How to Learn Science Online?

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How to Learn Science Online
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“Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge” Carl Sagan could not have put it in a better way. So lets discuss how to learn Science online?

From heating your food in the microwave to conducting experiments to develop an effective COVID vaccine, science today is part of our everyday lives. Its concepts and applications are useful for satisfying human wants and improving our standards of living. Therefore, without doubt, it is one of the most studied subjects.

With more and more information being accessible over the internet and innovative tools to teach and learn, science has been gaining traction as a subject to be studied online as well. 

Many learning platforms cater to the school syllabus. There are also those which make you aware of the facets of science, independent of the school syllabus. Being an incredibly vast field, there is always something new to learn and appreciate in science. But how does one decide which site or app would be the perfect one to learn science online from?

Which science learning platform is best for you?

To solve this problem, we have researched and brought together certain features which you can look for, while scouting for your science course online.

  • Join Interactive Classes

 It is imperative that the learning is based on interactive classes and videos. It encourages students to learn on their own, while being guided. It also keeps them enthusiastic about classes and makes them fun. The gap between learning a concept and its application gets bridged in this manner. This ensures the learner does not miss out on a class environment while learning.

  • Use of Engaging Tools

To generate curiosity is half the battle won while teaching a topic. A science teaching platform must have informative videos, science games, animations, collaborative quizzes and virtual experiments to ingrain the principles of the subject and explain its importance. Take up classes on sites which provide these beneficial resources.

  • Preference to Small Batch Sizes

 Smaller groups ensure more attention is paid to learners. This also leads to efficient learning . Doubts and queries get resolved quickly and more confidence is generated among the students, when taught in smaller numbers. If you are someone who would want live classes, then choose those with smaller learning groups.

  • Curriculum Coverage

 Depending on what you aim to learn, check the syllabus and the range of topics covered by the teaching site. There are always packages available which offer additional themes and resources. Going through the various packages you can decide what to enroll for and how helpful would it be. Compare the prices before zeroing in on one. 

  • Trained and Proficient Faculty

 Going through the instructors’ profiles and their videos provide a fair idea about how well versed they are with the subject and their teaching methodologies. Select your learning portal based on not just the syllabus but also the faculty. The instructors have to be well versed with the subject and capable of handling the online teaching tools efficiently.

  • Responsive and Easy to Use

Any app or website has to be accessible 24/7. So, you need a Learning Management System that not only allows you to do it but also makes it easy to do so. 

  • Comprehensive Mock Tests and Assessments

Studying  is futile if not followed by testing your grasp over what you have learnt. Prefer enrolling for such sites or apps which provide a wide range of tests and offer a detailed evaluation of a student’s performance. Also examine to find out, if post evaluation a learner is supported with remedial suggestions and resources. 

Tips for learning science:

Even the best of learning aids cannot support your growth in the subject, if certain tips aren’t followed religiously. What are those ? 

  •  Read and Read Again

Going through sentences wouldn’t fetch any results if you don’t READ for understanding. Go through each line, a few times and then think over it in your head. Formulate it in your words using the important terms you read. In this way you get to test your understanding and correct your mistakes.

  • Match the Resources with the Reading

 Relate the tables, diagrams , worksheets, simulations provided for the topic to your reading. After understanding the concept, relate the resources provided, to it. This will mae you retain the knowledge well, as now you would comprehend why the resources were provided for the topic and how they are complementing what you read.

  • Don’t Ignore the Formulas

Skimming through them isn’t enough though it might be tempting to do so. It will only lead to regret later. Superficially glancing these mathematical representations of the principles would lead to failure to apply them. Pay attention to them.

  • Scrutinise the Examples

Relate them to the process described  and the fundamentals of science explained through them. In case there are sample problems provided, ensure you solve them. This ingrains the concept in your mind. 

  • Draw those Diagrams

Yes, it can be a task to do that, but diagrams give you a graphical representation of what you learn. It is easier to remember a topic through the diagrams provided than rote learning the sentences. Even after going through the simulations for it and feeling confident that you know it well, you have to practice making them. 

The scope of studying science is vast and it is a base for a myriad of careers. Mental faculties are challenged by it and your understanding of the world gets refined due to it. Science will always be on an upward trend. With constant demand for scientific solutions and innovations. This subject will never become oblivious.

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