How to memorize faster?

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How to memorize faster
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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ―

Benjamin Franklin

Mr. Franklin’s Gyan holds ground when it comes to learning’s association with memory. We as students and learners struggle with studying faster and remembering more:  facts, concepts, formulas, and dates every single day. How many times we have shut our books and then gone completely blank trying to recall what we had just learned?!

It’s not because all of a sudden our mind has become dull. The reason for being unable to remember or memorize before exams is that we are not using the right techniques to do it. Numerous studies have been done on what can help us memorize things and recall them when needed. 

We have curated some tips to aid the students and make them learn better and faster. In fact, these methods can be employed by anyone in any situation. Read on and become a Sheldon Copper…

Read, Write, Repeat

Nothing can replace it. Whatever you are trying to learn, read it a few times and then put it away. Write down all that you remember from what you have read. Think over it. This “ retrieval method” helps. Bring out the notes and then match with how much you could recall. Learn it again and repeat the method. 

This entrenches the knowledge into your mind and creates a path through which you are able to recall what you learnt and how.

Mind maps and Concepts maps

No they both are not the same. Mind maps are like a tree chart with one central topic. It shows the relationship between the pieces of information with the whole concept.

Concept map, on the other hand, shows the relationship between different concepts, so hence it is more comprehensive.

Depending on what you are trying to memorize and how you want to relate it to other topics or information, you choose one of these maps. They are fun to make!

Visual representation leads to easier learning and quicker retention. It is the reason why children are shown pictures of animals with their names.

How to memorize faster

Create Acronyms

You might have already done it a few times but when it comes to the countless terms that you have to mug up it is better you make it a habit. BODMAS is an example of an acronym, where the mathematical operations are put in order in which they have to be attempted. You can be creative and make your own acronyms. It will make you realize that learning is not boring.

Make Flashcards

But aren’t they for kindergarten?! You will be amazed at how easily you will be able to assimilate information with their help. And the best part is you can create and modify them in many ways. You can mix words and pictures to design them. Like to remember information about the metal iron, you can draw a rough shape of a hammer.

(Excuse my attempt of making it, I thought I could manage Thor’s hammer)

On the back you can write its qualities in points: 

  • Durable
  • Ferrous
  • Atomic number 26, etc.

Teach others

Nothing gives you more control over a topic like tutoring it to someone else. It makes you test your knowledge and makes learning effective. Also while helping others, you will be able to memorize better and come across different ways of retaining the concept you are teaching.

Don’t fret

Learning isn’t easy and initially while trying out different methods to master concepts you might get frustrated as the methods might not work wonders for you. Relax and keep working on it. Practice is the required approach to get a hang of any skill and it holds true in this situation as well.

Take up shortcuts

Learn the various ways in which  a problem can be solved. Many short cut methods are available. Like in maths, while subtracting any number from 1000, subtract the digits of the smaller number from 9 except the last digit which should be subtracted from 10.

1000 – 654

Subtract 6 from 9 = 3

Subtract 5 from 9 =4

Subtract 4 from 10= 6

Ans= 346

Indulge in puzzles and mind games

This is related to the point above. Mind games and puzzles trains your brain to react faster, sharpens your cognitive faculties and leads to mental exercise. A mind has to be trained and strengthened for it to work efficiently . And such methods help you to do that in a playful way.

Sleep and exercise

Of course, there is no denying the fact that a healthy body helps the brain’s growth and development. The significance of sleep isn’t lost on us. We all have difficulty concentrating if we don’t sleep well. For a healthy mind,  a supportive body and sound sleep are significant. So do not spend your night binge-watching Netflix. Get that sleep, wake up early and exercise. 

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