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Why Use Free Invoice Templates?

Edulyte offers free and editable invoice templates. Here is why you should use them:

  • Cost-effective and time-saving
  • Enhances brand image and credibility
  • Easy to use and customise
  • Streamlines record keeping

Benefits of Using Invoice Templates

If you are wondering whether you should hit the “Download Template” button on a free invoicing program, Edulyte will help you decide.

  • Save your time: Ditch the blank templates and save yourself from the grunt work of creating one.

  • Invoice on autopilot: Consistent layouts and data entry streamline and organise your work.

  • Invoice like a boss: Reduce errors with pre-built formulas and clear prompts.

  • Impress clients: Presenting a polished layout and design can promise quicker payments!

  • Increase customer satisfaction: Clear invoices with payment terms lead to happy customers.

Professional Appearance

The professional appearance of your invoice template can impress clients and get you timely payments. Here are why you should have a template necessary for a professional appearance.

  1. Instant Impression: A well-organised template boasts clean layouts and consistent formatting, making your invoices look polished.

  2. Effortless Branding: Many templates allow you to add your logo and colour scheme. This simple step transforms a generic invoice into a branded masterpiece that reflects your professionalism.

  3. Error-Free Invoicing: Pre-built formulas ensure calculations are always accurate. No more embarrassing typos or maths mistakes that erode trust.

  4. Confidence Booster: A well-designed invoice speaks volumes. It tells your clients you take your business seriously and value their trust. This translates to a more confident and reliable image.


You have completed your project, and the client is happy and requests the invoice. Dread sets in as you have to do the monotonous work of building a template from scratch and spending time on it.

Invoice templates save you from such a tedious and time-consuming task. Discover how.

  • Swift Calculations: Pre-built formulas empower you to chuck calculators and prepare the invoice in seconds!

  • Automatic Data Entry: Many templates allow you to save and use frequently used information, such as client details. With a few clicks, your invoice will be ready.

  • Improve Efficiency: Templates can save time, allowing you to focus more on your work and take on more projects

Types of Free Invoice Templates

The types of templates you use can depend on your work and your client’s specifications. Edulyte presents free invoice templates to download, such as ‘free invoice template Excel download’ and ‘free download invoice template Word’.

Free Invoice Templates to Download

Discover free invoice templates to download to make the best of invoices. These handy templates range from minimalist marvels that showcase your brand to industry-specific powerhouses packed with relevant details. Searching for a “free invoice template Excel download’ or ‘free download invoice template Word’? You shouldn’t, as we give you free sample invoices for Excel and more!

No more wasting time on formatting or stressing about missed information!

Free Invoice Template Excel Download

Quit struggling with rows and columns for your invoice. Get powered by a free invoice sample for Excel!

free invoice template excel download

Free Download Invoice Template Word

An easy-to-use ‘free download invoice template word’ can present all the essential information clearly and concisely.

freelance invoice templates

Free Invoice Template to Print

Stop wasting time! Get a free invoice template that looks professional to print. We unveil free invoicing programs that you can customise.

free download invoice template word

Free Invoicing Programs

If you are a freelancer or a small business owner, you probably struggle with creating your invoices. Refer to the free invoicing programs available online. They present several free invoice templates to print.

  • Zoho Invoice offers a free plan with features like sending invoices, tracking expenses, and managing customer information. However, the number of invoices you can generate is limited. Still, it’s a good choice for basic invoicing functionality.

  • Wave: It is a full-featured invoicing and accounting software with features like bank reconciliation and receipt scanning. If you need to manage your finances in addition to invoicing, then Wave is the one for you.

  • Invoice Ninja: This free invoicing program allows you to create and send invoices, track time and expenses, and accept online payments. It’s a good option for a comprehensive invoicing solution.

  • Square Invoices: A free invoicing software from Square, it allows you to create and send invoices, accept online payments, and manage your customers.

Create Free Invoice Template Online

Are you a freelancer or a business owner who loses time making invoices? The solution: create free invoice template online. 

