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Live Accountancy Crash Course: 12th CBSE


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Live Accountancy Crash Course: 12th CBSE

Course content


Unit 1: Part A: Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organizations, Partnership Firms and Companies.

• Not-for-profit organizations: concept. • Receipts and Payments Account: features and preparation. • Income and Expenditure Account: features, preparation of income and expenditure account and balance sheet from the given receipts and payments account with additional information.

Unit 2: Accounting for Partnership Firms

Unit 3: Accounting for Companies Financial Statements Analysis

Unit 4 : Part B: Financial Statement Analysis.

Unit 5: Cash Flow Statement Units/Topics Learning Outcomes


Live Accountancy Crash Course: 12th CBSE with Kajal

Get the fundamentals of Accountancy on your fingertips. Join my classes to not just comprehend the topics  but score above 90!

Balancing sheets, analysing financial statements or figuring out receipts and payments might give you a headache. My Live Classes are what will sail you through these concepts and strengthen your hold over Accountancy. I have devised my pedagogy to ensure my students pick up the tricks and techniques to handle the subject and enjoy learning it. 

Interpretation of the data given and doing appropriate calculations are the core of my classes. Many students are intimidated by such questions in Accountancy and I intend to make them comfortable with them and become a pro at getting the correct answers. 

Continuous assessment,  progress reports and remedial measures are part of the curriculum. Since students are at the center of my teaching program, I ensure personalised instructions and training for better learning.

With a vast experience in the teaching field I keep changing my strategies while dealing with students with different learning curves so that none of them feel left out. And I intend to work hard with them till they absorb the principle being taught, only then I will move on to the next concept. I will be in regular contact with the students, to mentor them through their difficulties.

Course Duration:

5 days a week for 45 days.

Get in touch with an Edulyte Counsellor for any additional questions.

Call on +91 779 568 7953

Email support@edulyte.com


What to learn?

Practice questions Separate sessions for doubt clarifications Score good marks in accountancy


  • Student of Commerce stream
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A computer / laptop
  • Zeal to learn

Target Audience

  • Class 12 students willing to work hard and attain a commendable grade in exams.


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M.Com., MBA(Finance), UGC NET and pursuing Ph.D. at University Business School, Panjab University, Chandigarh. Since 2017 she has been mentoring students at University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University and also delivering lectures of UGC NET in Gurus

Material Includes

  • Notes after each class
  • Worksheets in pdf format for every topic
  • Different types of questions
  • Post class revision tasks
  • Assignments