Free English Teaching Resources

Find a wide range of free English teaching resources, ESL printables, and teaching resources for school students and adults.

These resources for teaching English as a Second Language empower teachers and students. Edulyte’s English trainers have compiled the ultimate list to allow you seamless access to printables, worksheets, video and audio clips and many more innovative resources.


Teaching phonetics is a huge responsibility as the child’s English language development depends on how they can read, speak, and write the words. With different rules and variations to those rules, you might feel lost in deciding the right resources for teaching Phonetics. Check out the following resources to help you:

  • Twinkl
    It has resources, including worksheets, activities and games to make phonetics learning easy, especially for teaching English to ESL students.
  • PhonicBooks
    You can avail of free printables in the form of worksheets and games for reading and spelling. Parents, tutors and teachers can build confidence in students with extra support and practice. 
  • RIC Publications
    It offers a wide range of phonics and spelling resources from Foundation to Year 6. The teacher resources provide a fun and interactive learning experience for students and have  all the resources for teaching English: worksheets, teacher information, e-books, interactive resources, workbooks and posters. 
  • is a FREE online reading program. Free worksheets and online activities help kids strengthen their phonetics skills. In addition, teachers get the proper support in the classroom with the help of the resources from 


Making students become fluent readers is daunting, but understanding what they are reading is even more challenging. The following platforms can enable teachers and parents to improve reading skills among students:

  • Cambridge English
    Their reading material is quite diverse, covering various topics such as travel, science fiction, linguistics and shopping. The activities are categorised by difficulty level and subject.
    Additionally, each resource is labelled with the amount of time needed to complete the reading and the accompanying activity.
  • ESL Lounge
    The resources here are organised and have 25 reading exercises per level. All texts are short and then accompanied by questions related to the reader. It makes them a handy resource for teaching ESL.
  • Project Gutenberg
    With a fantastic collection of literature, teachers, parents and students will get free resources for teaching and learning English. reading material for various topics and levels. And what is even the letter is that it is a free resource bank.
  • National Geographic for Kids
    Who doesn’t know National Geographic? The iconic brand offers articles, videos, games and more to help kids learn about different places and animals. And thus, you get access to a fantastic variety of content to read.


  • EF Resources
    The EF Resources English Vocabulary Lists have comprehensive lists topic-wise. Organising words in such a way makes it easy to learn them.
  • ESL KidStuff
    The resources are created by language experts and include a wide variety: readers, worksheets, lesson plans, flashcards, worksheets, craft sheets, and songs.
  • Boggles World
    Vocabulary review is a great way to engage children in class when they start to restless. With over 1000 worksheets and, flashcards, reading activities, there is a stress on building vocabulary and structures.


  • Perfect English Grammar
    You can access grammar rules, explanations, worksheets, and paid English language courses to assist in grammar learning. It is a valuable site for resources for printable resources for teaching English as a Second Language.
  • Grammar Monster
    A website that offers quick information and detailed explanations about anything and everything related to grammar. It also has tests for each of its sections.


  • British Council Teaching English
    British Council Teaching English offers practical resources for teachers to employ in their classrooms to teach English Speaking skills engagingly. With over 400 lesson plans organised on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
    (CEFR) level, you know you will get the best resources on this platform.
  • Using English
    It has an extensive repository of teaching resources for ESL and EFL tools. Catering to students and teachers, it covers English grammar, sentence structure, and English idioms. You also access tests and quizzes on the lessons and reading comprehension exercises to reinforce students’ progress.
  • American English
    It hosts programs for English language teachers and learners.The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State, manages this site. You get access to resources like the interactive Color Vowel Chart, Dialogs for Everyday Use, Every day COnversations on this site.
  • ESL Conversation Questions
    It is your one-stop shop for initiating conversations in class.
    You can browse questions by topic, grammar or vocabulary to get the students speaking the classroom.


  • Write and Improve
    A free tool developed by the University of Cambridge, tasks are provided for different levels and can be created. You may also submit your writing task and get evaluated per the CEFR.
  • Writing A-Z
    Lesson plans provide teachers with detailed overviews that outline expectations at each stage. You also get step-by-step instructions and objectives, templates for student writing exercises, and checklists for students to self-evaluate whether they meet the goals of each lesson.
  • Using
    It has tools and resources online English as a Second Language (ESL) tools & resources for students, teachers, learners and academics, covering the full spectrum of ESL, EFL, ESOL, and EAP subject areas
  • Teachers Pay Teachers
    As the name suggests, teachers create and upload resources here for other teachers to use. Also, they make regular modifications to them, making it a sensible choice to use the help. Although many of them are paid, you find some free templates, handouts and worksheets for writing skills.


