Online Yoga Classes and Courses

Considering yoga for better mental and physical health? Thinking yoga is the remedy for your health ailments?

Edulyte offers its online yoga courses by experts for health and well being. Register for the best yoga classes, with sought after instructors at nominal rates. We offer courses from beginner to advanced levels and tech tools to make learning easy and fruitful.

Edulyte’s Online Yoga Classes

Edulyte makes its online yoga courses more than just a learning class. Our courses and approaches encourage you to understand the nuances of yoga and its effects on individuals. Correct breathing techniques, right posture, dealing with laziness, lifestyle changes while practising yoga are some of the challenges faced while training. We direct the yoga learners to patient and well motivated  yoga teachers near them or in different parts of the country. Due to rising awareness of yoga and meditation being ideal for healthy living, we have yoga classes for children and yoga classes only for  ladies as well.Choose training between Kundalini, Hatha, Ashtanga, or any other form of yoga being provided by our instructors. Decide for one on one training/ Live Session or learning in a group. Select an offline session, when online isn’t possible. And what makes it even better, is that you do not even have to step out. We make a yoga studio accessible to you in the comfort of your rooms. Why spend time and money commuting when all you have to do is register with Edulyte. 
Try a free yoga class below and get a yoga certificate as well!

  • Instant access to tutorials
  • Free or paid self paced courses
  • Practice questions and clarify your doubts

Edulyte Yoga Courses and Lessons

Yoga helps in the development of an individual’s mind, body and soul. It helps manage stress and anxiety to keep you relaxed. Edulyte ensures you evolve with its online yoga classes and have a better understanding of Yoga, aided with animations, practice and evaluation. The techniques for doing the various asanas, the significance of the asanas, breathing exercises, art of meditation and right chatting intonations are mentored through helpful videos and audio clips. The courses are constantly transforming to cater to the learner’s progress and needs. Depending on the requirement, yoga is taught with importance placed on the reasons for enrollment, like lifestyle problems of obesity, diabetes, sleep disorders or aches ranging from backache, neck pain to shoulder issues.
The highlights of our courses are:

  • Interactive learning experience
  • Structured lessons for effective retention
  • Classroom environment with a click

Benefits of our Online Yoga Classes and Courses

Connect with the Best

 Register for yoga online classes from specialists in the field through the app at all times. Get help for performing the asanas or poses promptly.

Self Paced Learning

Attend classes and practice when possible. No deadlines or pressure. Our trained yoga instructors are happy to help you repeatedly with your difficulty in attempting a yoga position.

Courses Formulated for Students

The curriculum is designed and modified to fulfill the requirements of the learners.  Each gets one on one attention and individualised instructions.

Live One on One or Group Sessions

By offering this choice, we promote independent learning among students, at their own rate. Confidence building is also boosted in this way and the learners are able to overcome their hesitancy and the challenges they face while learning.

Affordable and Flexible Timings

Training for yoga without feeling the financial pinch is the mantra of our course. Understanding the time crunch, we allow the students to choose their time slots. 

Live Classes and Offline Course Material

Modify and switch between your online and offline studies. Cannot attend Live classes? No problem, you can choose offline learning. It is your convenience, which guides our program.

What You’ll Earn after Course Completion

Clarity about Basics: Along with learning the concepts ,starting from yoga for beginners,there will be clarity about strategies for different yoga asanas, various procedures for meditation and improving lifestyle habits.

Informative Resource Materials: Innovative and self-explanatory, they will help navigate and clarify queries during and post lessons. They support fast and efficient skill acquisition.

Certificate of Completion:  Yoga certification will be provided after the course is completed by a student. It will be based on periodic assessments and authenticate your grasp over the yoga. 

Best Yoga Tutors in India

Qualified and Screened Teachers

The yoga teachers are put through a rigorous selection and verification process before being hired. Edulyte ensures tutor credibility.

Timely Response and Assessment

The faculty responds swiftly being connected with you all the time. The students do not have to wait for clarification of doubts and queries.

Free Demo and Reasonable Charges

Many teachers offer free demo Yoga classes. The rest of the classes are minimally charged.

Edulyte Benefits

Satisfaction Ensured

We endeavour to meet your expectations. If not satisfied, we are ready to work with you. 

Easy to Connect

Edulyte platform makes it easier to connect with your favorite teachers online, save travel time and money.

Choice of Delivery

Choose between group sessions or one-on-one training. You can also choose to start a self paced e-learning course to complement your studies.

