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Tuition for Biology: CBSE and NEET


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Introduction to Biology


Live Tuition Classes by Expert Faculty.  Dr. Gazzal

Biology CBSC and NEET

Live tuitions will cover all the important topics of CBSE biology. All the sessions are enriched with basic and advanced concepts. Every student will get to know from the basic to the advanced level of understanding of the biology subject. You will be provided with live sessions where everything will be explained in detail. It helps students to focus on important areas and also it makes understanding easy. There will be 60 minutes of sessions twice a week for each class. 

Crack course classes will be conducted daily of 40 minutes each.

Notes will be provided with test questions which will help in cracking the competitive exams as well as the board exams.

Important questions will be given after the class as a part of homework.

Live classes will commence soon and will be conducted in both English and Hindi. The session link will be shared with students who will enroll themselves in this course.

After every class, there will be question answers puzzles, doubt clearing sessions, and Notes for the same topic they studied during the class along with worksheets which will help students to build more understanding of the concept. Last but not the least, I can assure you the students can master the subject in a fun-filled way.

The course will have the following topics: 

  • Introduction to biology
  • Cell, Tissues, Life process
  • Nervous system
  • Heredity and evolution
  • Biological classification
  • Reproduction
  • Plant physiology
  • Animal physiology
  • Human physiology
  • Genetics
  • Molecular biology
  • Evolution
  • Biotechnology
  • Environmental science

Benefits from the course:

  • Live Classes twice a week
  • Theory and problem-solving sessions
  • Notes with worksheets to build more understanding of concepts
  • Online test of important topics
  • In-depth discussion of assignments given
  • Extra personalized classes to work on student’s weaker topics
  • Instant doubts resolution during and after the session


Get in touch with an Edulyte Counsellor for any additional questions.

Call on +91 779 568 7953


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What to learn?

Theory and problem-solving sessionsNotes with worksheets to build more understanding of conceptsOnline test of important topicsIn-depth discussion of assignments givenExtra personalized classes to work on student's weaker topicsInstant doubts resolution during and after the session


  • Basic understanding of Science
  • Basic computer skills to attend live classes

Target Audience

  • Students from CBSE 8th to 12th grade



Material Includes

  • Important questions will be given after the class as a part of homework
  • 48 hours of live sessions
  • Notes after each session