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Live Online Science Class for 10th CBSE


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Week One – Chemical Reaction & Equations

Week Two – Acids,Bases and Salts

Week Three – Metals & Non Metals

Week Four – Carbon Compounds

Week Five – Periodic Classification of Elements


Live Online Science Class for 10th CBSE


The course titled ” Live Online Science Class 10th CBSE” would be covering the content of the NCERT syllabus, which would include the topic of Unit-1 “Chemical substances – Nature & Behaviour”. This unit has 5 different chapters, each chapter would be covered each week followed by tests and assignments after the completion of each chapter. All the sessions are enriched with basic and advanced concepts. The time duration of each session would be around 45 minutes –  1hour depending on the complexity the of chapters. I have designed modules in a manner that even the toughest concept is explained for easy understanding through videos, interactive learning, and animation. Be it anywhere and anytime, you can study without any hassle. 

After every class, I will share my notes for the same topic they studied during the class along with worksheets which will help students to build more understanding of the concept. The course is designed in a way to help students prepare not only for the board exams but for competitive exams as well.

The course covers the fundamentals of all the topics, which develops a crystal clear concept of understanding.

The course involves:

  • A detailed explanation of every concept
  • Set of practice questions with answer keys
  • Previous years solved question papers.
  • Duration of the course will be two months
  • 32 hours of live sessions
  • Doubts clearing sessions

This course will cover these topics in detail:

  • Chemical Reaction & Equations
  • Acids, Bases, and Salts 
  • Metals & Non metals
  • Carbon Compounds
  • Periodic Classification of Elements

The content has been carefully designed that can help students understand the concepts and learn to answer properly in board exams.

What to learn?

The course would develop a strong foundation for students to apply concepts rather than remembering the concepts. This would go a long way for them to handle complexities at later stages since their concepts would get clear at the initial stages only. If students have any doubts, they can contact me even after the session, using Edulyte’s chat. The content is designed by analyzing the previous 5 years' examination patterns and trends, thus making sure that students get the most out of this course. Concepts are described in a lucid step by step manner so that students can grasp the sessions with ease and comfort. Coverage of syllabus as per the CBSE standards Relevant and easy to understand the approach Observe the improvement in results over time


  • A basic understanding of the subject
  • Basic knowledge of computer
  • Good internet connection

Target Audience

  • CBSE board Class 10th students


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Neha Tewari has a Master's Degree in Chemistry from NIT Kurukshetra. She is a recipient of the gold medal in B.Tech from G.B.P.E.C, Pauri. She holds a corporate experience of one and a half years

Material Includes

  • NCERT Class 10th science textbook pdf
  • NCERT Class 10th solutions pdf
  • CBSE Class 10th sample papers
  • CBSE class 10th previous year question papers.