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Books for PTE Your Unrivalled Guide to the best books for PTE test preparation

As you plan your PTE practice strategy, you are probably looking for a PTE speaking practice test online with scores and PTE Speaking questions. Well, fortune favours you, as Edulyte gives you an easy understanding of the Pearson Speaking Test and the PTE Speaking questions with answers.

pte books

How is PTE conducted?

The computer-based PTE Academic test, powered by AI technology, assesses your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. It provides a score based on the GSE (Global Scale of English).

The test is taken at a test centre. Being a 2-hour-long test, it has 20 questions that you have to attempt. These questions assess real-life English. It includes:





Speaking and Writing

54-67 minutes



29-30 minutes



30-34 minutes

What will you learn

The top 7 books for PTE to get your desired score!

Preparation for PTE would not be thorough if you did not refer to the prep books for the PTE test. These invaluable study resources guide you regarding the test and its format and offer insights into the PTE question and its model answers. They are a great boon for you, especially if you intend to self-study for the PTE. In addition, there are PTE books pdf free download available for you online. Edulyte’s PTE trainers recommend the following books for PTE test

The Official Guide to PTE Academic


Necessary in the list of PTE test books, it comes in e-book and print versions. From the book, you will learn about the test structure, how it is conducted, the scoring format and the guidelines for the PTE exam. The e-book also has 200+ practice test papers. You get access to an online question bank and their answers, information about the test, and digital resources. The Official Guide to PTE Academic pdf is accessible online.

Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 and B2

Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 and B2

These two PTE books discuss how to attempt speaking and writing tasks in depth. These books for the PTE Test come with advanced-level texts and passages to work on your speaking and writing skills. The PTE Academic expert also contains access to the MyEnglishLab. With MyEnglishLab you can attempt hundreds of practice papers to prepare for the PTE exam.

PTE Academic Tests Plus Vol 1

PTE Academic Tests Plus Vol 1

Among the books for the PTE test, the book is crucial for your prep and comes with the answer key, allowing students to compare their answers for all test segments and check with the scoring rubrics. Furthermore, it has complete practice tests with authentic test questions by PTE Academic test writers. It has MP3 recordings for all the exam listening and speaking tasks.In addition, the book has detailed guidance, strategies and tips to teach you how to do each task type in the PTE exam.

PTE Academic Practice Test Plus Vol 2

PTE Academic Practice Test Plus Vol 2

The above mentioned book for PTE helps prepare for speaking and listening parts and gives access to audio files for practice. It has an annotated answer key and score guide to help you assess your answers. It has four complete practice tests with authentic test questions. In addition, the book has detailed guidance, strategies and tips to teach you how to do each task type in the PTE exam.

Wiley's PTE Advantage for the Academic Module (WIND)

Wiley's PTE Advantage for the Academic Module (WIND)

A must for every PTE aspirant, it provides analysis of solved examples for questions related to all four skills. The book is designed per the needs of all PTE exam aspirants worldwide. The book content is enriched with real-life tips, strategies, examples and practice exercises for the test. It also comes with a Scratch card for Free online PTE (Academic Test) and 3 comprehensive mock tests with answer keys & solutions.

PTE Academic 79 Plus

PTE Academic 79 Plus

Of course, it is a reference book for those who aim to score 79+ in PTE. It comes with tips and strategies to boost your chances of scoring well. This book will give you all the tips and tricks you need to get a perfect score on the exam. Also, the book has different strategies to guide you to prepare with a plan to score the highest marks in the exam.

The book is best for first-time test takers who want to score high on the exam and is also perfect for advanced students looking for strategies and extra practice to boost their score in exam scores.

Online Classes to Improve your PTE Score

Do not hesitate to take up a PTE study online training course for your test prep. Studying only from books for the PTE test might not get you the desired score. That is why test givers are turning to online learning. Online classes instruct on the fundamentals of the test and how to score well in each segment. Classes combined with PTE exam books will help you in multiple ways: 

  • Learn anywhere, anytime: with online PTE prep classes, you have the freedom and the choice to learn whenever you wish to. Learn from your home or office—no hassle of time-bound classes.
  • Flexibility: you get to choose your class timings. It makes you capable of learning in a stress-free manner. Online PTE Academic test prep with books for PTE test makes you test-ready quickly.
  • Saves time and money: affordable online courses are increasing daily. And to top it off, you don’t have to waste time commuting to get to your class. Your PTE exam books and online classes are all that you need to score well.
  • 24/7 accessibility: tap into the recorded lectures, assignments or PTE sample tests, at your convenience.  We believe that your learning should not be hindered due to time or physical constraints. You can post your doubts and assignments when you wish to. 

Free Bonus: The PTE Academic Official Preparation App

With apps becoming necessary in academics, Pearson has created the official PTE Academic Official Preparation App. The app is free and has features like:

  • short practice activities
  • detailed information about the test format
  • interactive questions with answers
  • suggestions for test prep based on performance

 Click here  to download the app.

It is a supportive learning tool, but you may face the following issues while using it:

  • you cannot type the answers on your phone in the reading and writing section. The app cannot be downloaded on your laptop either.
  • lack of complete audio clarity in specific listening exercises.
  • some sample answers may not be correct.

