Ultimate Guide to Learning Excel for Beginners

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Ultimate Guide to Learning Excel for Beginners Part 1
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Become a pro at MS Excel with easy tips and tricks! Go through the blog series and videos recommended to excel at Microsoft Excel!

Accountants swear by it, marketers live by it and now even educators can’t do without it! That is the position that Excel has created for itself over the years. With the functions to present the most complicated and vast data in a simplified and even graphical way, MS Excel is a must know for every professional and entrepreneurs alike.

But the biggest challenge with MS Excel is that you think you know everything about it but soon you realize your misconception. This is the reason, many who have not dabbled in it much, feel overwhelmed using it and mastering it.

Why Excel?

Well, there isn’t any other software which has gained such traction in the sphere of creating and dealing with spreadsheets. It is handy to organise, store, make changes and calculations when it comes to data. It is also  a great software to visually represent the data and carry out quick calculations. Short cuts and quick methods to deal with humongous data are available in Excel, which is why it is finding its use in just about every field.

Why should you learn Excel?

So that you gain an upper hand in the market. It is fast becoming a prerequisite skill in every profession. From budget planning to creating pay rolls, Excel, with its formulas and functions is everywhere and its importance is only going to increase by quantum leaps. And the best time to start learning techniques to handle Microsoft Excel was yesterday. Let’s begin your adventure with Excel.

Where can I learn Excel online quickly?

Well, right here! We have brought you a series of blogs and videos, which can be  your savior and guiding light for navigating Ms Excel. We have broken it down to the most elementary level and presented you with all that will help you develop your Excel ability quickly. In no time you will be able to pick up different tricks to use MS Excel efficiently and effectively.

Tricks to use Excel

Understanding the basic terms in Excel

  • Sheet

When you open up the Excel program, you will notice this sheet, which is your sheet 1. The rows are marked by numbers and the columns are marked by letters.

  • Cell

 The box, created where a row and column meet.

  • Cell Address

Your cell address is the cell you are on. A1, C5 etc.

  •  Menu Bar

Showcases all the major commands of Microsoft Excel

  • Ribbon

It has various Excel commands and functions on it. Hover over it with your mouse to see what is the function of each icon provided. From change of font, to position of text in a cell, all the important commands are presented on the Ribbon.

  • Formula Bar

Next to  a button you have the Formula Bar. It is here that you will be inserting the formula you want to use.

Beginner steps to use Excel

How to open an Excel program?

  • Click on the Start menu
  • Check the programs
  • Depending on your Windows, there can be a Microsoft Office folder with all MS programs in it.
  • Click on Excel
  • In case you have it on your desktop as a Shortcut, click on it.

How to Add and Delete Sheet?

Each workbook has sheets in it. You can add and delete sheets based on your requirement. 

The + sign next to  Sheet 1 is to be clicked to add more sheets.You can right click on a sheet and then select Delete from the options to delete it.

How to Save a file?

In case you want to save your file in a specific location, Click on File on the Menu Bar , then select the option Save As and choose where you want to save the file. Type in a name and you have your file just where you want it.

How to Rename the file?

Similarly if you want to rename your workbook, you Click on File , choose Save As and change the name or right click on the file name and select the Rename option. Type in the new name that you want.

How to rename worksheets?

To give specific names to your worksheets, to enable quick recognition, just right click on the worksheet and select Rename option. Give a new name to that worksheet of yours.

How to hide/unhide a worksheet?

A worksheet isn’t relevant, but you still want to keep it? Well then hide it. Just right click on it and select Hide. In order to Unhide, right click and select Unhide. 

How to change Tab color?

This function can help you in showing the different kinds of work done on sheets. Just select the sheet, right click on it and select Tab Color. Choose from the range of colors provided and your sheet tab gets that color.

How to change the Column width?

At times we require wider columns to accommodate our text and or figures. Worry not, left click on the  column and when the icon appears, just drag it to the weight you want. In case you wish to have a certain uniform width for multiple columns, select the columns , right click and enter the width that you require. It’s that simple!

How to change the Row height?

Just like the method above, select the row, whose height you wish to alter. When the icon appears, just drag. In case you wish to be specific about the height, then select the row and right click and select Row Height. Enter the height you wish.

How to Add/Delete columns and rows?

Select the column before which you want to add an extra column, right click and select Insert.

For a row, select the row above which you would want to add an extra row, right click and select Insert.

A shortcut method for adding a row or column: 

  • On your computer keyboard:  Ctrl + + (plus key)
  • On your laptop keyboard:  Ctrl + Shift + = (equal key)
  • A shortcut method for deleting a row or column:  Ctrl + – (minus key)

Some Handy shortcuts

Excel is all about calculations and data representation done with the help of shortcuts. Shortcuts are what saves you time and effort. And no, you don’t have to rote learn them. Just apply them a few times and they will remain on your fingertips. 

Short CutFunction
Ctrl + BTo choose Bold option for the cell
Ctrl + UTo underline the cell
Ctrl + ITo use the Italics option for the cell
Ctrl + NTo create a new workbook
Ctrl + OTo open a saved notebook
Ctrl + CTo copy highlighted cell/cells
    Ctrl + S:To save a workbook
Ctrl + WTo close the workbook you are working on
Ctrl + Z:To undo your last action
Ctrl + VTo paste what you copied
Ctrl + PTo print a workbook
Ctrl + SpacebarTo select columns/rows
Ctrl + + ButtonTo add a column/row
Ctrl + – ButtonTo delete a column/row

There are certain basic steps that one must be aware of when starting as a beginner with MS Excel. To help you in gaining proficiency in it we have prepared a video for you.

Check it out:

Excel for Beginners | Excel Yellow Belt | Basic Excel Course | Excel 101 – Edulyte

In our next blog you will learn how to set passwords on an Excel sheet, perform basic calculations and how to insert formulas for quick calculations. 

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