How to Enroll

Register Free as a student on our website or mobile app.

Register Free as a student on our website or mobile app.

Step 1
Find a group course or a live lesson. Option available to start a self-paced program immediately

Find a group course or a live lesson. Option available to start a self-paced program immediately

Step 2
Start mastering concepts to get better grades

Start mastering concepts to get better grades

Step 3


How do I connect to yoga online classes near me?

Distance is not a barrier on You can learn and improve your yoga skills with teachers from anywhere in the country. Simply search using keywords such as online yoga classes or yoga learning classes, select your favorite course or live classes, pay the fee and start learning.

How many hours a week are needed for learning?

We leave that to you to decide. Convey your requirements to your chosen yoga instructor and we will adapt to your needs. For self paced online learning, you can spend as many hours as you like after you buy a course.

Will I be seen while practicing during class?

That is the key to being in a live class. The yoga teacher will see and respond to how you practice. This enables proper learning of technique and correct poses.

What is the length of a Yoga lesson?

It depends on your tutor, course and level of learning. We recommend you to contact your instructor to get such details.

What is the age criteria to register for online yoga courses?

Edulyte believes that there is no age limit for learning. If you have the passion and are ready to devote yourself to it, go ahead and sign up for the classes. Our instructors have special yoga classes for children and yoga classes for only women as well.

Which stream of yoga should I choose?

 It is a personal preference and based on your reason to train for yoga. Many factors like: age, the current level of exercise/ activity, temperament can influence your choosing the type of yoga. We advise you to read up about the various forms. Also, our yoga teachers will be happy to answer your queries.

How long will it take for me to master yoga?

There is no set answer to this question. It varies from individual to individual, practice time and dedication. With regular practice a basic level of skill can be acquired in a few months time.

I do not have a background in yoga. Will I be able to learn it?

We advise you to start with yoga lessons for beginners, to get your basics cleared. It will also give you a fair idea about the dedication and practice required for yoga.

I am not flexible and may not be able to do many postures. Can I still join the yoga course?

Yes. In this case, you will benefit tremendously as yoga will make your body flexible and improve your muscle strength as well.

Do I get course material?

It depends on what you would like to choose – an e-learning course or live lessons. E-learning courses have all the resources including audios, videos, downloadable pdfs etc. Generally, you will get the required study materials to master your topics. Your teacher may recommend some materials depending on your personal circumstances. Why not search for a live lesson and discuss it with your teacher?

When can I start?

You can start anytime you like. Register for free using your contact details, choose sessions/courses, make payment and start learning yoga online right away. If you choose live classes, then that will depend on class timings and availability of your tutor. You can even search for teachers on demand. Just click on the Live Teachers button, choose a teacher and connect instantly

Is there a major difference between online yoga classes and conventional learning in a yoga centre near my place?

There is no major difference between the two. Infact, Edulyte makes learning easier by bringing constructive resource material, remedial learning and trained instructors to your room. With Live Sessions, students get an interactive environment to ensure better preparation.

I have practiced yoga on my own for a while now. How do I know which course to enroll for?

That is not a  problem. Contact the trainer who covers yoga for beginners and advanced levels and explain your knowledge and practice of yoga . Our teacher will work with you accordingly.

I am overweight and wanted to know if I can attend yoga classes?

Yes of course. Our courses and yoga gurus modify the yoga techniques and postures to a learner’s body type, shape and health. Practicing yoga will ensure you become fit and healthy.

Is there a special diet that I would have to follow while training?

Your yoga instructor will advise you regarding it keeping your knowledge about yoga, age, body structure and health ailments in mind. Certain lifestyle changes lead to quick benefits and better grasp over you mastering the different asanas and postures.

When do I have to pay the fee?

You can pay online as soon as you choose your lesson. Some courses are totally free, thanks to our generous community of teachers. Payments can be made using your Credit/Debit card, Paytm or even by direct transfer to our bank account.

Can I reschedule my online yoga lesson?

You can definitely reschedule your lessons, we recommend talking to your teacher at least 24 hours before your scheduled lesson to do so.

What if there is a connectivity issue at my end, during class?

We advise you to send a message to your teacher and reschedule the  lesson for a day and time suitable for you both.

How do I contact my yoga instructor post class if I have doubts?

You can contact your tutor by initiating a chat on our platform.

Is it compulsory to practice regularly ?

Yes. Dedication, hard work and zeal to success is the way to master yoga and benefit from it. Our teachers will guide and motivate you to be on the right track. It will ensure better learning.


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