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  • Learn Perfect Pronunciation
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Why Edulyte?

Edulyte is the best place for spoken English Classes.

Interactive Classes

Learners are made active participants through video and audio clips. Polishing speaking skills becomes an experience rather than just a learning process.


World Class Resources

Students get access to constructive tools including those created by the prestigious companies. With international level resources, there is better exposure and understanding of principles.

Convenient Timings

Study anytime as per convenience. No deadlines mean flexibility and stress free learning. Log in and log out of learning whenever suitable and conducive.

Affordable modules

To make education accessible to anyone who wants to learn, pocket friendly courses have been designed without affecting their quality.

Certificate of Completion

Post completing and clearing all tests and assessments, a certificate would be awarded. It adds value to student’s progress and also work profile.

Handle International Exams

This course lays the foundation to prepare for tests like TOEFL and IELTS. Groundwork for better preparation is laid with this curriculum providing skills necessary for scoring well.

Phonetically Perfect Pronunciation

Our English gurus train for proper stress and intonation while speaking. The regional variations while pronouncing words is dealt with in the classes.

Principles of Grammar

The basis of English language grammar will be highlighted and taught to aid better communication in the language. The fundamentals will be clarified with help of interactive exercises and resources.

New Word Stock

Synonyms, antonyms for the common jargon will be taught, along with idioms and expressions. This would replace the commonly used words with precise and polished terms in a student’s vocabulary.

Language in Daily Life

Using the language intelligibly in various situations is the main feature of the modules. Learners are encouraged to size up different scenarios in English and respond intuitively to them.

Our Tutors

Learn more about our Awesome Tutors.

All our tutors are experts in teaching English. They have trained hundreds of learners in India and abroad. Get your training from the best tutors at the comfort of your home!

DEEPMALA English Instructor
A committed educationalist and veteran teacher, has over 15 years of enriching experience in academics. She intends to learn as much as she can and pass it on to her students.
SRISHTI English Instructor
A committed and dedicated trainer has rich experience in soft skills, communication skills, voice and accent, interview skills, marketing skills and organizational skills. She has assisted many trainees to crack multiple interviews including promotion interviews.
NEIL English Instructor
Neil has over 10 years of experience as a voice coach. He has rich experience with 5 thousand plus Americans, Canadians and Britons. He can assist our students to get them prepared for Job Interviews and IELTS exam. His training sessions are easy to grasp with tailor made workshops and real-life examples.
ANGANA English Instructor
Angana completed her PhD from Europe, fluent in English, Bengali, and Hindi, she is also adept at reading, speaking, and writing in German and French and is able to read Latin. She also possesses extensive editorial experience.

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