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Building a great career requires a solid foundation. It is a no brainer that the only way to building a rock-solid foundation is through academic excellence. Gone are the days when there were limited options in terms of courses to choose from.

In the current world, not only have options to pick choose a course, and careers amplified but they have also become extremely demanding requiring students to put in right and adequate efforts to obtain desired results for themselves. 

Having interacted with students across countries and courses, we have realized that every student comes in with the right attitude and commitment with a view to build their career. The only element they seem to be lacking is the right guidance. 

Edulyte marketplace firmly believes that while learning is a continuous process, the quality and effectiveness of learning also need to improve.

Based on interaction with students across the spectrum (multiple countries and multiple courses), we have conceptualized a 3D student success framework. The framework aims to position different students in different categories based on their current level of – Retention, Practice, and Time Management. 

While students may find themselves in different quadrants, our endeavor is too mentor them to reach the best position through which they will be able to achieve the level of academic success that they aspire for. 

Vague –

Most students who intend to appear for competitive exams or pursue a professional course, generally start from this Zone. While they are aware of the end outcome after they would complete the course, but how to go about the journey is something that they are unsure of. Some people might be able to relate this to the saying “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”. However, it is important to understand the reason why students are not able to plan effectively. We at Edulyte encourage to Ask for help and our team of experienced faculties across academic courses are there to guide you. The good news is that we will not plan on your behalf, but help you learn the art of planning. Once you are ready with a plan that you feel good about, the burden of execution eases out. We have referred to this as quadrant 1 in the framework

Illusion –

While students are investing time in studies, they are of the opinion that at the time of the exam they will be able to manage a good throughput. Given that the both “Retention” and “Practice” levels are low, this zone rightly becomes “The Reality Check Zone”. Thoughts need to be tested against simulated scenarios to ensure that the desired results can be obtained. If not then it would be because of a gap that would need to be course-corrected. This is referred to as quadrant 2 in the framework

Meticulous –

The dictionary meaning of the word “Meticulous” is showing great attention to detail. Students who reach this zone are in a great position.  Good retention enhances a student’s confidence to practice more. More practice enables students to further improve and sustain their retention capabilities. Once a student gets these two elements right, improving time management is generally not difficult so much so because the benefits of the learning curve also get activated. We at Edulyte refer to this as the “Keep Going Zone” since the student is absolutely on the right path and needs to start accelerating from hereon. This is referred to as quadrant 3 in the framework. Our tutors at Edulyte will always be willing and forthcoming to share important practical and smart tips and tricks to make lives of students easier and learning fun.

Bingo –

Every student should aim to ultimately transition to this zone. We call it the “Smart Working Zone” because students who have reached this level have the right mix of the 3 essential ingredients 

  • High Retention
  • Continuous practice to test and improve learning 
  • Being Cautious of Time

In this stage, students have only one mantra and i.e. – Consistency is the name of the game. This is referred to as quadrant 4 in the framework

Quadrant 1 and 2 are collectively referred to as “The Panic Zone” and it is important for students to quickly move to Quadrant 3 – The Keep Going Zone. Once students reach quadrant 3, they would be inspired enough to invest quality time and efforts to strengthen their scores under the categories of “Retention” and “Practice”.

Moving from quadrant 3 to 4 would be easy once the students learn the smart tricks and tips. 

Edulyte, its management, and dedicated team of tutors are working actively with students across the board and help them transition to “The Zone of Success” through their unique learning methodologies, simple yet effective teaching style.  

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