You can save your precious time and give your invoices a professional touch by customising them according to your needs.

Freelance Invoice Templates

Freelancing success relies on getting paid promptly. Freelance invoice templates, as online tools, offer professional designs that you can tailor to your requirements. So, save time, create a professional impression, and ensure clear communication with your clients as you create free invoice templates online.

Customisable Options for Freelancers

As a freelancer, sending clear and professional invoices is essential for securing timely payments. But do you have enough time to invest in such a mundane task? Customisable freelancer invoice templates for freelancers are here to save the day!

  • Professional Vibe: Invoice templates eliminate the need for design expertise, ensuring your invoices look polished.

  • Customisation Ease: Personalise the template according to your brand identity by adding your logo, contact information, and a colour scheme.

  • Explore Free Options: Explore platforms like Canva, Adobe Express, and Zoho Invoice to find
    free invoice templates tailored for freelancers.

Free Templates Bill of Sale

What is a bill of sale? A crucial document, it serves as legal proof of ownership transfer. But creating one from scratch can be daunting. Thankfully, there are free templates bill of sale readily available online!

Finding Free Templates Bill of Sale:

Several websites offer free templates bills of sale. Here are some popular options:

  • eForms: offers a variety of templates in PDF or Word format.

  • Legal Templates: downloadable templates with clear instructions are provided.

  • PDFfiller: allows you to edit and fill out the template directly on their website.

Differences Between Invoice and Bill of Sale



Bill of Sale


Request payment for goods or services

Proof of ownership transfer for any movable or immovable property

Issued by

Business/Seller providing goods or services

Seller of property

Issued to

Buyer/Customer receiving goods or services

Buyer of property

Time of Issuing

Before payment is due

After the sale of property

Information Provided

Seller/buyer address, contact info, date, charges, payment terms, etc. 

Seller/buyer info, property description, sale price, date of sale, signatures

Additional Resources

Edulyte provides sought-after tips for creating professional invoices and answers your queries regarding generating invoices.

Tips for Creating Professional Invoices

Here are some tips for creating professional invoices that will impress your clients and get your payments on time:

  • Clarity: Your invoice must include all essential details- your business name and contact information, client name and contact information, invoice number, and date.

  • Detailed Descriptions: Ensure that each service and the time spent on it (if applicable) are clearly and concisely described. For products, include a detailed description of each item, quantity, and unit price.

  • Accurate Calculations: Double-check all calculations for quantities, prices, taxes, and totals to avoid errors.

  • Professional Design and Formatting: Use a well-organised layout that is easy to read. Maintain consistent formatting throughout the invoice, using the same fonts, colours, and spacing for all elements.

  • Payment Terms and Methods: Clearly state your payment terms, the due date, and any late payment fees. Specify the accepted payment methods and their details.

Learn About Edulyte

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Frequently Asked Questions

Right here! Edulyte provides free invoice templates that you can download and customise. Many websites offer free invoice templates, including Microsoft Office, Canva, Zoho Invoice, and Invoice Simple.

Your invoice should include essential details like your business name and contact information, client name and contact information, invoice number, date, description of services or products provided (with quantities and prices), and payment terms.

Absolutely! Most free templates, including the ones provided by Edulyte above, allow you to personalise them with your business logo, colours, and fonts. Create free invoice template online the way you want to!

Get your free invoice template to print. Customise it, and we recommend saving your invoice as a PDF document for easy sharing and record-keeping.

Some free invoice templates may have built-in formulas for calculating subtotals, taxes, and totals. Check the template you are downloading for built-in formulas. Otherwise, you can insert your own.

A must for every invoice is that it should appear professional. Use a clean, well-organised free invoice template for print, maintain consistent formatting, and consider including your logo or brand name.

Electronic invoices (PDF format) are becoming increasingly popular. They are more secure and more accessible for clients to store and manage. However, paper invoices might still be suitable in certain situations.

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