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Basics of Organic Chemistry-Nomenclature for 9th & 10th CBSE


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Introduction to Organic Chemistry

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Live Classes on Basics of Organic Chemistry for 9th & 10th CBSE

This course will introduce you to Organic Chemistry i.e. Carbon chemistry and then talk about the naming system applicable for the same.

Chemistry-The most experimented subject !! Well, one of the most happening branches of Chemistry is Organic Chemistry.  Understanding the naming system is quite necessary in order to name any conversions or reactions. So, let us dive into the details and know different organic compounds. Course highlights: Classification of organic compounds Homologous series Functional groups-Prefix and suffix naming Naming saturated and unsaturated organic compounds Solving some examples You will definitely enjoy it. Welcome and Happy Learning!!

This course will be of 1 week duration. Each session will be of one hour- 1 week (daily)

Chemistry-State Board and JEE-English

In addition to my live classes, learners will get personalised guidance on every step of the way.


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What to learn?

Enable students to name organic compounds like alkanes, alkenes, alkynes and haloalkanes. Join the class to know more!!!


  • Understanding of simple terms like atoms, molecules and ions and the Periodic Table.

Target Audience

  • Class 10th and 11th CBSE


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Material Includes

  • Pdf to be given at the end of the course containing practice questions.