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Pick the odd one out

A question that invariably finds its palace in most of the exams is “pick the odd one out.” Such questions test and challenge the mental ability, analytical skills, and observational power of the students.

A puzzle, as a question is put forth. Along with it, four probable correct answers are placed. An examinee has to figure out the correct or most viable option. This question or puzzle can be in many forms: as a picture question, a riddle like question, a reasoning statement . The difficulty level depends on the age group and the intelligence level of the students. 

One has to differentiate between the options given. The questions can be based on appearance, size, quantity, color, characteristics, and many other parameters. As a person attempting the odd one out questions, you have to figure out what does not fit or seems right in the problem given.

Confused over Odd One Out?

Don’t be. It is an interesting way to enhance a student’s logical reasoning and scientific temper. The options can be easy to distinguish between or tough to differentiate. It all boils down to how much the learner can analyse. 

Steps to be followed to determine the odd one out:

To figure out which of the given options is an odd one out, all that has to be done is, 

  • First step, observe the images or figures provided
  • Second step, establish a relationship among the given objects or options
  • Third step, figuring out what doesn’t fit in it, what isn’t’ similar to other options.
  • That would be the answer. Then the odd one has to be ticked or crossed or circled, depending on the option given.

The difficulty level can be increased as more and more such mysteries are solved!

Let us begin with a few simple ones:

pick the odd one out

By now the student would be getting a hang of it and enjoying it as well. So let us go to the next one:

Pick the odd one out

Just to push the child further, one can move to problems that are more demanding like the ones below:

Circle the odd one out.

  1. 2
  2. 6
  3. 10
  4. 13

Yes the answer would be d. 13 as all others are even numbers.

Try out the next one

3, 15, 28, 30

  1. 6
  2. 15
  3. 28
  4. 30

The answer is c. 28 as all others are multiples of 3.

Moving on to more Odd Ones Out with Maths is the question below:

  1. 10+5
  2. 3×5
  3. 15/ 3
  4. 20-5

The answer is c. 15/3 as the answer for all other mathematical expressions result in the answer of 5.

Attempt the following problem to test the skills:

  1. 110
  2. 363
  3. 245
  4. 253

 The correct answer is c. 245 as for all the other numbers, the first and the last digit adds up to make the digit in the middle.

Mention the Odd one out

  1. 25
  2. 29
  3. 13
  4. 43

The answer is a.  25, as all the other numbers are Prime numbers 

Which is the odd one out?

1, 8, 27,65,125,216

  1. 65
  2. 125
  3. 216
  4. 8

The odd one out is a. 65, as all the others are cubes of various numbers. 

The odd one out questions are intriguing and challenging. They compel one to evaluate and see the relationship hidden in the problem. It all comes down to figuring out the relationship or pattern among the figures provided. The common feature shared can vary  but the underlying principles are the same: a common bond.

Such problems find a special place in all sorts of competitive exams and it is crucial to be trained in dealing with them as it saves time and helps in scoring well! With the right kind of support one can excel in solving such riddles and become a pro at it.

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