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PTE Score Charts

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Comprehension of the PTE Score Band can decide your future to study, live and work abroad. The PTE Score Chart and IELTS bands help you navigate the English language proficiency tests.

Why is PTE important for you?

The Pearson Test for English or PTE : Academic is the first entirely computer-based English language test. The test is accepted as a criterion for English knowledge in English-speaking countries. It is an important test you must take if you plan to go abroad for international education, work or immigration.

What is a PTE Score Chart?

A PTE Score Chart is a table that helps the test takers understand whether their PTE scores are good. You require a table and a PTE score calculator to comprehend your scores because a PTE score is a sum and average of skills assessed in the PTE exam. Your score is based on your performance in grammar, PTE Communicative skills, fluency, spelling, pronunciation, and vocabulary. There is a PTE Score Range from 10-90.

PTE marking system in short

In PTE Academic, you are scored against the Global Scale of English – a granular scale from 10–90. You will receive an overall score on this scale, which accurately assesses your English ability.

From November 2021, PTE introduced changes to reduce the test’s stress. 

  • Now, the test duration is 2 hours, instead of 3 hours. 
  • Test takers will get detailed feedback on test performance and even feedback on improving scores!
  • You can even attempt the test online from your home. 

The latest PTE Score Chart is available below. The level of proficiency mentioned next to the PTE score allows you to understand the PTE score better. Your PTE score calculator works on the evaluation of each segment that you attempt. It holds for PTE Score Chart for Australia as well. Pearson has published research on PTE scoring and score comparison, you can access it here.

PTE ScoreLevel of Proficiency
85-90Can understand everything heard and spoken in English.
Can summarise statements, construct arguments.
Can express fluently and precisely even in complex situation.
76-84Can understand long texts and the concept presented.
Can express fluently without lack of language expressions.
Can create detailed texts under challenging situations.
59-75Can understand and communicate on abstract topics.
Can communicate easily with native English speakers.
Can create clear text on regular issues.
43-58Can deal with regular communication regarding school, work, leisure.
Can create simple text on familiar topics.
Can explain experiences, plans, goals.
30-42Can understand information and expressions regarding personal topics.
Can communicate in simple expressions.
Can describe common concepts in simple terms.
10-29Can use basic phrases and expressions.
Can introduce oneself and ask for basic information from others.
Can understand if the native English speaker speaks slowly.

PTE Overall Score

The overall score is based on your performance across the entire test. You will complete between 52 and 64 tasks of any difficulty and 20 different task types. The overall score ranges from 10–90 points.

 Note: the overall score is not an average calculation of the communicative skills scores

The traits measured in PTE Academic include:

  • Content 
  • Oral Fluency 
  • Pronunciation 
  • Form 
  • Development, structure and coherence 
  • Grammar 
  • General linguistic range 
  • Vocabulary

Good PTE Score

Edulyte suggests that you check with the university and course you wish to apply for regarding the acceptable PTE scores. Most prestigious universities require a minimum PTE  score band between 65-75. Other universities can accept a minimum score of between 50-63.

PTE Score Chart for Speaking and Writing

The AI scoring mechanism in writing and speaking test segments is based on multiple relevant traits in each item. They are given an appropriate score and then converted to an overall score.

Part 1 of the PTE test deals with Speaking and Writing Skills. The time given to this section is 54–67  minutes. The PTE score chart for the Speaking and Writing segments is as follows:

PTE SectionScoring Method
Read AloudPartial Credit
Read SentencePartial Credit
Describe ImagePartial Credit
Re-tell LecturePartial Credit
Answer Short QuestionsCorrect/Incorrect
Summarise Written TextPartial Credit
Writing EssayPartial Credit

PTE Score for Reading Section

While practising for PTE online, it is important to attempt the PTE practice test with the correct sequence. Part 2 of the PTE tests your reading skills.

You will be assessed on your understanding of the texts given. 

