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Ultimate Guide to Learning Excel for Beginners Part 2

This is the second part of our Microsoft Excel for beginners course. There are many excel courses available online these days, however, we have highly effective online lessons for all levels. Become a pro at MS Excel with easy tips and tricks! Go through the blog series and videos recommended to excel at Microsoft Excel!

Just in case you missed, read our Part 2 of this series 

Simple tips were shown on how to begin using the MS Excel program. Excel is not all about filling data. A major reason for its significance is the fact that complex calculations can be carried out in a jiffy on Excel. No headaches of making calculations, cross checking them and adding/deleting them. But it is this very reason why many shirk away from Excel. The trick is to just know how to insert the formulas. And then with just a click your entire work is ready!

The quick methods and shortcuts have made Microsoft Excel a standard tool for data analysis. This excel spreadsheet program holds its position in the market due to many of its basic functions given below.

Calculations can be handled through formulas and functions. There are over 500 functions given in MS Excel, categorised under 14 groups. One can avail anything, from simple addition to trigonometry calculation. 

Terms to know while making calculations in Excel


A formula allows you to operate on a range of cells. You can type in your formula 


Functions are predefined formulas in Excel which saves time and manual work. 

Equal to (=) sign

It is used to mark the beginning of a function in excel spreadsheet


A term used for writing a function in Excel.

You can easily type the formula in a cell of a formula bar  . Always start by typing the = (equal to) sign. Once you start typing, Excel will present you with certain options. Select your preference and then press Tab key to continue typing.

How to add in Excel through multiple methods?

Method 1

  • Fill in the data in the cells. For example: 87, 52, 65, 78. 
  • In the cell, where you want the total to be mentioned, type the = sign followed by the bracket symbol and then select the cells whose figures you wish to add.
  •  You will see them in the cell as you select them. Close the bracket.  
  • Press Enter and you will get your aggregate in the cell.
Excel Function AutoSum

Method 2

  • Another way of doing addition on Excel is, place the = sign in the cell where you want the answer. 
  • Then select the cell with the number. Place an addition sign + next to it, then select the next cell whose numeral you wish to add. 
  • Select it and place the +sign after it.
  •  In this way cover all the numerical values that you want to add and press Enter. You will get your answer.

Method 3

  • Go to the function button. Click on it. A dialog box will open up on your screen. 
  • Choose the function SUM. Another dialog box will open where you can see all the cells selected for addition.
  • The selected cells are based on the cell where you wish to have the sum calculated and placed.
  •  In case you do not want to take all the numbers, click on the small icon next to the display of the cells selected. 
  • Then choose only the cells you want to include in the calculation. 
  • Click on the small icon  again and then click ok. Your total will appear based on the cells you had selected.

Tip: If you want to know which cells were included for the addition, click on the sum cell and press F2 key. The numbers will get highlighted.

In case you have done the calculation and then realize one of the figures or more were incorrect, just change the numeric value. And the sum will do the calculation with the new number on its own. No breaking head over changing any calculation or using another formula!

How to carry out subtraction in MS Excel?

Simple Method

  • If the subtraction function has to be carried out for two numbers, just put= sign. 
  • Select the cells you want for the calculation and press Enter. Viola! You get your result. 

Complex Method

  • You have to carry out a more complex function: (89+56)-(78+28)
  • Type the formula =sum(A2+B2)-(D2+C2) and Press Enter for your answer.

How to carry out multiplication in Microsoft Excel?

Consider the same numbers for multiplication: 89,56,28,78)

  • Go to the cell where you want the result to be placed. Insert the = sign and select the number 89. 
  • The cell name will show in the =sign cell. Then put the * sign for multiplication and select the next number 56. 
  • Continue doing this till you cover all the numbers. Then press Enter for the result. 

How to carry out division in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet?

  • To divide 55 by 11, we start with = sign in the cell where we want our result. 
  • Then we select the number 55. The division sign(/) is to be placed next. 
  • Then select the divisor 11 and press Enter. Your result will show up.
  •  In case you change the dividend and divisor, the answer will also reflect the change. 

Handy shortcuts while doing calculations

Many shortcuts have already been covered in our previous blogs, videos and excel courses. Here are a few more:

Short CutFunction
F2To enable editing of cell content
Shift + F3To insert function
Alt + =To use auto sum function

If you missed, read part one of this Free Excel Course.

YouTub Excel for Beginners | Excel Yellow Belt | Basic functions | Addition & Sum | Excel 101 | Edulyte

There are many ways in which Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet can make your mundane and brain numbing work easier and efficient. More tips and tricks will be discussed in our blog series and videos. 

Get in touch with us to know more about our One-on-One or Group Classes on excel.

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