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Determined to start your own venture? 
On a quest for best courses for entrepreneurship?

Edulyte welcomes you to its online business courses for entrepreneurs.  At its core is the study of the theory of starting one’s own business and the skills required for it. With certified instructors, state of the art instructional tools and high grade course material, Edulyte has set standards in the world of entrepreneurship training.

Edulyte’s Entrepreneurship Training Program

” You don’t have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream.” —Michael Dell

Keeping this at the forefront, Edulyte makes its entrepreneurship courses a platform to give impetus to those who have an idea to execute. Our novel courses and approach encourages you to understand the technicalities of building a business. Conceptualising, launching and running a business is an integral part of the program. The course brings together ways to generate employment, earn revenue and contribute to the economy. Edulyte has curated its courses which covers much more than the entrepreneurs course available in the market. Setting up a business doesn’t prove that you are a dynamic entrepreneur. The business has to become entrenched in the market, become profitable and modify itself as per the ever-changing environment of market forces. Our patient and well-motivated mentors make rigorous training for every student effortless. And what makes it even better, is that you do not even have to step out. We make the best courses for starting your own business accessible to you, no matter where you are. Why spend time and money commuting when all you have to do is register with Edulyte. Try a free online entrepreneurship class below and get a certificate as well!

Edulyte Entrepreneurship Courses and Sessions

Our innovative business courses for entrepreneurs are beneficial for those who cannot enroll for expensive business programs or employ business consultants with exorbitant charges. Students will have 24/7 access to their resource materials and mentors, share ideas and work one on one with the mentors. Learning theory and practice of entrepreneurship, frameworks of social entrepreneurship and how to stimulate the environment for the business to prosper are all a part of the package. Time management skill and discipline are inculcated through it. Though business acumen is inherent in some people, our program aims to build this skill among its learners and finetune it. Leadership trait and risk-taking traits are promoted. Besides skills and training for refining business judgement, Edulyte ensures you evolve to have tools and methods of business innovation and expansion with its online entrepreneurship training course and have a better understanding of the concepts, aided with animations, theory revisions and constant practical evaluation. The technicalities are mentored through helpful videos and audio clips. The courses are constantly transforming to cater to the learner’s progress and needs. The highlights of our courses are:

  • Interactive learning experience
  • Structured lessons for effective retention
  • Classroom environment with a click

Benefits of our Online Entrepreneurship Classes and Courses

Connect with the Best

Avail best entrepreneurship online courses from specialists in the field through the app at all times. Get your doubts cleared in a jiffy. Doubts no longer are a hindrance in your training.

Self Paced Learning

Attend classes, complete your assignments when possible. No deadlines or pressure. We promote stress free learning as it allows better understanding and grasp of the subject.

Courses Formulated for Students

The curriculum is designed and modified to fulfill the requirements of the learners. Each gets one on one attention and individualised instructions.

Live One on One or Group Sessions

By offering this choice, we promote independent and critical thinking among students, as well as confidence building.

Affordable and Flexible Timings

Learning without feeling the financial pinch is the USP of our course. Understanding the time crunch, we allow the learners to choose their time slots.

Live Classes and Offline Course Material

Modify and switch between your online and offline studies. Cannot attend Live classes? No problem, you can choose offline learning. It is your convenience, which guides our program.

Our Entrepreneurship Courses

What You’ll Earn after Course Completion

Clarity about Basics: Along with learning the concepts, starting from basic concepts, there will be clarity about their use, benefits and implementation. You will be fully equipped to handle the challenges in the subject.

Informative Resource Materials: Innovative and self-explanatory, they will help navigate and clarify doubts during and post lessons. They support fast and efficient lesson comprehension.

Certificate of Completion: Will be provided after the course is completed by a student. It will be based on periodic assessments and authenticate your grasp over the subject. 

Entrepreneurship Tutors

Qualified and Screened Teachers

The tutors are put through a rigorous selection and verification process before being hired. Edulyte ensures tutor credibility.

Timely Response and Assessment

Faculty responds swiftly being connected with you all the time. The assessment process is precise and time bound, reducing the waiting period.