  • TED-Ed
    TED Ed is not just famous for its talks but also for videos with lessons related to it. The videos are short and usually have transcripts with them as well.
  • English Listening Lesson Library Online
    With over 3,000 free listening lessons for all levels for English conversations, idioms in conversations and many more, this platform proves to be a valuable resource for developing listening skills among your students.
  • ESL Video
    Here you will find  videos of songs, movie trailers, and short movie clips. Each exercise comes ready-made with questions, transcripts, and notes.
  • ESL Fast
    You will find a wealth of stories and conversations, many with audio files accompanied by a script or story. The listening exercises use authentic speech and exciting language to provide a convenient resource for discussion, question and answer, or independent practice.

Teaching English with technology

Technology is much much a part of our lives today as food. And Teachers, too, have to roll up their sleeves and utilise the tech tools available today. Other than the resources mentioned above, many other stellar platforms provide resources for teaching English as a first or second Language. Even students preparing for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and Cambridge English Qualifications can utilise them:

  • Kahoot
    If learning with fun is what you wish for your students, you have the game-based tool Kahoot. You can create quizzes and review the score at the end.
  • Quizlet
    It lets you create flashcards, quizzes and tests and know how significant they are for teaching a language. The learning tool reads the word you have written along with its definition so that the students can improve their pronunciation. It is an excellent revision tool.
  • Google Forms Every teacher will swear by Google Forms. It is convenient and quite handy to make quizzes and surveys.
  • YouTube
    It’s a warehouse of knowledge and may leave teachers overwhelmed navigating it for the best possible resources for teaching English. However, the VOA Learning English, English Class, English with Jennifer, and Oxford English Now are fabulous channels you can use to teach English to children.
  • Podcasts
    Don’t we all love free resources, and podcasts are just that? You can find a podcast on any topic you intend to teach in the class and keep you updated on the trending topics in your field. There are:

    1. TEFL Boot Camp
    2. TEFLogy
    3. BBC
    4. The Pearson English Podcast
    5. TEFL Commute
    6. LearnEnglish
    7. Culips ESL Podcast
  • Lyrics Training
    A great way to teach English in a truly immersive way, Lyrics Training takes music videos from YouTube, and the learners have to fill in the blanks while listening to the song. As a result, their skills to listen, read and write quickly get honed.
  • Educreations
    Educreations is a valuable tool. It supports your efforts to create and share multimedia lessons with your students. It is a free app allowing you to record & share lessons, use essential whiteboard tools, etc.

Resources for Lesson Plans

Teaching a language requires a structured plan. They require thorough planning and assist you in filling in your class time with constructive activities and support learning with other teacher tools. Free, pre-made lesson plans are available that you can mix and modify to produce fantastic classroom sessions. Some sites you can check out for ESL lesson plans are given below. You will also find activities and printables to go with them.

    Along with comprehensive lesson plans, you also get valuable ideas to include in your lesson plans. 

  • ThoughtCo
    Teachers get various teaching resources, including lesson plans, articles on teaching theory, and guidance on teaching specific English skills. Each lesson plan has well-defined objectives, the appropriate student level, teacher instructions, worksheets, etc.

Teaching Resources for Worksheets

  • ESL Worksheets on Edulyte
    You can find, view, download and print English worksheets on grammar, vocabulary and other related topics with practical exercises. We have ESL worksheets for Beginners as well as ESL worksheets for adults.

  • Busy Teacher
    A known name – Busy Teacher has been around for a while! Their website boasts over 17,300 free, easy-to-use, printable or virtual worksheets for TEFL teachers. Whatever the level, topic, or age, you’ll find what you need here.

  • English For is your go-to resource for printable English worksheets. You get an index containing hundreds of quality teaching materials. It is for everyone: from Grade school (K-12) teachers to those teaching English as a Second Language (ESL).

    A favourite of English teachers and trainers, it has many innovative worksheets based on trending and exciting topics in Sports, Education, Science, etc.

Teaching Resources based on the English Level

Lower Intermediate and Intermediate

  • BBC Learning English
    The BBC provides free audio, video, and text materials on their new beta website (and it looks like they’re adding new features as they go!). Currently, two courses are available, the “Lower Intermediate” and “Intermediate”.

