your learning strategies and language interaction skills. Needless to say, they should be a pro at speaking and teaching the English language.

When do I have to pay the fee?

You can pay online as soon as you choose your lesson. Some courses are totally free, thanks to our generous community of teachers. Payments can be made using your Credit/Debit card, Paytm or even by direct transfer to our bank account.

Can I reschedule my online IELTS lesson?

You can definitely reschedule your lessons. We recommend talking to your teacher at least 24 hours before your scheduled lesson to do so.

What if there is a connectivity issue at my end, during class?

We advise you to send a message to your teacher and reschedule the  lesson for a day and time suitable for you both.


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