Free Demo and Reasonable Charges

Many teachers offer free demo Entrepreneurship classes. The rest of the classes are minimally charged.

Edulyte Benefits

Satisfaction Ensured

We endeavour to meet your expectations. If not satisfied, we are ready to work with you. 

Easy to Connect

Edulyte platform makes it easier to connect with your favorite teachers online, save travel time and money.

Choice of Delivery

Choose between group sessions or one-on-one training. You can also choose to start a self paced e-learning course to complement your studies.

How to Enroll

Register Free as a student on our website or mobile app.

Register Free as a student on our website or mobile app.

Step 1
Find a group course or a live lesson. Option available to start a self-paced program immediately

Find a group course or a live lesson. Option available to start a self-paced program immediately

Step 2
Start mastering concepts to get better grades

Start mastering concepts to get better grades

Step 3


How do I connect to the best entrepreneurship courses  near me?

Distance is not a barrier on You can learn and improve your entrepreneurship skills with teachers from anywhere in the country. Simply search using keywords such as best entrepreneurship courses or entrepreneurship training, select your favorite course or live classes, pay the fee and start learning.

How many hours a week are needed for learning?

We leave that to you to decide. Convey your requirements to your chosen teacher and we will adapt to your needs. For self paced online learning, you can spend as many hours as you like after you buy a course.

Do I get course material?

It depends on what you would like to choose – an e-learning course or live lessons. E-learning courses have all the resources including audios, videos, downloadable pdfs, quizzes etc. Generally, you will get the required study materials to master your topics. Your teacher may recommend some materials depending on your personal circumstances. Why not search a live lesson and discuss with your teacher?

When can I start?

You can start anytime you like. Register for free using your contact details, choose sessions/courses, make payment and start learning entrepreneurship training programs right away. If you choose live classes, then that will depend on class timings and availability of your tutor. You can even search for teachers on demand. Just click on the Live Teachers button, choose a teacher and connect instantly.

Which areas are covered by the online business course for entrepreneurs?

Please go through the course offered by us in the Course List. there are courses crafted for different requirements including: characteristics of an entrepreneur,understand financial concepts and tools to be used to run an enterprise, reach and maintain markets, understand management principles, how regulations affect businesses, etc.

Who all can benefit from this program?

This program is open to anyone who is interested in learning the ropes of starting his/her own venture or expanding an already established business. Edulyte believes in Education for all. Students in school pursuing entrepreneurship subject, MBA degree holders, home makers, retailers, financial advisors, manufacturers , builders can all join this course.

Is there any difference between online entrepreneurship courses and offline learning?

There is no major difference between the two. Infact, Edulyte makes learning easier by bringing constructive study material, remedial learning and trained instructors to your room. With Live Sessions, students get an interactive environment to ensure better preparation.

What kind of syllabus is covered by tutors in entrepreneurs training courses?

We advise you to go through the Tutors and the courses being offered by them. As mentioned earlier, we have courses for people from all walks of life. Contact the tutor whose course fits your requirements and enroll for classes.

I am in college but would like to clear my entrepreneurship basics learnt in school. What should  I do?

 No problem. Contact the trainer who covers entrepreneurship at  both levels and explain your requirements. Our teacher will work with you accordingly. 

When do I have to pay the fee?

You can pay online as soon as you choose your lesson. Some courses are totally free, thanks to our generous community of teachers. Payments can be made using your Credit/Debit card, Paytm or even by direct transfer to our bank account.

Can I reschedule my online entrepreneurship lesson?

You can definitely reschedule your lessons, we recommend talking to your teacher at least 24 hours before your scheduled lesson to do so.

What if there is a connectivity issue at my end, during class?

We advise you to send a message to your teacher and reschedule the  lesson for a day and time suitable for you both.

How do I contact my Accounts tutor post class if I have doubts?

You can contact your tutor by initiating a chat on our platform.

Is it compulsory to submit the entrepreneurship course assignments?

Most teachers will let you decide on that front. Of course, it would be better if you are able to complete and submit your assignments. It will ensure better learning. 


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