Amazing Facts About Chemistry


Amazing Facts About Chemistry
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Is everything chemistry?

Chemistry isn’t a subject of just beakers and equations that have to be balanced. It has more elements to it than the periodic table. Everything we do in our daily life involves chemistry. From digestion of food by the enzymes to using baking soda for baking that yummy cake, chemistry rules all these and more. If you think your friend’s brain is working over time, that is because of the hormones and chemical reactions in his brain. So hey that’s chemistry too!

Go on and read amazing facts about chemistry which affects us and our surroundings, influencing us and directing us .

Interesting Facts About Chemistry In Daily Life:

  1. Medicines: Popping a pill to find respite during a headache or to fight that viral fever is nothing else but chemistry at work. The chemical compounds of the drugs attack the pathogens or combine with the chemicals in our body to help with pain relief.
  2. Cooking, of Course: Heating the food kills the malicious microorganisms, makes the food delicious and easier to digest. Sugar and protein combine to make your food brown and caramalise it as well. Your favourite ice cream flavour is also the work of chemistry where fat is aerosolised.
  3. Clothes: From dyeing them to making them water resistant, chemistry rules the textile industry too  Synthetic material that you wear : nylon, polyester- are made from synthesized polymers derived from petroleum products. 
  4. Cosmetics= Chemicals: Many cosmetic products contain chemicals fulfilling various functions. The key ingredients include water, emulsifiers, preservatives, thickeners, moisturisers, colours and fragrances. A lipstick can contain upto 27 chemicals and probably fish scales too for the shimmer you see in it.

Amazing Facts Regarding Chemistry

  1. Lightning produces Ozone: The protective ozone comes to life when lightning strikes. That is why a distinct smell is reported from places where this occurs as it is the smell of the ozone being created.
  2. Glass isn’t solid or liquid: Confused? Well that is because the molecules inside the glass are not in a fixed state and they move. But they move at such a slow pace that it can’t be called a liquid either. So what state is it in? Amorphous ( there, you learnt a new term today!)
  3. We are all stardust: No it is not some lyrics from a song! The hydrogen atoms in our body are probably around from when the universe was formed, as the first chemical element is said to have been hydrogen.
  4. Your airbags are deadly: Ironic? The car airbags which are suppose to save your life in case of a collision are filled with salt sodium azide, which is toxic.Upon the car’s impact, an electric impulse raises its temperature and it transforms into nitrogen gas. That is why the airbag, packed tightly, expands during an accident. 

Chemistry in elements around us:

  1. Diamond is carbon and so is graphite: But how?? It all depends on how carbon atoms are arranged in space. The diamond’s atoms being tetrahedrally arranged give it the hardness and the look. In graphite the carbon atoms are layered.
  2. Rarest element Astatine: It is produced when uranium and thorium, two radioactive elements, decay. It is a semi metal and the reason who haven’t heard about it is because it’s rarely found.
  3. Only gold and silver are non silvery: Most metal’s electrons reflect sunlight the same way and hence they appear white. But gold and copper absorb the blue and violet light and reflect the yellow light. So these shiny metals appear different from the others.
  4. Water is alien: Or maybe not, but it’s molecule has a unique shape. Therefore, water upon freezing expands and does not shrink as it should if the general rule of science is applied to it.

So what do we realise? How oblivious we are to the rules of chemistry governing us and how interesting this subject can possibly be, if we give it a chance. 

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