  • 6 Minute English Podcast 
    Another excellent English language learning resource from BBC is this series. It creates discussions for intermediate English language learners. It offers a great insight into the English culture while building students’ vocabulary and making them comfortable using English in their daily situations.

  • Easier English Wiki
    You get two versions of each lesson, ppt and pdf, allowing you great flexibility in downloading and modifying them per your teaching needs.

  • Talk 
    It is a learning website devoted to perfecting your spoken English. From conversations, idioms and grammar rules—they have it all. You get access to teaching technical business terms in English as well.


  • Daily Crossword at
    Crossword puzzles are the ultimate, classic English word game; you can get your daily dose for free. Aside from growing your vocabulary, you’ll also get pop culture tidbits since questions about movies, artists, and slang often appear.
  • Hemingway
    It is best for writing more clearly and concisely. Since you’ve reached advanced English, you’ve probably had some experience writing in English already. However, if you want to improve your writing style and not just the grammar, there’s a free online app for that: Hemingway.
  • ESL for Adults
    Curated resources for teaching English as Second Language for adults, they build up the classroom learning curve and are a relaible aid to teaching the language concepts. 
  • Purdue Online Writing Lab
    It houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue and accessible to teachers from around the world.
  • English Club
    As teachers, you can find lessons and resources on how to say words in English, with audio for you to listen to. Also, you get great tips regarding word stress, Sentence Stress, and pronunciation Quizzes.

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Teaching Resources based on the English Level

Are you struggling to teach English as a second language, even getting certified in teaching English? You might have prepared and infused all your lesson plans with creative ideas. And then realised that no preparation can make you classroom-ready and that, as a teacher, you always feel you have a shortage of resources you can turn to immediately.

If you face the same problem, you have come to the right place. The page contains a list of platforms that can offer you free English language resources and free printables that will help your ESL classroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are teaching resources in English language teaching?

A teaching resource is any aid that a teacher uses to help facilitate learning among students ensuring knowledge retention.

What is a good teaching resource?

A good teaching resource is created keeping the teacher’s requirements and teaching objective in mind. It should also consider the student group it will be utilised for in the classroom.

What kind of teaching resources can help me in teaching English?

There is no shortage of resources and how you can effectively use them in teaching English- worksheets, songs, quizzes, apps, podcasts, videos, and presentations are just a few of the resources you can regularly utilise to enable learning among students.

Where can I find teaching resources for teaching English as a second language?

Thanks to the internet, you can access all types of resources with a few clicks. Worksheets, e-books, quizzes, activity books, and presentations. writing templates, lesson plans, audio files, videos and much more are available online and waiting for you to include them in your classroom.

How do I select the right teaching resource for my English class?

If you are hyperventilating, unable to decide which resource would be the right fit for your class to achieve a specific objective, you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it complement your lesson plan?
  • Will you be able to use it successfully in class?
  • How will you elicit students’ responses regarding it?
  • Can you customise it as per your class requirements?
  • Is it suitable for the student group to understand?
Why should I use digital resources in teaching English?

Technology can seem overwhelming to handle, but once you approach it with an open mind, it is a great boon for the teaching-learning process. Digital resources are easy to use, flexible and can be customised; they save you time and sustain classroom learning by keeping the children engaged in fun and exciting ways.

Which platforms can I refer to for vocabulary resources?

There are many unique sites that you can refer to improve your students’ vocabulary. Some of them are: 

  • ESL KidStuff 
  • University of Victoria English Language Centre@UVIC
  • Boggles World 
  • Education First’s English Vocabulary Lists

Education First makes it easy to focus on the most useful English words. They provide English vocabulary lists divided into sections based on how common each word is.

What are Edulyte's online tutors expected to do?

Our tutors are the face of our Company. You are expected to provide interactively and thought-provoking lessons on Edulyte. Continuous improvisation is encouraged.

Why should I become a tutor with Edulyte?

Teaching enables you to transform lives with your knowledge and passion. Edulyte gives importance to its tutors and allows them to pick up skills that are beneficial in the future. 

What qualification should I have to be a tutor with Edulyte?
  • Industry-based qualification approved by ATA, meeting the requirements of Tutoring Fundamentals (CORE) modules:
  • Managing the Tutoring Environment
  • How Students Learn
  • Reporting
  • An Introduction to Differentiation
  • Child Protection
  • Based in Australia with working rights.
  • Strong academic background and a thorough understanding of the Australian education system.
  • Strong fluency in the English language, as your students will be from different parts of the world.
  • A zeal for teaching and finding innovative ways to educate learners.

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