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Mathematics Classes for 11th and 12th CBSE – Live


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Week one – Sequence & Series

Week Two – Complex Number

Week three – Quadratic Equation, Binomial Theorem

Week Four – Permutation & combination, Basic trigonometry

Week Five – Series of sine cosine of angle are in A.P.

Week Six – Conditional identities, General solution and principle solution of trigonometric equation.

Week Seven – Straight line, Circle, Conics-section

Week Eight – Function, limit continuity

Week Nine – Differentiability at a point, Differentiation

Week Ten – Application of derivative, Indefinite and definite integral

Week Eleven – Differential equation

Week Twelve – Revision and Practice


Take up my Online Mathematics classes to pass your CBSE exam with flying colours

I have helped hundreds of students to gain confidence and score higher marks in various board and entrance exams. I teach mainly in Hindi to ensure my students get the maximum benefit from my classes.

The curriculum is designed and modified to fulfil the requirements of the learners. Each student gets attention and individualized instructions. This course will help students to get an idea about how to solve the problems. All the maths solutions will be provided with detailed information.

After every class, I will share my notes for the same topic they studied during the class along with worksheets which will help students to build more understanding of the concept. The course is designed in a way to help students prepare not only for the board exams but for competitive exams as well.

I will cover all the exam objectives in detail. I have helped thousands of students to clear their board exams with flying colours. The method of teaching which I used is learning with fun.

This course will cover all the following topics:

  • Sequence & Series,
  • Complex number, Quadratic equation,
  • Binomial theorem, Permutation & combination.
  • Basic trigonometry, Series of sine cosine of angle are in A.P.
  • Conditional identities, General solution, and principle solution of trigonometric equations.
  • Straight line, circle, Conics-section. Function, limit continuity, Differentiability at a point. 
  • Application of derivative. indefinite and definite integral.
  • Differential equation. 


Classes will happen from 7 PM to 9 PM 5-6 days a week. I can also schedule separate classes if required. Register for my course and we can discuss suitable class timings.

What to learn?

Clarity about Basics: Along with learning the concepts, starting from basic Math course, there will be clarity about their use, benefits and application. You will be fully equipped to handle questions in your exam. Informative Resource Materials More than 144 hours of training Fully focused on covering topics related to exams Doubts clearing sessions


  • A student must know how to operate computers
  • Should have a good internet connection

Target Audience

  • Students from CBSE board who would like to improve their marks in Mathematics
  • Aspirants of JEE Main, BITSAT, VIIT JEE


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Material Includes

  • Revision notes after each class
  • 15 questions daily for practice
  • Over 36 Live classes