An app cannot replace the constructive guidance of PTE test experts. So get in touch with us to ensure foolproof preparation for the test day. Our mentors will assess your language proficiency and devise a learning program to suit your requirements. 


Scoring in the Pearson Test for English is challenging. You will only get your desired score if you have a clear strategy to do so. However, an excellent score will get you the chance you have been looking for; to study or work in an English-speaking country. PTE prep tutors at Edulyte offer practical tips and tricks guaranteed to get you a great score. You will also get assistance on the proper techniques for using the books for the PTE test. Learn flexibly through live classes. Our tutors also provide a systematic, comprehensive analysis of your performance and remedial measures to improve your score. So what are you waiting for? Register with Edulyte to fulfill your dream of studying or working abroad. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best PTE Academic book to score high?

No book can be singled out as the best for PTE Academic prep. You will require the assistance of more than one resource if you wish to score high. Refer to the books mentioned in our blog, as they are the ideal course material for PTE prep as well as join PTE prep classes. 

How can I prepare for the PTE Test at home?

You must get the proper guidance while preparing for PTE. With it, you can follow good strategies and save precious time. We recommend that you follow our tips while preparing for PTE at home:

  • Set your score goal
  • Be thorough with the test format
  • Figure out your weak areas
  • Set a schedule and follow it religiously
  • Use good study materials
Can I score 79 on the PTE test?

Of course, you can. With the appropriate assistance, course material, dedication and hard work, you can attain a 79+ score on your first PTE attempt.

Can I do a free PTE practice test and get a higher score?

Just attempting one or even ten PTE practice tests isn’t enough to score high. An expert guidance is a must along with attempting the tests to get the score that will get you into the university of your choice. 

What is the full form of PTE?

The complete form of PTE is Pearson Test for English. It is a renowned English language proficiency test that empowers you to study or work abroad. The test is accepted in universities across English-speaking countries. 

Who administers the PTE test?

The Pearson Language Tests – a unit of Pearson PLC Group is responsible for conducting the PTE to assess the English language skills of non-native speakers of the English language. Pearson PLC is a British multinational educational and publishing company.

Can I take the PTE test online?

PTE is now available in an online format as well. So you can take the test from the comfort of your home, office or any other quiet place. Its design is the same as PTE Academic.

Note: PTE Online is not currently being accepted for visa applications. 

I am confused! Should I take IELTS or PTE?

And this is a trying question asked by anyone who wants to take an English proficiency test. 

While both the PTE (Pearson Test for English),and IELTS (International English Language Testing System) claim to be the gold standard for English language tests, you can zero in on which test you wish to attempt depending on why you are attempting the test. 

Is PTE easier or IELTS?

There are no right and wrong answers to the questions above. However, Edulyte’s English language trainers have studied both of the tests comprehensively; here is what they have to say;

  • One of the most significant differences is that PTE-A  is solely a computer-based test. IELTS has a computer-delivered and paper-based test. 
  • Both PTE and IELTS offer an Academic test. IELTS also provides a General Training test for migration to Australia.
  • The tests differ in the Speaking test segment. With IELTS, you take the speaking exam face-to-face with someone who tests your English speaking ability. In the PTE-A test, you have to speak in a microphone, and the computer records your response.
  • In PTE, you have to attempt many integrated questions, such as reading and speaking in the speaking part, reading and writing in the reading part, and listening and speaking in the speaking portion of the exam. In IELTS, your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills get assessed separately. It means your reading test only looks at your reading ability rather than your speaking skill simultaneously.
  • You must correct mistakes before attempting the following question during the PTE-A test. You can only navigate forward and not return to the questions to fix your errors. The questions are also time-bound. In computer-delivered IELTS, you can skip questions and come back to them later. You can check your answer to a particular question later during the test. IELTS doesn’t time the individual questions.
  • Another critical difference is the marking of the tests. The PTE-A is an AI scored test. With IELTS, the reading and listening tests are machine-marked, but a person assesses the speaking and writing test. 
How does Pearson Test work?

You can apply to appear for the PTE at any time of the year. To register for the test:

  • Visit the Pearson website
  • Create your Pearson account
  • After registration, within the next 48 hours, you will receive your login credentials
  • Select a test centre near you and the time slot and day.
  • You will be asked to pay the PTE fee to finalise your booking.
How can Edulyte's PTE courses help me?

We have customised packages for every learner. Edulyte has PTE-qualified trainers who will guide you through personalised training. You are analysed at each step through innovative techniques and internet-enabled tools. Based on your progress, the classroom instructions are designed and redesigned. 

Intensive and skill-specific classes enable you to learn at your own pace. Therefore, learner satisfaction is our utmost priority, and our team constantly works towards it.

I am confident in one skill/set of skills in the English language and require help only for a particular skill. Does Edulyte have skill-specific courses?

We endeavour to support you in every way. Therefore, we have trainers providing courses for specific skills. These will focus on the areas you require help in and provide you with tricks to excel. Discover our PTE Tutorials.

What is the test format of PTE?

The PTE is divided into 3 segments:

  • Speaking and Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening
Will my PTE score be valid after a year of taking the test?

Yes. The PTE certification has been valid for two years since the result was issued.

What is the duration of the PTE exam?

The PTE exam lasts for 2 hours.

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