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Science Made Easy : Live Classes for 5th – 10th Standard


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Science Made Easy : Classes for 5th- 10th standard


Discover the delight of learning Science. Become adept at achieving a commendable result in the subject. 

Join my classes to master Science. Become proficient in co relating the different concepts with each other. Attain a good academic performance.

Students learn Science well in primary classes but by the time they come to the 8th standard, they find themselves struggling with the complexities of the subject. They start losing confidence and are demotivated to take an interest in it. My sole focus is to reignite the passion of Science in them by simplifying the concepts. I intend to make every student in my class understand the facets of the subject and find joy in learning them.

Detailed notes, sample question papers will be provided with comprehensive worksheets covering all the topics and sub topics of each chapter. Techniques will be taught to effectively answer questions in less time and score better with each test. Extensive preparation will be focused upon with intense remedial measures being undertaken. 

Over the years, I have attained the capability of devising methods to deal with different learning curves among students. Student development is my focus. And I intend to work hard with them till they absorb the principle being taught, only then I will move on to the next concept. I will be in regular contact with the students, to mentor them through their difficulties.

 The Course includes topics from Science depending on the class.

Class timings and days will depend on the student’s schedule and class. The class will be of one hour duration. Register for my course to discuss suitable timings and days. I look forward to working out a schedule which suits my students.

Price is charged on a monthly basis which depends on the student’s class.

What to learn?

The various fundamentals of Science with in depth discussions about the basics. Students will be made fully equipped with methods to handle questions in exams efficiently. There will be training with extensive practice, doubt clarification and extra assistance will be given priority before exams.

Get in touch with an Edulyte Counsellor for any additional questions.

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Email support@edulyte.com

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What to learn?

Through my course students understand the basic concepts and then the depth of the subject


  • A reliable internet connection
  • A computer / laptop
  • Zeal to learn

Target Audience

  • Students from Classes 8th, 9th & 10th trying to improve their performance in Science


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Material Includes

  • Notes after each class
  • Worksheets for every topic
  • Solved Question Papers
  • Post class revision tasks
  • Assignments