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Land a great career opportunity by working at a prestigious institution. Access examples of the best teacher's resumes and templates for different teaching profiles.

Edulyte gives you tips for creating the proper resume for your teaching profile. By going through examples of teacher's resumes for elementary, student teachers or experienced teachers, create your teacher resume with an attention-grabbing template.

You can use the sample CV for teachers in Word format or convert the teacher resume template for experienced teacher resume into pdf. As long as you have the teacher resume-building skills, you can choose the format for the job position per the future employer's guidelines.

What should your teacher’s resume have?

The blog clearly defines the points you should stress in your resume. While reviewing the examples for resumes for education given below, you will realise the areas you must work on regarding your teacher’s resume.

The objective of a teacher's resume

The main goal of a teacher’s resume is to define your strengths clearly, specify your capabilities and highlight your accomplishments. Phew! It seems like a lot, doesn’t it?? It isn’t if you follow the suggestions given in this blog.

The work experience

Your resume should not just have details of how long you have worked and where; it should also convey your credibility as a tutor or teacher. It means you should put forth the milestones of your work experience at a particular position.

Brevity and Clarity

The resume need not be too detailed, as who has the time or energy to go through the nitty-gritty of what you did. Instead, your resume should highlight your core skills and how you utilised them to achieve something remarkable while teaching.

Five steps to writing your best resume for teaching jobs

So now that we are clear on the objective of a teacher's resume, let us get to the steps to ensure that your resume is out. Many overlook the necessity of following specific steps to build a great teacher resume. Of course, your teaching experience expresses your credibility as a tutor. Still, you must go through the example of a teacher's resume to put across your resume in an impactful manner. 

Job Summary or Objective

There are thousands of teachers out there, and many will apply for the same position as you. It means you will have to make a resume that can convince them about your work abilities. 

Our free sample resume for teachers will give you the right idea about creating the best job summary. 

So what should all be there in your job summary?


  • A couple sentences about your best achievements: if you are writing an objective, use accomplishments from your education, volunteer work, etc. 
  • A confirmation to apply your skills towards helping the school/institution you are applying to achieve a specific goal. Use the name of the school you are applying to in your summary. 
Work on the experience section

The most extensive segment for any teaching resume is the work experience section. You get to mention all the important details regarding your work life here.

Let’s crack how to write a good work experience section in our example of a teacher’s resume:


  • Follow the reverse chronology order. Mention your current or most recent job profile first. 
  • Add your job title, institution name, and date range for each entry.
  • Mention 4-6 points for each profile, mentioning your best accomplishments.
  • Start each point with active verbs: designed, created, achieved, etc. These verbs always make a better impression.
  • Use numbers to quantify any achievement you mention, like:

“ winning The Best teacher’s Award in the district for 2 consecutive years.”

Do not forget to craft your resume per the goals and objectives of the institution where you wish to work. 


A well-structured resume grabs eyeballs. First, however, you must convince your future employer why you are the right fit for the job and require structure to persuade them. You will notice that a great structure gains attention from the teacher’s cv examples

Emphasise the education section

You are a teacher, an academician in your way. So your education section is significant. 

Suppose you have had many years of experience as a teacher. In that case, you mention the most important/highest degree of schooling, the university’s name and the year of the academic session you attended.

If you are a fresh graduate, you may add more details regarding your education and any accomplishments during your schooling years. 


  • Your degree
  • Your final grade and distinction, if you have received any.
  • Scholarships gained due to your academic performance
  • Awards and certificates awarded
  • Any remarkable feats or even participation in extracurricular activities
Skills section

Sure, you are emphatic and a patient listener, but your teacher resume requires you to showcase all the skills that will help help the students progress. 

The best way to approach this section is to follow these simple steps:


  • Make a list of all your skills; do not leave out anything. Bring them all out. Can you make extraordinary presentations? That is a technical skill. You can command attention with your voice; that is a soft skill. 
  • Go through the job you are applying for and check out the skills it demands. 
  • Also, research the institution you intend to join. Find the terms used to describe their aims, goals, and vision statement. 
  • Match your skills with all the keywords and terms you have come across, and your skill section is ready!

Streamline your skills according to them. 

Teacher resume examples / templates

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You plan detailed lesson plans, revise the curriculum, teach a room full of students, handle their parents, and do administrative tasks with a fantastic attitude. Anda ll this should reflect in your teacher’s resume. With the teacher CV examples given above and the teacher resume templates, you can effortlessly get your resume noticed by employers. 

We wish you the very best!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Resume writing can confuse you as a teacher if you do not know exactly what to put on the resume. We recommend that you do not forget to put the following on your resume to increase your chances of getting an interview call:

  • Your Professional Summary
  • Your Work Experience highlights your contribution to your work position.
  • Your Educational Qualifations
  • Critical Skills, including soft skills and technical skills
  • Certifications 

Always highlight your strengths in your professional summary. You needn't include all your achievements in the summary. Play on your core abilities. Mention the years of experience and stress the aspect that makes you better than others. 



Dedicated online tutor for 5 years, conducting productive online classes and personalising lesson plans. Adept at holding one on one and small group classes using online tools. Specialising in Chemistry and Maths for Middle and High School.

Your achievements set you apart from others and get the attention of your future employer. So placing them in the right way on your resume is imperative. Mention your achievements in the professional summary and put them in the Work Experience section. Highlight anything work that you did that shows the progress made by you. Any action that leads to a satisfactory result can be a part of your achievements. 

We advise you to list your certifications in a separate section. This way, it is easier for your employer to know that you are qualified for the job.

  • list the title of the certification
  • mention the name of the certification agency or institution
  • place the date you received the certification

A resume for a school teacher cannot be one size fit all kind of resume. Whether you are experienced as a student teacher, you must design your resume. We have given you the best examples of different types of resumes in our blog above. Kindly refer to them and benefit.

Good question! In today's competitive world, your resume can be the difference between you being shortlisted for a job or not. So a great teacher resume is essential for you to get your dream job. 

Your resume should include:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Professional Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Educational qualifications
  • Certifications
  • Skils
  • Key achievements

Teaching is a profession where you are challenged daily to employ several skills. And that is the reason why you should not shy away from mentioning all your abilities on your resume. It helps your future employer get a clear view of your aptness for the work profile. 

Include soft skills, hard skills and technical skills in your resume.

Your teaching experience is all the hard work that you have done as an educator. Everything forms a part of your teaching experience, from curriculum planning to organising extracurricular activities.

Mention the grades you taught and the techniques you employed while managing your students.



  • Designed a separate curriculum for advanced Maths students in the class.
  • Guided students of Grade 9 in organising Maths seminar in the school.

No longer do employers have the patience and time to scan through lengthy resumes. In current times, your resume has to be concise and crisp. If you are new to teaching, your resume should not exceed one page. If you are an experienced teacher, your resume can be two pages long.

Your teaching experience should reflect your accomplishments. It means you have to post your achievements as a teacher. Your employer gets to understand that employing you would be beneficial for them when you highlight your accomplishments.

You may feel that you face stiff competition from experienced teachers while applying for a teaching job, but if you craft your resume well, there is a strong possibility that you will get hired for the job. Make sure you post the following on your resume:


  • your passion for teaching
  • your transferable skills, i.e. skills in other fields that you can transfer to teaching
  • your tech abilities
  • your zeal to advance in the teaching field
  • your reason for applying to the institution

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