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Teach Online: break free from geographical boundaries and make a global impact as an educator. Connect with learners from diverse backgrounds, allowing you to enrich lives and inspire students worldwide.

Flexible Teaching Options

Customise Your Teaching Approach
Whether you prefer one-on-one lessons or engaging with groups, Edulyte offers flexible class and course options to match your teaching style. Capture learners’ attention with trial classes that showcase your expertise and create a lasting impact.
Flexible Class

Seamless Teaching Experience

Effortless Teaching: Experience the ease and convenience of teaching with Edulyte’s user-friendly platform. Our integrated video conference tool eliminates the need for additional licences, ensuring a seamless teaching experience from the start. Connect with students securely through our private live chat feature, providing support whenever they need it.

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Personalised Pricing

Personalised Pricing and Scheduling

Take Control of Your Earnings
Edulyte puts you in charge of your income. Set your own prices for classes and gain financial independence as an educator. Our powerful scheduling and calendar management tools simplify your workflow, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to teach and earn.

Maximise Your Earnings

Rewarding Your Efforts
At Edulyte, we believe in recognizing and celebrating your hard work. Collect credits into your wallet and conveniently withdraw your earnings. Additionally, our referral program allows you to earn extra rewards for sharing the Edulyte experience with fellow educators. Your success is our priority.
Maximise Your Earnings
Professional Profile

Professional Profile and Reputation

Stand Out and Inspire Confidence
Craft a captivating professional profile page on Edulyte, designed to showcase your expertise and attract learners who resonate with your teaching approach. Utilise reviews and ratings from satisfied learners to build a strong reputation and gain the trust of prospective students. Your profile becomes a powerful tool for sales conversion.

Convenient Course Offerings

Simplify Learning with Ease

Edulyte offers convenient course options that fit the busy lives of learners. From recurring weekly schedules to fixed dates, our platform provides flexibility and convenience for both you and your students. Deliver a seamless learning experience with unlimited future updates and continuous improvements, ensuring your courses remain engaging and impactful.

Convenient Course Offerings

Start Teaching Without Upfront Investment

Embrace Opportunity, No Strings Attached
Edulyte believes in providing equal opportunities to all educators, which is why we enable you to start teaching and earning without any upfront financial investment. We remove the barriers and help you embark on your teaching journey with confidence and peace of mind. Our platform fee is just 10% of your sales (fixed options available). Easily share links to your expertly crafted profile or classes with anyone you want.

Join the Edulyte community and embark on a rewarding journey as an educator. Sign up now and experience the caring support, global reach, and flexibility that Edulyte offers to empower your teaching success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up as an educator on Edulyte?

To sign up as an educator on Edulyte, simply click on the  “Teach with us” button. Provide your valid email address and phone number to create your account.

What information do I need to provide to create my professional tutor profile?

To build your winning profile, you’ll need to provide details about your expertise, teaching style, qualifications, and skills. Stand out with a captivating one-liner and list the subjects you can teach at different difficulty levels.

How can I utilise Edulyte's software for offering my services?

You can leverage Edulyte’s powerful software to effortlessly offer your services as a tutor. Our user-friendly platform allows you to schedule classes, communicate with learners, accept secure payments, and collect reviews to build trust. Additionally, you can expand your reach by offering flexible group classes and courses, and utilise our integrated video conference tool for seamless online sessions. With Edulyte, you have the freedom to set your own pricing and scheduling preferences, making it easy to manage and grow your teaching business without any upfront investment.

How can I grow my tutoring business with custom marketing solutions?

Edulyte offers value-added, customised marketing services to boost your online business. These tailored solutions can help you reach a wider audience and increase your impact. You can explore this option after signing up.

What is the significance of the blue checkmark on Edulyte?

The blue checkmark represents a “verified account” status. It enhances your credibility as a trusted provider. Having this checkmark on your profile will attract more learners, whether your account is private or listed at an affordable one time fee.

Can I offer both one-on-one and group classes?

Absolutely! As an educator on Edulyte, you have the flexibility to offer both one-on-one and group classes. You can create dynamic learning experiences for individual learners or engage with a small group of learners, fostering collaborative learning environments. The choice is yours to tailor your teaching approach and cater to different preferences.

What subjects can I teach on Edulyte?

You can teach a wide range of subjects. We welcome educators with expertise in various fields to share their knowledge and skills on our platform.

How can I earn money through my classes on Edulyte?

By offering one-on-one and group classes on Edulyte, you can set your desired pricing, and for every successful session, you will earn revenue, with Edulyte charging only 10% of your sales as a platform fee.

How can I update my profile and preferences on Edulyte?

You can easily update your profile and preferences by logging into your account and accessing the “Profile Settings” section. Remember to switch your role to “Tutor”.

Is the screening process mandatory to join the Edulyte Marketplace?

While listing your services on the Edulyte Marketplace is optional, the screening process ensures quality and trust among educators and learners. As a private tutor, you can share your professionally designed profile and link to classes with your learners and on social media.

Will I have access to future software upgrades?

Absolutely! As an Edulyte educator, you’ll have access to all the exciting future upgrades and enhancements we roll out. We are committed to continuously improving our software to provide you with the best possible experience and support your teaching journey. You can rest assured that as our platform evolves, you’ll have all the latest tools and features at your disposal to enhance your teaching and reach even greater heights of success.

Can I switch between the roles of a tutor and a student on the platform?

Absolutely! On your dashboard, located at the top left corner, you can easily switch between the roles of a tutor and a student. This flexibility allows you to seamlessly navigate and experience both perspectives, empowering you to make the most of your learning and teaching journey on Edulyte.

Explore our comprehensive FAQ section for detailed information and helpful answers related to your tutor account, teaching with Edulyte, and everything you need to know to make the most of our platform. From account setup to scheduling, payments, and more, we’ve got you covered. Go to our knowledge base.

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