The time given to this section is 29-30 minutes. The PTE score calculator for the Reading segment is as follows:

PTE Section Scoring
Multiple -choice,  choose a single answerCorrect/Incorrect
Multiple-choice, choose multiple answersPartial credit. Points deducted for incorrect response
Re-order paragraphsPartial credit
Reading: Fill in the blanksPartial credit
Reading & Writing: Fill in the blanksPartial credit

Note: Partial credit is given when the answer is entirely correct.

PTE Score for Listening Section

This section will your listening skills. It includes understanding the language and retaining information to answer the questions given.  It takes 30-43  minutes.

The PTE score update for the Listening section is:

PTE SectionScoring
Summarise spoken textPartial credit
Multiple choice, choose multiple answerspartial credit. Marks deducted for incorrect response
Fill in the blanksPartial credit for each correctly spelled answer
Highlight correct summaryCorrect/Incorrect
Multiple-choice, choose a single answerCorrect/Incorrect
Select missing wordCorrect/Incorrect
Highlight incorrect wordsPartial credit,marks deducted for incorrect answer
Write from dictationPartial credit for each correctly spelt word


Wondering how to go about preparing for PTE Academic with a challenging score band? Explore Edulyte’s courses crafted explicitly for English test prep. Our professionally qualified mentors will assist you by creating individualised instructions.  With our guidance, you get closer to your dream of studying or working abroad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is PTE Score Calculated?

Understanding the PTE score calculation can be tricky. Therefore, we have broken it down into simple steps so that you can figure out how the analysis is done and prepare accordingly for a good score. 

Your overall score comprises two main categories: communicative and enabling skills. The communicative skills are Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. Your enabling skills are Grammar, Oral Fluency, Pronunciation, Spelling, Vocabulary and Written discourse.

First, the enabling skills scores are added. The sum is divided by 6, i.e. the number of added items. The average number of enabling skills becomes the fifth contributing factor along with the other four communicative skills in calculating the overall PTE score. 

The average is added along with the four communicative skills scores. The average of these 5 parts is taken as the overall PTE score.

What is the pass mark for PTE?

Of course, while preparing for the text, you would want to know what are the passing marks. But PTE does NOT have a passing score. You are socred in the range of 10 – 90 for your English language proficiency.
A PTE score between 65-75 is considered a good score for admission to the top universities across the globe. In other universities, PTE scores between 50-63 can also be accepted

Do you get PTE scores immediately?

Most test scores are available online within two days of taking the test. Sometimes, it can take more time if the Pearson evaluation system flags the result for additional review. 

What does 55 in PTE mean?

Once you go through the PTE Score Chart, you will realise that 55 is a score you are awarded based on your performance in PTE Academic. In some universities, PTE scores between 50-63 is also accepted for admission.

How are PTE Scores divided?

For the overall PTE score, all scores under Enabling Skills are added, and the total is divided by 6. The average of this is added along with the four communicative skills scores. The average of these 5 parts is taken as the overall PTE score.

What is the lowest score in PTE?

The lowest score on the PTE test is 10, equivalent to zero in traditional tests.

Where can I find the latest PTE Score Chart?

Well, you can find it right here in our blog. If you wish to know more about PTE Academic, we recommend you speak with our PTE specialists. You can also visit Pearson PTE: Pearson English Language Tests

How can Edulyte’s PTE courses help me?

Edulyte has PTE-qualified trainers who will guide you through personalised training. You are analysed at each step through innovative techniques and internet-enabled tools. Based on your progress, the modules are designed and redesigned. 
Intensive and skill-specific courses enable you to learn at your own pace. Learner satisfaction is our utmost priority, and our team constantly works towards it

I am confident in one skill/set of skills in the English language and require help only for a particular skill. Does Edulyte have skill-specific courses?

We endeavour to support you in every way. Therefore, we have trainers providing courses for specific skills. These will focus on the areas you require help in and provide you with tricks to excel in them.

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